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Suvarna Karnataka programmes may be extended by two months-Governor

Suvarna Karnataka programmes may be extended by two months

K.N. Venkatasubba Rao

It is to facilitate the implementation of the schemes envisaged

Governor Rameshwar Thakur BANGALORE: The Government, headed by Governor Rameshwar Thakur, is likely to extend the deadline for implementing the Suvarna Karnataka programmes, which expires on November 30, by another two months for facilitating the complete implementation of all the programmes envisaged.

Commissioner and Director of Kannada and Culture Manu Baligar told The Hindu here on Wednesday that the department had sought the extension of deadline and was awaiting the Government’s approval.

Many of the Suvarna Karnataka programmes were under way. The department would require more time for holding programmes such as Vishwa Kannada Sammelan in Belgaum. However, the department was hopeful of implementing all the promised programmes by the end of January as the requisite funds had been earmarked.

Although the popular Janapada Jaatre was being held in all district headquarters, the department had invited fresh tenders for holding it in Bangalore. It had sent the quotations received to the Government for approval, he said.

On the release of the select 110 books that would represent the development of the State in the last 50 years on the literary and cultural front and the other significant volumes translated from other languages, Mr. Baligar said that the department would draw the Government’s attention to it.

The department had been told by the public that it would be wise to release the books at the earliest, he added.

The idea of organising Suvarna Karnataka to mark the 50 years of reorganisation of the State came from the former Chief Minister, S.M. Krishna, who is now the Governor of Maharashtra. In his 2002-03 budget speech, Mr. Krishna spoke of the Government’s decision to celebrate Suvarna Karnataka on a grand scale.

Following the decision to celebrate the yearlong cultural extravaganza from November 1, 2006 to November 30, 2007, the Krishna Government had constituted a Cabinet Sub-Committee under the chairmanship of A.B. Maalakaraddy, the then Minister for Medical Education. It had envisaged many programmes, including rejuvenating and improving the existing programmes such as Kalagrama, construction of Kannada Bhavans in the border areas, awards for well maintained villages, publications of 100 books and the launching of a website, that reflects the achievements of the State in several spheres over the past 50 years.

Later, the N. Dharam Singh-led coalition Government had added some more programmes and decided to establish an exclusive Suvarna Karnataka unit with special staff to monitor the preparations at the level of the Directorate of Kannada and Culture. It had released special funds for Suvarna Karnataka programmes, including the publication of Brihat Karnataka in three volumes covering the history of the State from the ancient times to 2006.

Subsequently, the Janata Dal (Secular)-BJP Government also added new programmes such as Janapada Jaatre and Vishwa Kannada Sammelan and released special funds in March 2006 for the purpose.

Although its ambitious Janapada Jaatre had drawn public applause, holding the Vishwa Kannada Sammelan, a multipurpose mega cultural event during the Suvarna Karnataka year, in Belgaum remained a dream for the elected Government.



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