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I am a Kannadiga first, I am an Indian next

“I am a Kannadiga first, I am an Indian next” – Principles of Sri Aluru Venkataraya // If you do not take care of your mother, who else will ?

Principles of Sri Aluru Venkataraya
There was a man who defied changes, foresaw a debacle and protested.  Man who saw and recognised the injustice happening to Kannadigas and tried to awaken people against it with the principle ” “ಕರ್ನಾಟಕಂತರ್ಗತ ಭಾರತಮಾತೆ”.  It was none other than Sri Aluru Venkataraya, a man with a good foresight and a tuf man against the injustice that Hindi speaking belt has done injustice to us.  He was the man who fought for a separate state of Karnataka.  It is a natural reflex of a normal being to protest or defy changes especially the change is’nt bad and hurting like enforcing hindi by force and enticement unlike the present middle-aged or youth which is playing reluctant when Kannada really needs them. 


A state of kannada should evolve – was his vision.  He did not care for people calling him “jingoist”  behind his back.  The man’s effort in the evolution of Karnataka and kannada and a kannadiga paid off as a result of which we have our own state and identity and still today his answers to “Jerks” finding out faults in working for kannada, karnataka and Kannadiga hold good. 
“I am a Kannadiga first, I am an Indian next”


Above quote was one of his famous quotes.  This alone in my opinion would be enough to kindle the fire.  come lets build KANNADA NADU.
Ask these questions to yourself and you will know why was Sri Venkataraya true
First ask yourself why is Hindi our national language ?.  There are plenty of other languages. Kannada, Gujarathi, Bengali, Marathi.  Decisions cannot be made with just the consideration of number of hindi speakers.  Bengali speakers are nearly equal to hindi speaking.  why this partiality ?.  Why cant Kannada be the National Language ????
Because the governance was in the hands of hindi speaking Freaks during the time of independence.  Others remained submissive until Tamil nadu realised the “Black” in the government but in vain.  Why is this happening ? 
English can be a common language.  why Hindi?.  Its false and unfair to say that every Kannadiga has to learn Hindi to impress north Indians or to get a central government job.  It is giving scope to hindi speaking belt to get into Karnataka taking things as granted.  It is like letting them live in your house without even him having to respect your mother and your culture.  would you endure that ?.  So is the case with other south Indian languages spoken in Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore which endangers Kannada in the state and makes the migrants from other states feel that there is no need to learn Kannada and Karnataka culture.  If you go to Tamil nadu or Orissa and talk to an ordinary man in Hindi and expect answer in Hindi, you are the extraordinary fool.  No question of any other language !.  You cant expect tamilian to speak in Kannada even if he knows kannada.  He expects you to learn Tamil.  Why dont we Kannadiga’s understand ?
Why do you think the safety precautions in rails and on Gas cylinders are in Hindi ?. 
My mother does not know hindi and cant read english either and what if she wants to know about safety instructions.  why is this injustice done to Kannada and Kannadigas.  Dont you think it has to be Kannada.  Your own identity is lost everyday due to enforcement of hindi.  See how, Ad’s are in Hindi, Radio Mirchi (Mirchi = chilli in hindi), some quotes are also into kannada which is unbelievably ridiculous.  Tamil Nadu is authoratitive enough to keep hindi at bay.  In a directive released by the government, Tamil nadu has been excluded for imposition of Hindi.  If that is the case, why us? we dont want Hindi either…
Railway recruitment board expects 10 grade pass student to speak hindi fluently and wants the documents in hindi.  And now adding to all the problems is the military recruitment expecting documents in hindi with abuses to Local people.  How on earth can you create one where the official language is some other.  Hindi speaking “Jerks” have to be made known that we are a part of India and there is no India without Karnataka.  it is one of the organ of a body and has to be respected and taken care of for the normal functioning.
Curse of the old british or the obsession !!!
I desperately wanted to know if it is really the curse of the old british or Kannadigas are really infatuated with other languages.  Bangalore is the one worst affected place in karnataka where others presume of making it their home without learning the regional language.  One of the reasons that can be ascribed to this effect is the importance given to English and Hindi.  Regrettably the administrative language is not completely kannada in karnataka politics.  How annoying is that !


