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Vaidehi-Well-Known Kannada fiction writer and poet-EKAVI Inaguration in 2003

Vaidehi (real name Janaki Srinivasa Murthy), born in 1945, in Kundapura, Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka is a well-known Kannada fiction writer and poet, renowned for her espousal of the cause of women. Her writings, generally described as post-modernist, depict the plight of women in an indignant and rebellious tone. In fact, it is told that her creative self blossomed as a result of her encounters with patriarchy, in search of her personal freedom. For instance, daring to sit on a chair was, for her, one of the heroic feats she accomplished in her childhood, in defiance of the social injunction that girls should not sit on chairs in presence of the male members of the family, let alone male members from outside. She longed for the freedom that she was denied on account of being a woman, but enjoyed in full measure by her brothers. Her short stories and novels lament the discrimination and unequal treatment meted out to women in society. She successfully takes up cudgels on their behalf, using her pen as an effective weapon for social transformation.

Vaidehi has received many prestigious literary awards, such as the Karnataka Sahitya Akademi award, the M.K. Indira award, and the Katha award.

The Library of Congress has acquired fifteen titles by her. Many of her works have been translated into English and many Indian languages.

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The Library of Congress >> Overseas Offices >> New Delhi Office
November 15, 2002
Ella Kannada AbhimaanigaLa Vedike International “e-KAVI”

Press Release


Dr. Kambar and Smt. Vaidehi at EKAVI Inaguration on October 4th 2003.

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, USA – Kannadigas are extremely happy and proud that celebrated famous author and dramatist, Former Vice Chancellor of Hampi University, winner of Kabir Award, Padmashree Dr. Chandrasekhara
Kambar has inaugurated E-KAVI on October 4th 2003.

Kannadigas have expressed interest in the following type of activities in “E-KAVI”,

* Holistic suite of activities of Karnataka culture and literature.
* Network of all Kannada associations in all parts of the world.
* To strengthen the activities of Kannadigas all over the world and to create a unified voice.

Kannadigas and Kannada organizations from different parts of the world took a major step forward in forming an International Kannada Vedike called as Ella Kannada AbhimaanigaLa Vedike International “E-KAVI”, the gateway to international Kannada and its Culture. “E-KAVI” is an international organization to provide forum for Kannada literature and culture that organizes events in all parts of the world few times periodically every year.

Dr. Chandrasekhara Kambar, addressing the gathering during the inauguration of E-KAVI said, “Few million people from Karnataka have already settled in various parts of the world and formed cultural organizations in their adopted countries. They have been celebrating events in the organizations for few decades. They are at a critical cusp in their life and the life of the second generation. It is prudent that a continuous link is established between them and Karnataka, to enable a continuous support channel for ongoing endeavors to fuel the infrastructure. E-KAVI is ideally poised to be that infrastructure and conduit for mutual cooperation between the different organizations, as well as facilitate for a bilateral channel between Karnataka and the organizations of Kannadigas around the world.”

Dr. Kambar continued by saying, “Globalization has triggered a chain of events that have affected the lives of commoners in Karnataka. In this context, it is prudent that we do not limit and isolate Karnataka from the rest of the world. E-KAVI, its members and members organizations should work cooperatively to ensure that all Kannadigas thrive together, not leaving behind even a single soul in this march towards prosperity”.

V. M. Kumaraswamy, Founder and Chief Executive Officer said during the inauguration event, “My vision for E- KAVI is for everyone to contribute towards the goals of the organization and make Karnataka, its culture and literature familiar to everyone in the world”.

Vaidehi, reiterated the concerns expressed by Dr. Kambar by adding, “The absence of the second generation of Kannadigas in today’s meeting is disheartening to me, especially because second generation is nothing but future torch bearers of Kannada culture in America. If we do not pay attention to them and include them in every activity of Kannada programs the purpose of the Kannada organizations is unserved”.
She continued by saying, “E-KAVI has started with this important purpose to serve the  needs of booth the first and second generation Kannadigas”.

Dr. Subbanna Jayaprakash, Founder and Secretary of the organization welcomed the gathering.

For general and administrative questions about the conference and “E-KAVI”, please contact:

Mr. V. M. Kumaraswamy, 

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