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Welcome to Adelaide Kannada Sangha



Welcome to Adelaide Kannada Sangha Inc

Our main aim is to promote the Kannada language, its rich heritage and keeping the dreams of Kannada for the younger generation here in Adelaide, Australia 

Our sincere thanks to everyone who attended and supported us directly or indirectly during
Rasa Sanje 2007

Report published in thatskannada website (Ullas)
Click here to view
Report published in NRI Karnataka website (Umesh)

Report in Mangaloreans Worldwide News online (Ullas)

 Designed by Umesh Nagasandra and maintained by Krishna Prasad
For all enquiries Email:kprasad65@hotmail.com or contact mobile 0411 76 36 86



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Welcome to the Sydney Kannada Sangha

Welcome to the Sydney Kannada Sangha Website. Kannada Sangha is a non-profit and charitable organisation serving the Kannada speaking community in Sydney, and the rest of New South Wales. Our aim is to actively bridge the link with the land we left behind.NEWS      

    Welcome to 2005, the launch of what we all hope will be a prosperous and joyful new year and the long awaited launch of the new SKS website. Please feel free to examine the new site and provide any comments and feedback via the following link. Send Comments…

        In recognition of the efforts of Sydney Kannada Sangha in promoting Kannada, its great heritage, culture and keeping the Kannada dream alive, the Government of Karnataka has awarded the 2003 Rajyotsava Award to Sydney Kannada Sangha. Read More…

ChandanaTV: (Asia Pacific Community Television)

  TVS . Tune UHF 31- The timing details are as follows. Sunday-1.30pm, Wednesday-4-30pm, Friday Morning 8-00am Read More…

UPCOMING EVENTS Sydney Kannada Sangha is planning to hold a grand function to celebrate it’s “Rajatha Mahothsava” This will be held at Bowman Hall, Blacktown, on Saturday, 26th July 2008.  Please mark this important date in your calendar.


Please email us to committee  your suggestions for the “Rajatha Mahothsava” programme.



Saturday 3rd Nov 2007 – Kannada Rajyothsava and Makkala Dinacharane

Thanks for the wonderful support and participation for our Kannada Rajyothsava and Makkala Dinacharane on3rd NOV 2007 Program. Thanks for all the artists and children for giving us such a wonderful program and special thanks for the Blacktown Kannada School childern.

Read the report (Baraha Kannada fonts reqd). …


23rd June 2007

SKS “24th Anniversary 2007 Kannada Report (Baraha Kannada fonts reqd).






   For further information on migrating to Australia, please visit the following link. Department of Immigration…


    If you are interested in learning Kannada, or wish to find out more about Kannada classes,

Please contact:

Liverpool area Mr Narayana Kanakapur on (02) 9601 5729.

Blacktown area Mr Vijayakumar Halagali on 0403 172 722


Please also visit our nearest new Neighbour web sites :

         Overseas And Australian Medical Graduates Association [OAMGA]

         United Indian Associations Inc (UIA)





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