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Give priority to eradicate corruption, says M.V. Kamath-Make public to know RTI Act, “There is as much difficulty in defining corruption as there is in defining consumerism,”

Give priority to eradicate corruption, says M.V. Kamath

Staff Correspondent

‘There is difficulty in defining corruption as there is in defining consumerism’

Udupi: The Chairman of Prasar Bharati, M.V. Kamath, said on Sunday that it was necessary to remove corruption, which had permeated all levels in the country. He was presiding over the inaugural function of a programme to commemorate the achievements of consumer activists late P. Narayana Rao and late Vinutha Rao, organised by the Udupi Consumers’ Forum, here. He also released a book “Consumer Jurisprudence – An Introduction” compiled by U.G. Kamath, on the occasion.Dr. Kamath said that the efficacy of the Right to Information Act was yet to be known. However, the public should be made aware of this Act. “There is as much difficulty in defining corruption as there is in defining consumerism,” he said.

About 30 years ago, some U.S. pharmaceutical companies were selling drugs to Third World countries at exorbitant rates and were making enormous profits. But these companies had purchased the silence of the press and none of the U.S. newspapers reported about it. The press in India now are no better, he said. Presspersons could be purchased. Giving examples, he said film reviews were being routinely purchased by interested parties. Even editorials in newspapers could be bought.

The bad state of roads in Udupi district was a clear example of substandard works and corruption.

Such was the condition of the roads that he did not feel like inviting his friends to visit him, Dr. Kamath said.

Convener of the forum K. Damodar Aithal welcomed the gathering. The Deputy General Manager of Syndicate Bank, Devananda Upadhyaya, inaugurated the programme. Trustee of the forum A.P. Kodancha proposed a vote of thanks.

The second edition of the book “Balekadarara Rakshanege Mahiti Hakku 2005”, written by H. Shantharaj Aithal, was released by Chief Manager of Corporation Bank Ajit Rao.


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