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A publisher with a vision

A publisher with a vision

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Date:05/01/2007 URL: http://www.thehindu.com/2007/01/05/stories/2007010501980200.htm

`Suvarna Karnataka Darshana’ is a readers’ delight



K. Anantharama Rao



MANGALORE: Various organisations have been holding programmes all over the State to commemorate the Suvarna Karnataka year. But there were only a few individuals who thought the occasion fit for doing something worthwhile and long-lasting.

K. Anantharama Rao, who has a small publishing house in Mangalore, has expressed his love for Karnataka in a unique way. He has brought out “Suvarna Karnataka Darshana”, a volume on Karnataka, through his organisation Vidya Publishing House in Mangalore.

The “Suvarna Karnataka Darshana” is in a way an encyclopaedia on Karnataka. In the words of Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy: “This work should have been taken up ideally by the Government.

It is commendable that individuals such as Mr. Anantharama Rao could bring out such a voluminous work with no assurance of any kind from any quarter… “

Mr. Kumaraswamy said this at the book release function in Bangalore sometime ago. Mr. Rao considers Chief Minister’s words as his best reward.

Mr. Rao told The Hindu that when the idea stuck him a year ago, he did not think about the financial nitty-gritties of publishing such a volume. He is sure the book will give best results to the reader.

The book has some rare contents such as the photographs of old Bangalore and the State anthem of Mysore Rajya, which is in Halegannada. Essays on Karnataka’s development in the last 50 years combined with pictures, maps, graphics and statistics make the “Suvarna Karnataka Darshana” a collector’s item.





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