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Welcome to Kannada Sangha Toronto

The objectives of Kannada Sangha Toronto are:

  • Foster the culture of Karnataka in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Promote the spirit of friendship and co-operation among people of Karnataka origin.
  • Encourage youth of Karnataka origin to develop cultural identity.
  • To represent the cultural and social interests of members of the organization.
  • Assist new immigrants to integrate into Canadian society.
  • Provide assistance to the larger communities in times of need.
  • Collaborate with other associations in North America in matters of common interest.
  • Keep members informed in the areas of interest by effective means of communication.
  • Present performing artists, movies, other cultural programs and invite visiting dignitaries, cultural and business delegations with a view to promote and propagate the culture of Karnataka.

Watch out for Exciting Events in the New Year

Discourse in Kannada – Jan 05. 2008

A Day deep in Culture for kids – Jan 05, 2008

Cultural Programme Taala Taranga – Feb 09, 2008

Matheletics 2008 – Date will be announced shortly

More details will be posted and special communication will be sent to the Members.

The Executive Members wishes everyone a Happy Holiday Season, Merry Christmas and a very Prosperous


Our Recent Events
Casino Rama – December 9, 2007

KS organized an excellent trip to Casino Rama. There was overflowing entertainment which encouraged everyone to participate. Eats were in plenty and was free flowing. Thanks to all who made this event a very successful. Special thanks to Kishore B who did all the great work behind the scene. Click on the picture to view the album.

Nada Habba – 24 November 2007

‘Kannada intensive’ NadaHabba program was organized by KS. It was a great event for the audience, the committee and of course the choreographers who came in big number to support this Kannada event. The EC is thankful to all who came and encouraged the participants and the event. Click on the picture to view the album.

Jet Airways – November 24, 2007

Thanks to Jet Airways for being the “Ardent Supporter of Kannada Sangha” by sponsoring two return tickets to India (Chennai). Kannada Sangha also thanks Raju Chander and Vyjayanti Chander for highest donations to Kannada Sangha and winning these two return tickets to India (Chennai).
Click on the picture to view enlarged picture and other details of the Jet Airways sponsor.

Culture class – October 28, 2007

Veena Cavle recently made the first attempt in running a small cultural class for our young kids. There were a nice mix of boys and girls. This was a great experience for the kids too. Special thanks to Swati for the help in putting together the activities for the children. Congratulations to Veena Cavle for the great success of this program. Click on the picture to view the album.

Ganesha Habba – September 29, 2007

Kannada Sangha recently held their annual Ganesha Habba function at The Gore Temple in Brampton. And as always, the turnout of KST members was great, and the food was scrumptious and enjoyed by all. The function included a Ganesha sculpting contest for teens and a colouring contest for children. Click on the picture to view the album.

Independence Day Celebrations: To commemorate the 60th Anniversary of India’s Independence, Kannada Sangha Toronto joined the celebrations organized by Panorama India and the glory of Karnataka was showcased to the people of Toronto on August 19, 2007.

We had a sizeable crowd of kannadigas who spared their valuable time to express their feelings towards our state and nation. Click on the Picture to view more pictures


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