Most hurting of all is, works of great poets and Kannada laureate’s are forgotten and not taught in schools.  Instead of teaching works of Poet pampa, Kalidasa, Kuvempu and other such who fall in the list, taught are “twinkle twinkle little star”, “Ba ba black sheep” and we have many inborn scientists, environmentalists.  Instead of advocating “vachana’s of Sarvagna”, morals in “Mankutimmana Kagga” lads are taught “works of shakespeare, works of william wordsworth.  Its quite astonishing to see that encouragement from a very important source (Government of Karnataka) is not available to kannada sons.
Secondly, I see it as a good place of putting my experience talking to Non-Kannadigas.  A young man who studied in Mangaluru says “people there speak very good hindi, so I did not have to learn kannada; all I know in kannada is – ninna hesru gottilla”.  A complacent reply with a grin on his face which drove me nuts.  Another lad who has worked in Bangalore for a couple of years says upon my introduction to him as one from Karnataka “r u from Bangalore ???”.  Reply from me was a yes.  He says “you must be knowing Telugu or Tamil, people speak very good there.  I did not have to learn kannada as they speak to me in English or a language I know”.  Now, this was ridiculous and my patience was wearing thin.  I said to myself, “could this be an obsession ??”.  Instead of enforcing Kannada on them, their language is spoken.  Capital does not necessarily need to be contaminated with other languages nevertheless the development taking place.  I would like to quote examples of capitals where you cannot actually get along if you cannot speak the regional language and chennai would be a place which fits to the explanation.  For any language to grow and influence and obviously impress people, encouragement for the people itself is a filip.  Kannada has influenced many a great people to such an extent, that they have called Kannada as “mother”.  The same mother is being insulted in couple of occassions; software industries like Sasken to mention here.  If you do not take care of your mother, who else will ? question this to yourself and try to find an answer.  Learning a language is not a bad thing but developing a inclination to such an extent that you start speaking to him in his own language despite he knowing your language is bad, which i’ve seen in the past.  We dont need any Vedike’s to fight in favour of kannada or kannadiga’s if people are right and realise about the importance of their language.  This infection of “Infatuation” has to be cured and can only be cured with realisation of the importance of kannada.  Had it been the curse of old british, it would have affected neighbouring states as much as it has affected us.  It is interesting enough to know that the first translation of kannada language to english is done by a German missionary named Kittel.  So it cannot be a curse of any of nations who colonised us.  Its all in our mind.  Goddamn mindset.  change it ! for a good cause, for the betterment of Kannada.


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  1. Butyfull and Implment

    Comment by GIRISH | December 14, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi..

    I am a pakka kannadiga. I am proud to say that i am a kannadiga. But my opinion is that whatever we may be first thing is the country.. we are INDIANS, then comes the kannadiga … Bcos country is first, rest is next.. Our karnataka is one of the states in india.

    I hope you will agree with me. We are INDIANS first, kannadiga comes immediate next..

    Comment by Vishwas | December 14, 2008 | Reply

  3. if we are asking like this, then tamil people ask that their language is very old and they want tamil as national language,lly all states people start to ask like this………. English is from other country, born by the people who made us poor from rich, u r ready to accept their language,but y u r nt ready to accept own indian language??????????????????????

    i agree that hindi people making lots and lots of unjustice to the karnataka, but the thing is wat this politicians are doing???????????? those who are from national parties like BJP and Congress are begging those hondi people only for just a minister seat….

    regional party like janatha dal not having leader like me, those kumara swamy, devegowda and aha revanna devarige preethi avru kodo adalitha……..

    yakadru badkidaro evrella, learn from karuna nidhi…. even tamilnadu dont need that much kaveri water and they got it by forcibly shaking manmohan’s chair…. that manmohan who i thought as a great man showed his reality in this matter..now again tamilnadu going to aquire hogenakal, first beat them and let them to beg for water… then we’l fight against hindi people…..

    my request to all kannadigas that dont talk in english or hindi with other persons who are from out of state……. even i know five languages, kannada, hindi, english, tamil,telugu,, but i’l talk with kannada only with all people even with gals also……

    dont think that kannada is not having status, you hav to build status for kannada……. even though u r having close friend from tamilnadu dont encourage for him anything, dont let him to go for big position.. if one tamilian got a good post he;l bring 100 tamilians to karnataka. wat am facing in my company is also same thing…..partiality with tamil people, those who don know even 10% that i know becam my co-ordinators for the only one reason that they are tamilians……….

    evrunella roadalli batte bich haki hodibeku…..

    jai karnataka mathe, vande matharam

    Comment by Lohith | December 14, 2008 | Reply

  4. stop heighlighting the people sheikspear is not got of stories, he is also one of good writer like our kuvempu, Da.Ra.Bendre……. because of their market is wide for their books and their awards involving crores of money,they thinking that they came from heaven……….

