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nisarga parisara premigala maasika uchitha patrike

Dear Reader,

A very Happy and Prosperous new year to you.

New year brings along new challenges and new responsibilities . January issue covers topics on the impact of  Mini Hydel projects on sensitive ecosystems of W estern Ghats, know about Spotted owl, travelogue on Great Wall of China and a beautiful poem on ugly unplanned urbanization. Well you would be surprised to read about the Impact/ill effects of Mini Hydel projects since we carried a article in our previous month s issue on how to build a small hydel project and this month contradict ing our own article. Well our previous issue dealt with mini hydel projects that would cater to a small village with a couple of houses within couple of hundred meters from the project a nd which would be a community initiative. T his month s edition deals with projects that would supply power to the grid and not to the local villages, these would light up faraway cities keeping the local villages in dark. Read on and know more about this ………

For people who do not receive our attached file, please use http://nisarga.maasika.googlepages.com to read it online.

Happy Reading and forwarding…..

We have planned to roll out Nisarga Maasika screensavers this month, watch our website for more details.


Nisarga Balaga.


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