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Nemmadi Project

Government of Karnataka has set up, through PPP model, a network of 800 telecenters at village hobli level. It has also got set up 177 backoffices at taluka level. These telecenters would deliver range of G2C and B2C services at the citizen’s doorsteps.


The Government of Karnataka’s vision for the Nemmadi (Telecenter) Project is that IT enabled Government services should be accessible to the common man in his village, through efficient, transparent, reliable and affordable means.


The mission of the Nemmadi project is to deliver efficient Government services at the Citizen’s doorstep.

Objectives of the Project

To create efficient and smart virtual offices of state government in all the villages.
Initially, to provide copies of land records and 38 other citizen centric services of the revenue department in a convenient and efficient manner through 800 village Telecenters across rural Karnataka.
To scale up the operations to cover all other G2C services of all the departments.
To enhance the accountability, transparency and responsiveness of the government to citizen’s needs.
To provide government departments and agencies means of efficient and cost effective methods of service delivery to citizens.
To manage the delivery of services through PPP model.
To enable government departments and agencies to focus on their core functions and responsibilities by freeing them from the routine operations like issuing of certificates, land records, collection of utility bills of citizens and thereby enhancing the overall productivity of the administrative machinery.

Expected Outcome

Decentralization of delivery of government services from the Taluka office to the village Telecenters.
Provide a single window for request and delivery of e-governance services to the citizens.
Cost effective, speedy and efficient interface between the Government and Citizens.
Greater transparency, objectivity and accountability in delivery of government services.
Empowerment of all the sections of society by facilitating them to gain knowledge about their rights and privileges.
Village level bureaucracy would be able to use this facility for transmission of data to district and state headquarters.
Capacity building, literacy and employment of rural educated youth by helping them acquire proficiency in computers.
Creation of a citizens database on a incremental basis.
1 North Bagalkote Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Mr.Ilahi S.Kanganali, Sameer Towers,
Desai Circle, Shop.No.5, Jamakhandi.
Shivananda 9449868007
2 North Bagalkote Jamkhandi Savalagi Mr.Sushil Kumar B. Belagali,Belagali Bldng,Syndicate Bank Rd.,Savalgi, Prassappa D K 9449868008
3 North Bagalkote Jamkhandi Terdal Sheetal Ramappa, Killabagh Main Rd,
Jagadish 9449868006
4 North Bagalkote Bilgi Anagwadi Secretary, G.P.Office, Anagawadi., Padiappa 9449868005
5 North Bagalkote Bilgi Bilagi Mr.Badesab S. Bhaisarkar,
Bhaisarkar Complex, Near old court,
Dayanand H Bariker 9449868009
6 North Bagalkote Mudhol Lokapur Ravi Venkappa Kajjidoni, Srinivasa Nagar,
Near: Belgaum Main Rd, Lokapur.
Yallappa Bettagud 9449868004
7 North Bagalkote Mudhol Mudhol Mr.Hanumanth Balasaheb Hosur,
Opp:Dakshayani Children hospital,
Near Ranna Circle,
Kallappa S Metagudda 9449868010
8 North Bagalkote Badami Badami Mr.Veerendra madhava Nayak,
DD Name: ,Saraswat Complex,
Near karodigi matt hospital,station Rd,badami,
Santosh Shettar 9449868013
9 North Bagalkote Badami Guledgudd Subhash.S.Konnur,
Opp: KEB Office, Guledgudd.
Sangamesh 9449868001
10 North Bagalkote Badami Kerur S.B.Paradesi, Keruru. Srikanth P M 9449868000
11 North Bagalkote Badami Kulageri Mrs. Sharada V. Jagali,
Next to GP office , Badami Road,Kulageri,
Subash L Banjantri 9449868014
12 North Bagalkote Bagalkot Bagalkot Basamma Shivalingappa Gabbur,
Gabbur Complex, Near: Railway Station,
Bus Stand Rd, Old KGID Office, Bagalkote.
Anandayya S Hunshymath 9449868011
13 North Bagalkote Bagalkot Kaladagi Subhash.S.Konnur, No.1364,
Bus Stand Rd, Kaladagi.
Guru Rathod 9449868002
14 North Bagalkote Bagalkot Sitimani Mr.Ramesh V.reshmi,Reshmi complex,
Main Rd,Sitimani,
Mallappa K Kumbar 9449868012
15 North Bagalkote Hungund Amingad Mr.Jagadish Shivappa Bisaladinni
,c/o Shivaganga Lodge, Opp: Bus stand,Aminagad,
Anand Leshppa N 9449868016
16 North Bagalkote Hungund Hungund Chairman,Vijaya mahantesh Vidyavartaka sangha,Hungund,Gurubasava complex,
Free Boarding Campuss,hungund,
Myd. Yaseen 9449868015
17 North Bagalkote Hungund Ilkal J.A.Balageri. Opp: Dwaraka Lodge, Ilkal, Ph: Manjunath G 9449868003
18 North Bagalkote Hungund Karadi Mr.Malakajappa M. Chitapur,
Chitapur complex,opp:GP office,Karsdi,
Parveena 9449868017
19 North Bagalkote Bilgi Galagali # 34,beside Nisarga Restaurant, Yadahali road, Galagali Kallappa 9449868010

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