    Comment by Lohith | December 14, 2008 | Reply

  5. lohith
    nija helde guru
    and u know why they take things as granted ?
    here is ur answer
    i used to fight with a son of a telugu bitch
    and he once made me realise that it is just because of kannadigas in bangalore, who are desperate to show off their language skills. i have worked in chennai as well and u can see that a tamilian will make u learn tamil though he knows kannada. protesting against the injustice happening for tamils in sri lanka is a shining example to show how strong they are in terms of language.
    when i came down from chennai and got down in bangalore bus stand auto rickshaw people are thronging to attract people by speaking in tamil. every one was speaking in tamil and i came to know from someone that they were actually kannadigas. i went by bus and i saw the bus driver who was showing off his tamil skills to a tamilian lady who was speaking kannada though she was not fluent. just spread kannada like a wild fire and support only kannadigas at work, in college, hostels, everywhere. make it difficult for them so that no abuse occurs next time against kannada. have u ever heard of something like tamil rakshana vedike or something. it is because they are strong enough and they dont need one. make ur friends strong with kannada
    let kannada arise and damn others

    Comment by akshaya | December 15, 2008 | Reply

  6. Aha !
    nanage nimma sandesha namma talemarina janarige matu kalisada mahaniyaralli obbarAda Srimaan Dr.U.R.Ananthamurthy-avara ondu hELike nenapAguttade. avarige BArathada gaDi daTi, horagaDe hOdAga athava anya dEshiyara sAngatyadalli matra nAnu BAratIya embudu arivina paTAladamEle gOcharisuttade endu.

    hAge bahushaha nimma sandeshada hinde kUDa iruvudu intaha mUlaBUta mAnava sahaja vishlEshaNAtmaka samskruthi endu BAvisuttene.

    hAgu BAsheyu namma pragneyannu sAmskrutikavAgi baHaLashTu dEshiiya-sthaLiyateya kavachakkinta mUlaButavAgi pariBAshisuttade.

    matrubhashe badalAdiite? passport badalAdaru, dharma, jAti, vrutti, pravrutti, sAngatya, vayassu badalAdaru, matruBhAshe ade aagi uLiyuttade allave!!

    Comment by recognition | December 31, 2008 | Reply

  7. i totally agree with you. but there are a lot of things we ve to understand. in a city like bangalore there are only about 30% kannadigas. majority are telugus (35%) and do you think those people really give a damn wats happening to our language. wat they think is only that they ve to make a living and they make it comfortably. if we go check the number of kids in some school there r more chances we find a non kannadiga kid 75%. the rest like the tamilians, gujratis, malayalis, marwaris etc dont care wats happening to our language. we have to accept tat we kannadigas don ve any love\ respect for our language. a tamilian boasts of his language but a kannadiga does not.
    even the movies does play an important role nowadays, since youngsters discuss a lot of it. kannada movies are real crap and hence youth watch other language films (specially tamil and telugu) and talk about tat language at length. even the karnataka govt has failed to make kannada language mandatory in central board schools. such schools encourage students to learn hindi but not kannada.
    also kannadigas are not as adventurous as thier tamil, malayali,gujrati or telugu counterparts, we dont find many kannadigas outsidee karnataka and even if there r few, they dont do anything to poularise our language. even politicians who rule us in karnataka like the reddy brothers dont speak proper kannada.

    only way we can deal with this is to make kannada mandatory in all schools in karnataka, drive away all outsiders who dont respect our language.

    if all this has to be a reality we need a “”veera kannadiga hitler””. this can only be done by force.

    Comment by kannada aaradhyaka | April 2, 2009 | Reply

  8. my dear friends of india, hindi became a national language for a reason, the reason being very simple, a common thread to put all the beads together,so that we can stand united…. stop language politics over it. i am a marathi and i love n respect both marathi and hindi…hindi was made national language so that people from different regions speaking differen languages can converse , otherwise no one will understand each other….i am in tamil nadu right now and im trying to learn tamil for which i dont have any regrets…politicans have divided the country using region, caste,language and whatever possible god only knows…in this era of globalisation ,when we fellow indians cant tolerate each other ,so we in a way are justifying racism faced by indians abroad…moreover there is a difference in regional and national language, if u r educated enough u will understand.. y dont anyone goes against english, because our slave mentality is still intact n we still consider western people more superior…u can learn from an example of germany, no one knows english but they still lead the world in the field of science and technology…i am always deeply hurt when i see my countrymen fighting over language…

    Comment by arya | May 17, 2009 | Reply

  9. wellsaid mr ellakavi, I like to few more points along with it. indian can’t be single country it’s like a continent so it should be divided into separate country, either by language,by color, by food, culture all the way south indians and north indians r entirely different so it’s Better everyone can be ruled by themselves with their own sweetheart language, nobody can’t compel to learn others to learn their language for their sake, but hindians surely willnot allow this since they need south indian resources but they don’t care ux(south indians), so it’s a great foolishness of fighting among ourself, as long kannada is a part of india this language problem will be there, learn
    kannada and english, don’t hate english in the name of slavery which being forced by the north politicans inorder to make hindi popular in south, also note it down their children will learning very good english, also if u don’t want to accept hindi say it in a proper way, other thanelse don’t say like school children since tamilians are not learning so we won’t learn that will not make sense,
    always don’t write/think bad about tamilians, personally I never have grudges on any of the other community, the main problem is india and hindi, in the name of india many of them spoiling kannada this will be stop only if non hindi-speaking peoples stand together and there by we can break this hindi slavery
    vanakkam, nandri
    ungal thozhan,

