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About KGP and it’s background info::KGP website misrepresents facts:: WHAT A SENSLESS WAY WASTING KANNADIGAS TIME.

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Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2004 9:06 AM

Subject: REPLY from Srinatha Shastry of KGP

namaskara kannadigarige

Today I received this letter from Sri Srinatha Shastry of KGP. Sri. Panditharadhya had written the same thing 10 days ago. He has sent a such a one pargraph information as a word attachment.

Forwarded Message:

Subj: From C V S Sastry

Dear Sri Kumaraswamy,

Namskaragalu. Please see the attached file.

Thanking you


C V Srinatha Sastry





F §UÉÎ ¥ÀvÀæªÀåªÀºÁgÀªÀ£ÀÄß £ÀqɸÀ¢gÀ®Ä ¸À«ÄwAiÀÄÄ wêÀiÁð¤¹vÀÄ.

PÀ£ÀßqÀ UÀtPÀ ¥ÀjµÀwÛUÉ ¸ÀA§A¢ü¹zÀ ªÀiÁ»wUÀ¼ÀÄ PÀ£ÀßqÀ UÀtPÀ ¥ÀjµÀwÛ£À C¢üPÀÈvÀ eÁ®vÁtzÀ°è ®¨sÀå«zÉ. http://www.kagapa.org/



a « ²æãÁxÀ±Á¹ÛçÃ

¥ÀæzsÁ£À PÁAiÀÄðzÀ²ð,



No kannadiga need to visit KGP website to find the answer. KGP website is having ILLEGAL information. When I visited their website they have copied information to their website from another website. KGP website misrepresents facts. Kannadigas need to be AWARE of this. Just like all kannadigas are answering openly for questions KGP and it,s Executives need to the same. THIS IS CALLED as stalling tactics in LAW.

THEY ARE AFFRAID of things that have taken place in KGP while Developing Kannada Software or WHILE they received information from other Kannada Software Developers for Certification of their Software.


GoK recognised KGP only because of other KANNADIGAS were part of the KGP TEAM.

In all its reality KGP is not qualified for developing Kannada software on the following grounds:


1. KGP was not existing for three years prior to sanctioning funds.
2. KGP has not developed any software prior to sanctioning of funds.
3. KGP is a certifying agency according to GO of GoK. This happenned because other kannadigas were involved with them at that time. They are nolonger involved with KGP. KGP has kicked tem out without any reasons.

A certifying agency itself can't enter into development of competitive products which they are supposed to certify as it is most illogic like a referee, umpire or an examiner himself taking the competition by himself.


ONE of the reason for doing this might be due to the following reason as written in an email by Mr. N. Anabarsan to all of us.

“KGP doesn’t have any expertise in developing software. KGP has developed Nudi in a clandestine manner. As KGP is the certifying agency, all the Kannada software developers have submitted their software. KGP gained inner details by means of demonstration and discussions etc with developers (please note that GoK has not disclosed any details on developing their Kannada software Nudi). KGP pirated the fonts submitted to it by various Kannada software developers.”

It looks like KGP and it’s Executives are not interested in solving the problems of Kannadigas and KANNADA. They are taking confrontational attitude.

Kannadigas we need to think of different alternatives to combat this KGP and it’s Executives. This has allready started. KANNADA Interested, Truth telling, factfinding, honest people, trustworthy, loyal people, have got together ONLY for the sake of Finding the truth on Developmental activities of Kannada Software by KGP and it’s Executives. A meeting was called on May 25th 2004 by Dr. Halemane of CIIL at Mysore.

The people who attended the meeting on May 25th according to Dr. Halemane are:

Shri Poornachandra Tejaswi
Dr Lingadevaru Halemane
Sri B N S Rama
Sri M Shivakumar
Shri C V Srinatha Sastry
Smt Sharada
Dr Panditharadhya
Shri A Sathyanarayana
Dr U B Pavanaja

Some of you might have received an email that I received from Sri. Poornachandra Tejasvi.

We should seek the advise of the committed Kannadigas whose interest in KANNADA and it’s development work.

All of you can reply with your suggestions.



V. M. Kumaraswamy

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Nudi and Baraha are not relevant as per Pavanaja

Sada Kannada <sadakannada@yahoo.com> wrote:
Please note, I am not an expert.  I am also learning the localization of software.

But we can surely say that the purpose the Nudi and Baraha were developed (to see Kannada on Computer for DTP work at the most) are no more relevant.

So, we need to have some advanced facilities for Kannada on the computers, like voice recognition, etc.

Since the platform on which the two softwares work (i.e., Windows) has itself offers facilities for Kannada, these softwares are almost redundant.

The KSD at KGP has failed (Forget about Baraha, that is the software of one Kannadiga, not of any government funded organization).  They have not progressed beyond the DTP facilities for Kannada on computers.

We can try to do something useful if there are no hindrances (there may be no help from KGP, I guess).

People who are in Bangalore can get the people at KGP for a talk, we can atleast know their intention about open sourcing Nudi.  I guess they have not spoken up.

“Manmaya Kumar” <manmaya@…> wrote:

Baraha supports Unicode keyboard. But if you read the article by Pavanaja, it says that all the facilities need to use Kannada Unicode are built into  Winodws XP and Linux. Hence Baraha and Nudi are no more relevant.

What else for Nudi and Baraha are needed?

On 8/11/06, sachinisgod <sachinisgod@…> wrote:

i dont see how baraha is not relevant. baraha supports unicode. not sure about nudi. nudi may not support unicode. so he says it is losing its relevance. aadare baraha supports unicode.

“Manmaya Kumar” <manmaya@> wrote:


I just happenned to read an article by Dr Pavanaja at  http://vishvakannada.com/node/271.

In that article he is claiming that Nudi and Baraha are no more relevant now. What is your comment on that  statement?

Why don’t the learned experts on Kannada and computers comment below that article?

iti nimmava,

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