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Kannadigarella ondaagi Kannadavannu ulisona, kalisona and belesona

Bangalore Project:Subtitling course for students in India:Kannada, a major language in India

Bangalore Project

Subtitling course for students in India

Students in Karnataka, India, can now enroll for the subtitling course for beginners (language combinations EN-EN or KN-KN):
 Institute of Translation Studies, Bangalore, India

The price is locally affordable and students will get an evaluation and a certificate after completion of the course.
In august 2006 we were contacted by Mr B.R. Ravindranath, director of the Institute of Translation Studies in Bangalore – a non-profit organisation providing education and work in the field of translation.
Were we interested in cooperation?
The next months, in numerous e-mails, our mutual plans took form: Karnataka-based students now start learning the art of subtitling with the Compact Course.
Kannada, a major language in India

Kannada is spoken by more than 50 million people, mainly in Karnataka, India. In Europe we tend to see India as a nation with one culture, but differences between the states are to be compared with those between the different European countries.
More than 500 feature films and countless television programmes and company-films are produced every year in India, and there is a great demand for good subtitlers. Most Kannada-spoken films are not subtitled in English or other languages.
Compact Course – Same Language Subtitling

In december 2006, I went to Bangalore to finalize cooperation with the institute. As it happened, the Suchitra Bengalooru International Film Festival was held between December 22nd and 28th, and Mr Ravindranath and I watched many films, paying a lot of attention to the subtitling. In many cases we saw clearly how feature films suffered because of bad subtitling.
In a few lectures I demonstrated clear differences between good and bad subtitling, how ruinous bad subtitling can be, and how smooth and hardly noticed good subtitling usually is, stressing that good quality subtitling costs only slightly more than bad subtitling, and both only a fraction of a film production.
We decided to start out with a Same Language Subtitling course for beginners, language combinations EN-EN and KN-KN (KN being Kannada). After four to six months the first students will have finished the course and be eligible for a certificate. The names of certified studens will be published on our websites.
In the meantime a course for advanced students (language combinations EN-KN and KN-EN) is in the making.

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