    Comment by barani | September 26, 2009 | Reply

  10. GOD BLESS INDIA ,religion says country is first you definatly Know Shri Ramayana and Shri Mahabharat and How precious they are for Hindus and so if you are a real hindu or from other religion u follow u cant be from that religion if i strongly say if u dont believe in your religion then its obvious that u dont believe in one country also ,Religion says country first if u dont believe in it or any1 who believes that should change the name first to some sign or 1 ,2 or &*^% kind its wright …What education ppl are getting education means to be able to respect the laws n order of the country n respect the countrymen n even beyond the country ,now people sit in the lap of for n eg : english n commenting on Kannad if u could have written that only in kannad fonts could have been better ,i like punjabi songs does not mean hindi will be lost ,i speak english cause i find myself to be able to speak 2 majority of the world but at the same time i respect Tamil ,bangali,Kannad Orriya n other languages n i answer to ppl in the English if they cant speak my language ,but i never expect ppl to speak Hindi y would i because ppl should choose their language based upon comfort,
    Let say choose the national language no riot at all vote for it n most voted should be the national language in a democratic country like ours then also ppl are not happy what else then or make every language a national language ok do it if India is not divided,i know computer but never type in Hindi i dont distinguish between languages,as many languages u know u become more educated because u get to know many cultures n countries ,say do u follow everything in your religion ,can u die for ur country then how can u respect ur language or mother,u say great poet are being lost but my friend c one apple a day to keep i good also u also know it do u follow it may be u know its right but u dont follow that,always say truth dont harm an insect dont harash creatures do u follow it,do u follow every1 is ur brother n sister,look brothers even real brother get divided on the matter of money or this room is mine this is my bike or this is my chocolate or this is my bat or this is my favourite shirt or movie ,we are common ppl and believe me no fight is good for us one thing is clear if every1 has got likes n dislikes respect every1’s mother respect ur country…sorry if i wrongly said anything because i dont want to say anything bad to my brothers n sisters of India n how can i even imagine that .GOD BLESS THE WHOLE UNIVERSE

    Comment by Amit | October 17, 2009 | Reply

  11. It Was an apple a day keep dr away,thanks miss typed many things sorry for,n b happy

    Comment by Amit | October 17, 2009 | Reply

  12. my birth place is India ,my heart n soul this is, i love all my brothers n sisters n elders n trees n mountains stones rivers n dust in my country the language is not a boundation y r Ramayana Shlokas are in Sanskrit,i am very proud of people like who love my country,though Hindi is my Mother Tongue and i love it but if ppl are happy m ready to accept English as my national language or even tamil ,dont u guys feel how languages were developed for communative purpose,country is nothing without its ppl ,and c India is a democracy n if ppl say lets vote for the language then what ppl wont still accept it ,in my mind i never find any differentiation in other language ,main thing is country should be developed ,ppl c what japaneese did with japan was right but c now many japaneese learning English,japan is one of the biggest exporter like germany and Usa also so they have the monopoly on the basis of languages because they produce everythin within their country, guys if some1 likes very much his language then y writing in english here n y using foreign brands n y working in software companies because software export is the biggest thing by which our country is getting money to develope the economy n english is needed n its the matter of bread n butter then y people should not learn other language n y not give american ppl a software in hindi or kannad or tamil,its right u like Kannada i like kannada too ok even u make it the national language ,c Ghandi Ji was a Gujrati speaker but still he emphasized on Hindi,c we should think about the counrry ,c main thing is – its the matter of what ppl actually understand they say ppl first discriminate between Hindus or muslims or Sikhs or Christians after that that they can demand they want show the differences in kannad or tamil or north indian or they can say differences in Indian or they can say we are beautiful or this or that thay can then divide them in casts like Brahamins n Shudras n then even they can breake themselves black n white,See guys there is vast variety of Tags for so called hypocrets to divide ppl and please dont be fooled ,even though i dont understand surya tv but i watch it many times n even some bangalies channels because when i c good movie n songs or music my inner soul attracts towards it n i dont change the channel ,i c many Kamal hassan’s movies even if i dont know the names of movies n dont understand language,i never discriminate anything but bad things ,listen guys in the world the Main truth is what m just gona tell u now and i am sticked to it m 100 % sure to it there are two “GODS” n Second “Monsters” ,what side you guys wana be u have to choose there is good n Bad ,there is good people and bad people ,i thing language is a very beautiful creation ppl use it to spreads riots its bad thing,c guys if u will get the job only in Tamil the whole India will speak Tamil ,so languages are to make communication n better living other than that i like sanskrit i was good in sanskrit when i was a kid now i forgot it,i regret it but i know a few words of punjabi,n Hindi n english n other foreign language ,learn language to understand the culture not to divid the country, c one thing is clear that every kid thinks when little that his dad is superman , n my mom is very powerful n his/her favourite hero is best in the world so now grown up ppl should feel the pulse of the change.sorry for my bad typing cause i dont have much time n m in office so just wana complete as soon as possible,…country is important …
    one more think ppl say Hindus everywhere same n we Worship same Gods have same kind of names all over, muslims are same all over world ,christians dont feel any difference in them, c i love my religion n it gives me power to understand what i wrote above …i love u all cu ,when another planet it found all should choose one language but ppl are just making problems out of nowhere it a shame …really

