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Accord priority to Kannada: Chandru-Make KANNADA true Officila Language,Implement Dr. Sarojini Mahishi Report,Legislations in Kannada, File Notings in Kannada,

Accord priority to Kannada: Chandru

Staff Correspondent

Government urged to take steps to make Kannada the official language

MYSORE: Member of Legislative Council “Mukhyamathri” Chandru, who had launched “Kannada Nudi-Kannada Gadi” jatha to understand the problems of the people in border areas, has urged Chief Minister-designate B.S. Yeddyurappa to accord priority to Kannada and implement the recommendations made by various committees constituted to address grievances of people living in the border areas.

Mr. Chandru, who was here to participate in the birthday celebrations of writer D. Javare Gowda, who observed fast for the fourth time on Saturday demanding classical status to the Kannada language, told presspersons that so far people had seen “Karnataka Governments” not “pro-Kannada Governments.”

Official language It was an opportunity for the BJP-led coalition Government to take steps to make Kannada as the official language in the State without making any compromise, he said.

He called upon Mr. Yeddyurappa to appoint only those who knew to write and read Kannada as Ministers.

He said that legislation should be made in Kannada and direct authorities, especially bureaucrats, told to make file notings in Kannada.

Criticised Taking exception for the delay in commencing the work on the Vidhana Soudha at Belgaum, where the previous Government held a legislature session, Mr. Chandru said it was necessary for the new coalition Government to take up work on the project in a time-bound programme and hold another session of legislature to create confidence among the people.

Pointing at the apathy of the previous government in implementing the recommendations of the Vatal Nagaraj and Baragur Ramachandrappa Committees, which were formed to improve the conditions of the people in the border areas, he said that it was imperative for the government to commence the work on “Gadi Bhavana” (office buildings in border areas).

He said that he had sanctioned Rs. 5 lakh from his Legislators’ Development Fund for building Gadi Bhavanas in 20 places.

“It is necessary for the Government to complete the work on these buildings by 2008 to prove its commitment to the people in border areas, he said.

Mr. Chandru called upon the government to implement recommendations of Sarojini Mahisi Commission to help local people in getting employment, as it was mandatory for the industries to reserve 80 per cent of posts for the local people.


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