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Suvarna Karnataka programmes may be extended by two months-Governor

Suvarna Karnataka programmes may be extended by two months

K.N. Venkatasubba Rao

It is to facilitate the implementation of the schemes envisaged

Governor Rameshwar Thakur BANGALORE: The Government, headed by Governor Rameshwar Thakur, is likely to extend the deadline for implementing the Suvarna Karnataka programmes, which expires on November 30, by another two months for facilitating the complete implementation of all the programmes envisaged.

Commissioner and Director of Kannada and Culture Manu Baligar told The Hindu here on Wednesday that the department had sought the extension of deadline and was awaiting the Government’s approval.

Many of the Suvarna Karnataka programmes were under way. The department would require more time for holding programmes such as Vishwa Kannada Sammelan in Belgaum. However, the department was hopeful of implementing all the promised programmes by the end of January as the requisite funds had been earmarked.

Although the popular Janapada Jaatre was being held in all district headquarters, the department had invited fresh tenders for holding it in Bangalore. It had sent the quotations received to the Government for approval, he said.

On the release of the select 110 books that would represent the development of the State in the last 50 years on the literary and cultural front and the other significant volumes translated from other languages, Mr. Baligar said that the department would draw the Government’s attention to it.

The department had been told by the public that it would be wise to release the books at the earliest, he added.

The idea of organising Suvarna Karnataka to mark the 50 years of reorganisation of the State came from the former Chief Minister, S.M. Krishna, who is now the Governor of Maharashtra. In his 2002-03 budget speech, Mr. Krishna spoke of the Government’s decision to celebrate Suvarna Karnataka on a grand scale.

Following the decision to celebrate the yearlong cultural extravaganza from November 1, 2006 to November 30, 2007, the Krishna Government had constituted a Cabinet Sub-Committee under the chairmanship of A.B. Maalakaraddy, the then Minister for Medical Education. It had envisaged many programmes, including rejuvenating and improving the existing programmes such as Kalagrama, construction of Kannada Bhavans in the border areas, awards for well maintained villages, publications of 100 books and the launching of a website, that reflects the achievements of the State in several spheres over the past 50 years.

Later, the N. Dharam Singh-led coalition Government had added some more programmes and decided to establish an exclusive Suvarna Karnataka unit with special staff to monitor the preparations at the level of the Directorate of Kannada and Culture. It had released special funds for Suvarna Karnataka programmes, including the publication of Brihat Karnataka in three volumes covering the history of the State from the ancient times to 2006.

Subsequently, the Janata Dal (Secular)-BJP Government also added new programmes such as Janapada Jaatre and Vishwa Kannada Sammelan and released special funds in March 2006 for the purpose.

Although its ambitious Janapada Jaatre had drawn public applause, holding the Vishwa Kannada Sammelan, a multipurpose mega cultural event during the Suvarna Karnataka year, in Belgaum remained a dream for the elected Government.


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A publisher with a vision

A publisher with a vision

Special Correspondent

Date:05/01/2007 URL: http://www.thehindu.com/2007/01/05/stories/2007010501980200.htm

`Suvarna Karnataka Darshana’ is a readers’ delight



K. Anantharama Rao



MANGALORE: Various organisations have been holding programmes all over the State to commemorate the Suvarna Karnataka year. But there were only a few individuals who thought the occasion fit for doing something worthwhile and long-lasting.

K. Anantharama Rao, who has a small publishing house in Mangalore, has expressed his love for Karnataka in a unique way. He has brought out “Suvarna Karnataka Darshana”, a volume on Karnataka, through his organisation Vidya Publishing House in Mangalore.

The “Suvarna Karnataka Darshana” is in a way an encyclopaedia on Karnataka. In the words of Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy: “This work should have been taken up ideally by the Government.

It is commendable that individuals such as Mr. Anantharama Rao could bring out such a voluminous work with no assurance of any kind from any quarter… “

Mr. Kumaraswamy said this at the book release function in Bangalore sometime ago. Mr. Rao considers Chief Minister’s words as his best reward.

Mr. Rao told The Hindu that when the idea stuck him a year ago, he did not think about the financial nitty-gritties of publishing such a volume. He is sure the book will give best results to the reader.

The book has some rare contents such as the photographs of old Bangalore and the State anthem of Mysore Rajya, which is in Halegannada. Essays on Karnataka’s development in the last 50 years combined with pictures, maps, graphics and statistics make the “Suvarna Karnataka Darshana” a collector’s item.





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Rs. 15 crore for Kannada meet

Rs. 15 crore for Kannada meet

Special Correspondent


The three-day conference will be held in Belgaum from February 23



  • Government has decided to invite President Abdul Kalam for the inaugural function
  • Postponement of the event ruled out

    HIGH-LEVEL MEET: Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy, Home Minister M.P. Prakash and chairman of KDA Siddalingaiah at the meeting in Bangalore on Thursday. — Photo: V. Sreenivasa Murthy



    BANGALORE: To organise a three-day World Kannada Conference on a grand style in Belgaum from February 23, the State Government has decided to spend Rs. 15 crore on the event, planned to mark the Suvarna Karnataka year.

    A high-level meeting chaired by Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy on Thursday decided to invite President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for the inaugural function. A decision was also taken to invite foreign dignitaries, Ambassadors and High Commissioners in the country.