    Comment by Amit | October 17, 2009 | Reply

  13. As a Tamilian, I can easily understand a Kannadiga’s issue on Imposition of Hindi.

    Dear Brothers,
    Hindi is dangerous monster which is going to damage our south indian dravidian languages if we are not united.

    Regarding understanding of Kannada, the nearest language is Tamil. This means if you talk in Kannada to Tamil, he will understand 70% but he will not be able to reply back at first instance. Later after a period, I am sure he will be able to converse in Kannada to make you Happy.

    So I request all furious kannadigas to talk in Kannada to Tamilians so that they can learn fast kannada.

    understanding & Speaking is very fast process instead of making them to write or read in Kannada

    around 75% words are same.. Thayee , Thanthe, Thangai, Anna….so many interesting words are common.

    So stop throwing venom on Tamils…just join Hands with them to send Hindi out from Karnataka.

    in Tamil , Karnataka is called Karu nadu in ancient literatures.

    Comment by Senthil | July 31, 2010 | Reply

    • I think you are hallucinating dear Tamil. Kannadigas are no way close to Tamil in any sense as, you are afro and we are Indians like any other North Indians. It is not Thanthe, thangai bongai. It is actually mata, pita sodari.
      All Indians are our brothers and sisters except those who want to break this nation

      Comment by Kannadiga | March 25, 2013 | Reply

      • Yes Bro. Keep it up. I like your statement. I am a Bengali and wanna all Indians to be united but these Tamilians and North-Eastern Chinkies seems to break this unity. Better throw these Tamilians out of Karnataka except those who wanna intermingle with Kannadigas and other Indians. Those who really behave as Kannada Kanda and Bharatada Kanda only those are True Bangaloreans. Namma Karnataka mattu Barat Thunba Chanagidiye. Bro if there is mistake please rectify it.

        Comment by Panna paul | June 9, 2013

  14. Kindly stop talking bad abt Tamils and Tamilnadu Government ..

    Tamilnadu Government is the only South Indian Government which supports the other dravidian Languages say Kannada,Telugu & Malayalam in its educational policy.


    We can see in this website that from Standard 1 to Standard X 10 , one can learn Maths,Science,History,Geography in their mother tongue ( Kannada or Telugu or Malayalam ).

    Minority people of other languages – Kannada,Telugu,Malayalam feel happy about this in Tamilnadu.


    Comment by Senthil | July 31, 2010 | Reply

  15. My Friend,
    You are absolutely right.I’m a Human first and then I’m a Tamil and Indian Next. I can understand your problem my friend. My aunt lives in Bangalore. She is a Kannadiga. Whenever we visit her place we learn Kannada as much as we can. I can say for certain that Kannada was sweeter than Tamil when hear it. But I love Tamil more than any other language. It doesn’t mean i hate the sweet language Kannada. If i love my Mom the most it doesn’t mean i hate your Mom. I respect everyone’s Mom. We dont need a garbage language like Hindi to unite us. English is fine to understand each other. If Hindi people want to understand others let them learn English. If they dont have enough brains to learn english then it is their problem. Not ours. I appreciate your efforts. Lets be united in our Ideas in forming an educated and world class society instead of the backward views the Hindi politicians have. We need to bring this to the notice of the Hindi people also. Let them understand the not knowing hindi or knowing just kannada will not make anyone less indian or less human. We all, I mean the whole world,need to learn a second language to communicate with each other. 2 languages are fine for existing in this world.

    Comment by Raja | October 20, 2010 | Reply

    • You bullshit better get lost to call Hindi as Garbage language. You dirty Tamilians are actually creating a bad name to innocent Kannadigas.

