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UK lends a helping hand to Odanadi

UK lends a helping hand to Odanadi

Laiqh A. Khan

Odanadi floated in the UK

Odanadi has rescued more than 400 girls

An exhibition in the House of Commons is planned

MYSORE: Odanadi, a voluntary organisation working for the rescue and rehabilitation of exploited women and children, appears to have found a soul mate in a group of volunteers in the United Kingdom (UK).

The interest shown by the group of committed volunteers from the UK has given a much-needed boost to Odanadi, which in Kannada means “soul mate”, for the helpless victims of human trafficking.

Odanadi Seva Samsthe, situated in Hootagalli on the outskirts of Mysore, has been providing shelter to more than 90 rescued women and children.

It attempts to erase the scars of a troubled past through the process of reintegration and empowerment. So far, Odanadi has rescued more than 400 girls, mostly minors.

Exhibition of committed volunteers from the UK has not only floated Odanadi UK, and begun working on a website www.odanadi-uk.org , but it has also lined up a series of programmes to raise the profile of Odanadi.

One among them is an exhibition of photographs in the House of Commons later this year.

The exhibition will feature the photographs taken at Odanadi during December 2007 and January 2008. “The women and children were able to use digital cameras to document their lives at Odanadi,” said Sarah Harris, a representative of the committee of Odanadi UK.

Ms. Harris, who is a freelance journalist visiting Mysore, told The Hindu that a member of the UK Parliament, Virendra Sharma, who hails from India, had evinced keen interest in the project.

When the representatives of Odanadi UK met Mr. Sharma recently, he said that “supporting Odanadi UK means that I can do something positive for those affected by human trafficking in my homeland. I very much look forward to developing my relationship with Odanadi UK and hopefully I can visit Odanadi in the near future”.

Meetings The volunteers have begun holding periodic meetings to enlist supporters for the cause and help Odanadi to recruit specialist teachers and therapists to provide continued support to the women and children.

Odanadi Director Stanley said the gesture of Odanadi UK would go a long way in helping the organisation secure specialist counselling and therapy for its victims. “Counselling is an important aspect of rehabilitation at our centre. But, finding full-time counsellers with social commitment is not easy to come by,” he said.

Another Director of Odanadi, Parashuram, said the organisation has been attracting volunteers from all parts of the world.



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  1. Kindly help this organization

    They are in need


    Comment by Kumar | May 15, 2008 | Reply

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