    The meeting ruled out postponement of the event.

    Deputy Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa, Home Minister M.P. Prakash, legislators from Belgaum district and officials of various departments attended the meeting.

    Addressing presspersons, Mr. Kumaraswamy said he had asked the officials concerned to go ahead with the preparations.

    Mr. Kumaraswamy instructed the Belgaum district administration to take up road repairs on priority to organise tours for `Horanadu’ Kannadigas to showcase the tourism potential of the State. Mr. Kumaraswamy said the foundation stone for construction of building on the lines of Vidhana Soudha in Belgaum would be laid during the event.The estimated cost of the building is Rs. 250 crore.

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    VISHWA KANNADA MEET – Belgaum to be venue for sammelan[old news for INFO]

    VISHWA KANNADA MEET – Belgaum to be venue for sammelan


    DH News Service Bangalore:

    The second only Vishwa Kannada Sammelana in the State, planned as another landmark event on the occasion of the Suvarna Karnataka year is tentatively pegged to be held in the third week of January – over a three-day period.

    The Department of Kannada and Culture has reportedly proposed – January 19, 20 and 21 as the schedule for the meet.

    The Government has already decided on Belgaum as the venue for the same.

    The City, which was recently in for some hi-profile activity thanks to the special session of the State legislature, is now due for some more of the same. A Rs 1.5 crore “Samskruthika Samuchaya” – Cultural Convention Centre is top among the bounties, as part of the Vishwa Kannada Sammelana.

    Speaking to Deccan Herald on Saturday, Director of the Department of Kannada and Culture K R Niranjan said that the sanction for the Samskruthika Samuchaya is likely to come within a week. Half an acre property of the Belgaum City Corporation located next to its Kumaragandharva Rangamandira has been identified as its venue, he said.

    Nehru stadium – main location

    Belgaum’s Nehru Kreedangana has been identified as the main location for the Vishwa Kannada Sammelana-related programmes; the State government has already released Rs 90 lakh to the district administration for sprucing up the ground. It is expected to accommodate a gathering of about 50,000 people, he said.

    The Kumaradhara Rangamandira, the Geerige Bhavana have been identified as the venues to hold the series of other programmes which will be held simultaneously.

    Officials noted that a section on Kannada films will be among the prominent features of the Sammelana.

    To recall, the first Vishwa Kannada Sammelana in the State was held in Mysore in 1981.

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    Veda sulladaru Gaade sullalla…Kannada GaadegaLu

    It’s a part of everyday life in India that people use Gaade as a part of their daily communication…
    For us it’s actually fun to go back and revisit those forgotten Gaades…
    For example: Oorige bandavalu Neerige baradhe iruvale!  : )

    Somebody in Toronto univeristy has compiled this list of kannada Gaades…



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    ಇನ್ನಷ್ಟು ಅಪರೂಪದ ಗಾದೆಮಾತುಗಳು

    ಇನ್ನಷ್ಟು ಅಪರೂಪದ ಗಾದೆಮಾತುಗಳು

    Tags: | ಕರ್ತೃ shreekant.mishrikoti ದಿನಾಂಕ Wed, 16/08/2006 – 18:34



    ಗಂಡನಿಗೆ ಹೊರಸು ಆಗದು , ಹೆಂಡತಿಗೆ ನೆಲ ಆಗದು!
    ಕೊಡುವವರದು ಕೊಟ್ಟರೆ ನನಗೇನು ಉಳಿಯಿತು ಅಂದನಂತೆ.
    ಕೋಳೀ ಕಾಲಿಗೆ ಗೆಜ್ಜೆ ಕಟ್ಟಿದರೆ ತಿಪ್ಪೆ ಕೆದರೋದು ಬಿಟ್ಟೀತೆ?
    ಕತ್ತೆಯ ಕಾಲು ಮುರಿದರೇನು ? ನಾಯಿಯ ಹಲ್ಲು ಮುರಿದರೇನು?
    ಕಟ್ಟಿದ ಗೂಟ , ಹಾಕಿದ ಹಲ್ಲು.
    ಉಂಡರೆ ಉಬ್ಬಸ, ಹಸಿದರೆ ಸಂಕಟ .
    ಜೋಡಿದ್ದರೆ ನಾಡು ತಿರುಗಬಹುದು.
    ಆಕಾಶ ಹರಿದು ಬೀಳುವಾಗ ಕೈ ಅಡ್ಡ ಹಿಡಿಯಬಹುದೇ ?
    ಆಗ-ಭೋಗ ಸೂಳೆ ಪಾಲು , ಗೂರಲು ಉಬ್ಬಸ ಹೆಂಡತಿ ಪಾಲು.
    ಅಳಿಲು ಏರಿದರೆ ಅರಳಿಮರ ಅಲ್ಲಾಡೀತೆ ?
    ನಾವೂ ನೀವೂ ನೆಂಟರು , ಗಂತಿಗೆ ಮಾತ್ರ ಕೈ ಹಚ್ಚಬೇಡಿ.
    ನಾಯಿಯನ್ನು ಹೊಡೆಯಲು ಬಣ್ಣದ ಕೋಲೇ ?


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