      Comment by Panna paul | June 9, 2013 | Reply

  16. It’s gud to see all comments, but we need flexible to all circumstances, at all we need to roam all over india, i think our brother need to go for business trip, or work need, so they get success in their field, it comes true only after they adjusting in their culture, but no daught we get some opportunitys , but here in kannada it’s too difficult to survive lving our family coz of work exigencies, being a middle class. ;-(

    Comment by Sanjeev | October 22, 2010 | Reply

  17. Fine

    Comment by Lokesh | September 17, 2012 | Reply

  18. All the nuts here please wake up. Hindi is not the language being imposed on us, in fact Hindi is very natural to Kannadigas and this also flows in our blood like our Sanskrit Culture. The real danger in this country are Tamils. They neither have sense nor culture, they are greedy shits who want to build a dirty dravida nation that will have tamil as national language. For this purpose, they try and get in touch with all other South Indians to create hate towards North and Hindi and deceitfully try to assure all southerners belong to their dirty kingdom.

    Bloody bogus Tamils, kick off from this nation. Leave beautiful Kannadigas alone. North Indians and other Indians are our true brothers and sisters……………………

    Comment by Kannadiga | March 25, 2013 | Reply

  19. in koramangala there is pg called arora’s boys hostel run by delhi people, there was this assame engineering drop out who was doing BHM in Christ college(I was in 1st year puc Christ college 2004-05) this fucker used to give me hell literally for one year, he was my roommate, he would ridicule our food, cinema, music, values, our way of speaking, our language. but I did none of the ‘typical stereotypes’ that he was describing and hated the colour of my skin!?…this asshole was a mongoloid (chinky!!) so there goes…chinky people are not so innocent after all heh….when he would ridicule me in front of my other roommates (I was the youngest and the only south indian in the pg) the Bengali guys and especially this gujarathi guy would all jump in and ridicule me (I am form north Karnataka -bellary- basically, none of the attributes they were describing would apply to me, but still I would argue with this guy all the time and would lose because it was 4 racist north Indians rallying behind this idiot chinky guy) apparently there was this soft skills training guy in YDIT (yellamma dasappa inst. tech.) who during the soft skills training would ridicule south indian mannerisms and sort of project the north indian qualities, accent and way of living as the normal and okay stuff and anything south indian was worth ridiculing and shunning. this asshole soft skills training guy should be found and jailed, cause he is misdirecting already fucked up(north indian and chinky) minds and setting these stereotypes in their minds for life.
    it was literally hell, those days were clearly the lowest point in my life, everyday I was scared to go back to the pg they also bullied me physically ,I had never contemplated suicide, because of the only reason that, my parents never raised me that way, when problems came in life they always showed me never to give up no matter what. if it wasn’t for my parents I would not be here. I have only spoken of this experience to my parents recently and no one else. this I’m sharing for the first time in the open now.
    I had moved on fairly quickly, after the 1st puc exam scores came out I barely made 50% total, I was given TC by the college. then I got into another college(will not tell reveal name) but stayed in the same pg but picked a different room to stay in and drowned all those feelings in studying for 2nd puc and cet and scored 80%(well 78.9% to be exact) and 6000 rank in cet (that’s basically turning a frown upside down)but it was not easy (the studying part). but even when now when I look back I feel like I could have lived without having experienced those situations. I wish I could end the post right here where kannadigas after having read this post feel this over righteous anger and pride and get on your pulsar bikes and grab a Karnataka flag and head to kormangala and plant the flag in the middle of koramangala. sadly I doesn’t….
    before ‘puc pg’ experience I was studying in a convent school(i.e. a Christian school which offered hostel services to its students if they wanted to stay in a hostel) all I can tell you about this school is that its coed. I have lived in this hostel from first standard till tenth, the very first day I was admitted into the hostel guess who was there to give me hell, the devilish north indian senior? NO it was these two sadistic cousins from chikkmagalur WAT? yeah kannadigas my very first bullies(you are thinking standard school stuff oh no! I’m not even going to talk about how they roughed me up once when I was in (4th standard and he was in 7th standard) that I had puncture wound behind my ear where ear meets the skull, nearly busted my ear canal that I was taken to doctor in the middle of the night who gave a TT injection on the hip bone!? I wont even talk of such incidents here on this forum which these fuckers did to me, since we are on subject of kannadiga ridicule I’ll keep to it). my very first experience with bullying started with these assholes they would rough me up because I looked dark and like typical north Karnataka kid, they would make fun of the way I spoke with my parents and the way my parents looked like and make fun of my parents the way they spoke kannada (that they so willing show sooo much love for)any cultural reference I would make as kid about our way of life in my home these chikkmagalur bastards would make fun of and ridicule, I don’t see any difference in the way this prashanth cocksucker kumar looks at south Indians and the way these south canara people view north Karnataka, these fucking assholes would make fun of the way I said “ithae” or “idhay” and laugh and say I should say “untoo” instead, they made my dad saying that he was poor and couldn’t afford to wear good cloths, made