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Welcome to Kannada Sangha, Singapore-SINGARA

Welcome to Kannada Sangha, Singapore‘s homepage. In this section we will update you the recent activities and upcoming events organised by Sangha.

Kannada Sangha, Singapore – singara


Lead by Kannada Sangha (Singapore)

In association with Hindu Temples & Other Organizations

Under the auspices of Hindu Endowments Board


"Ranga Maadhurya"

An evening of Colour & Cultural programmes.


Date: 12-Jan-2007                                                                     Venue : DBS Auditourium

Time: 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm                                                                        DBS Tower 1,

                                                                                                                      No 6, Shenton Way,

                                                                                                                      Singapore – 068809


Tickets : $50 (Special Pemium Seating)

                $25 (Premium Seating)

                $10 (General Seating)


Free for children below 3yrs who do not occupy seat.

Dinner will be served after the programme.


Program Highlights:


 “Keshava Darshana”,“Dashavatara”, “Sakshatkara”-A Skit , Folk dance,

Performed by talented Adults and Children from Singapore.




“Sri Krishna Paarijaatam”

A dance ballet involving 4 forms of classical dance (Bharatanatyam, Kuchupudi, Kathak & Odissy)  Performed by Devi Fine Arts - Mumbai.


For Tickets Please contact:


Mr. Suresha Bhatta             - 9295 4270, sureshahc@gmail.com

Mr. Kanakesh                       - 91183140, ka.kanakesh@gmail.com

Mr. Gopala Krishna             - 94592340, gops44@yahoo.com

Mr. PV Ramana                    - 9832 1814, ramanapv@singnet.com.sg

Mr. Shivananda                    - 9851 1173, ishivananda@gmail.com


Or You can send mail to register@singara.com


For details please visit: http://www.gitajayanti.org.sg

Sponsored by: P V Ramana & Family

                        S P Jain Center of Management (www.spjain.org Tel: 62704748)



Main Event: GITA HAVANA on 3 February 2008, Sunday. For more information please visit http://www.gitajayanti.org.sg/Gita_Competitions2.htm


Associated Events: Gita Quiz, Chanting, Essay & Oratorical competitions. For details please visit http://www.gitajayanti.org.sg/Gita_Competitions.htm

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