fun of north Karnataka cuisine(sound familiar), they always judged, underestimated and ridiculed me about my appearances just like prashanth(cocksucker)kumar, like whatever you are reading in the above letter these bastards did to me in person and even worse, when ever these chikkmagalur fuckers made fun of me and my family the other seniors from UP would also join in and make fun of me and my family and because after the toxic assholes bullied me infornt of my juniors the juniors would behave in the same fashion and I would bully them back thinking this is how seniors behaved with juniors and it was like everybody either hated me or ridiculed me till I finished school. me and my family year after year were up for ridicule by the chrisrtian matrons and my north east (chinky) juniors and warden of the hostel(for ten fucking years, but for four years under the chikkmagalur bastards till they left, by then this tamil maderchod had joined the hostel a batch mate he picked it up from there)but my experience with south canara people does not end here. in the tenth standard this new coorgie cocksuker enters the scene (another senior)this asshole instantly made my life worse like what I was facing for the first nine years(1st stand. to 9th stand.) under different assholes this guy made it all happen in one fucking year (not entirely by himself but with the help of this tamil madarchod, who enters the scene just as the chikkmagalur bastards exit) and as usaual the north east (chinky) juniors pitched their all needed support for the effort of belittling me and my family ooh its hell just bringing up all these emotions reminiscing those hellish nightmarish days, if there is a hell I have lived it except of physical mutilation (oops! even that has happened my sister closed the door on my pinky finger when I was 18 months old oooh pain)I have lived through all physical and emotional hell, from what I have said itself people shiver but there other shit too which has nothing to do with topic, which I wont tell.
    why did I take the trouble to elaborate because I don’t want people to think that only outsiders are harming kannadiga sentiment and values there kannadigas (south canara people)who are(racist, bigots, sectarian and just like the prasanth cocksucker kumar of the ITC) to the north Karnataka people.(so from my experience no one is innocent especially the north east people who are always projected as innocent docile sheep that everyone is just out to get them not true they(chinky people) are always in the thick of it all, very sneaky people always the aggressor, but when things go bad they say they are victims, very sneaky indeed)
    even now yesterday just was in ujire, manipal, kukke just the attitude these people gave us, our car silencer broke down in udupi took it to a mechanic he told us that he would not repair passenger cars we tell him its an emergency this guy literally starts speaking loudly in ‘butler’ English(we were speaking in kannda till then) trying to project that he’s an educated person-idiot, my father shifts to English as well (we all speak English in our family, but we so fucking don’t believe in showing off!)says don’t raise your voice if your not interested in doing business you should probably take down the sign board that says ‘auto works’ so that people are not misled, to which he replies my shop, my business I will cater to anyone I ‘want’ to,this is the attitude of shop owners of SOUTH CANARA this is just one incident there so many that happened like this on the journey this time, it was never like this before but now its just gone way worse then the worst—-so people of mysore, north Karnataka, tamil people ,Bangalore and especially ANDHRA people or any north Indians who have taken the time off your precious life to read my post please BEWARE SOUTH CANARA PEOPLE HAVE BECOME FANATICS AND THEY HATE OUTSIDERS AND DONT GO THERE ! sorry for the jarring warning but its all true, man its like they hated our entire family just for not being from south canara (were on family tour–more like teerthayatra) I AM NOT GOING BACK TO SOUTH CANARA EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE EVER, KEEP YOUR SHITTY GODS TO YOURSELF MAN I WOULD RATHER DIE AND GO TO HELL THEN GO ON A TEERTHAYATRA ACROSS SOUTH CANARA these people claim they are kannadiga but hate fellow kannadigas from elsewhere, please stay away from these south canara districts if possible, lets see how they compensate for loss in their tourism revenue.
    you know what I am not entirely surprised by the letter this prashanth cocksucker kumar wrote where he mentions manipal, so very true its like all the assholes got together and chose manipal as education destination, its like literally the whole of manipal is a giant asshole shitting out little and giant shits like prashanth cocsucker kumar, I like Mohandas pai but if you cant do anything about your college town Mohandas pai you are an asshole as well, this attitude is just omnipresent right across south canara, ask a tamil guy if I’m lying(because I look like a tamil guy but I’m not–no offence tamil people ).
    so of all the kannadigas mysore people are the best they respect and cherish all kannadigas from our glorious state, but kannadigas have to do something about this south canara cancer(people of south canara) attitudes have to change, you cant treat us fellow kannadigas like that—your day of reckoning is nigh south canara.

    Comment by notkanthri | March 25, 2014 | Reply

  20. i am sorry the above post was meant this url
    but anyways please read and leave comments. and one more thing


    Comment by notkanthri | March 25, 2014 | Reply

  21. the so called tamil African does not have any history. you will not become a kannadiga just beacause your staying in Bangalore. you should be a kannadiga from your mother and father side and does belong to some caste of karntaka. as our traditions and culture are very different when compared to other south Indians. we kannadigas are not dravidians. tamil, Bengalis, malyalees are all come under proto Dravidian historians have classified this.

    Comment by court209 | June 9, 2014 | Reply

    • i have a couple of questions

      1. to whom have you addressed your above comment?(if it was addressed to me go on >2……if not go on >3)

      3.if that wasnt directed at me please go on and elaborate where you got your information from, because everywhere i read i come across this ‘kannadigas are also south indians’ and stuff like that on internet, especially wikipedia and the genome project done in india recently —–and please keep in mind when you say ‘karnataka’ you are talikng about entire karnataka and not only south canara and when you say ‘kannadigas’ you are refering to all kannadigas that is from north, middle, mysore and south canara, to avoid confusion when furnishing opinions and reports, and if for some reason you seem to think that karnataka means ‘south canara’ only then please read >4. take pride in the fact that we are a diverse people and appreciate that in spite of this, we are one because we are kannadigas……and ultimately indians.

      2.for information both my mother and father are kannadiagas, in fact we were the only kannada speaking family in this andhra town (hangal cross,google it chuthiya)where my fore fathers lived in, yeah we never spoke telugu in spite of my father being born there (after his fore fathers too)that is before the southern states were carved out (it was all madras govt. after states were split like india-pakistan division almost all people who did not speak the majority language did not pick up and leave because they didnt feel the need to so they continued to stay….please look it up)fucktard…..fuck your mother yes you!! FUCK YOUR MOTHER.people like just go on to show how much of a motherfucking-racist cocksucking-bigoted-fatherfucker you are when you say shit like ‘tamil african’ just because i am dark skinned no wonder we are losing this battle against everyone/others,just because i (and many others like me) dont fall into your ‘cookie cutter mould’ of attributes you denounce me as a ‘tamil african’. who the fuck are you to question my credentials and credibility madarchod!!!
      our family has been loyal to kannada more than your shit blood–shit whore infested family blood line will ever be.and FYI cocksucker wikipedia ‘kannada’ and you will see that kannada was first used as a legal/official language in north karnataka by ‘banavasi kadambas’ who i might suggest are from the same region that i am from, and who also probably looked like me ‘tamil african’ fucking bastard!!!if it wasnt for our people you wouldnt even be speaking kannada soole magane!!

      4.and gaaandu keep in mind if you have the audacity to say bellary is ‘andhra karnataka’, then south canara is unmistakably ‘kerala karnataka’ you fuckers are the true traitors because you teach your children malayalam for second language which i know is popular choice for a second language down there….and you speak that dogshit jizz language called tulu and konkani(fucking atrocious!!) sounds like shit already. and if you are from mysore karnataka then dont even get me started you fuckers to have some shit, mysore karnataka was true cosmopolitan state back in the day you mysoreans didnt do shit to prevent the tamil invasion and telugu invasion (that when the people of these ethnic background stole all your jobs under british rule and moved into mysore and lorded over you, that is why these people treat us all like low class along with the mother fucking malllllluuuus, because of you assholes),if you say you are from middle karnataka then its even shitty for you people–you people are not even aware of anything that is going on outside of middle karnataka you fuckers have firmly shoved your heads up your asses coz if every part of karnataka is looking outside of karnataka and trying to compete with the “outside” world you fucking idiots have no clue of whats happening outside of your own ass coz your heads stuck sooo deep looking at your inner bowels. and you people are soooo ignorant that if you are from middle karnataka i already pity you and your shit two dimensional life its sad and pathetic very pathetic


      Comment by notkanthri | June 12, 2014 | Reply

    • yeno ley lodkasi soole magane..maathu nimm amman thullu nalli itheno, boli magane, mathado soovar. ninn amman thullu nayi denga, nann barddid comment odhi suicide madikondeno loafer soole magane, HAHAHA lol.

      Comment by notkanthri | July 30, 2017 | Reply

      • above comment for court209

        Comment by notkanthri | July 30, 2017

  22. After looking at a handful of the blog articles on your web site, I really appreciate
    your way of writing a blog. I added it to my bookmark webpage list and will be checking
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    Comment by fukard | January 18, 2016 | Reply

  23. You are are so full of hate for each other. First Indian after that anything else. Why divide the country in the name of language and hate others because they don’t speak your language ? You spread hate you will get the same in return.

    Comment by Varun | September 13, 2016 | Reply

  24. You need to be punched in your face. India first, always first. You are a regionalist fair and square. Don’t impose your language on others and make it an excuse for goondagiri. Same goes for North Indian chutiyas who impose their shit on others. Try to be a better human being unlike these nonsensical KRV fools. They are just low level troublemakers under the patronage of politics. India first, be an Indian first.

    Comment by Anonymadarchod | December 9, 2017 | Reply

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