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Sri.Tejasvi letter in reference to MS on KANNADA in October 2004

Sri. Tejasvi letter in reference to MS on KANNADA

in October 2004

Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 09:12:06 +0530

From: “K.P.Purnachandra Tejasvi” <ptejasvi@sancharnet.in>   View Contact Details  View Contact Details    Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Re: PLEASE read this and comment- IS THIS OK to send ???
To: NovaMed@aol.com, “kumar” ellakannada@yahoo.com

Dear kumaraswamy

Your letter is OK. I have added only three sentences which are underlined. NovaMed@aol.com wrote:

Dear Mr. Raveesh Gupta of MICROSOFT,

We need to know what MICROSOFT is doing on Kannada Language and what MS has done so far. Most of Kannadigas are all in dark. Just MS announcing release of  KANNADA LANUGUAGE LIP product without Kannadigas knowledge is not good for MS.  Now since few weeks you have been getting emails from Kannadigas who are concerned and who are supporting EKAVI in making sure the Kannada Language Development goes in the right direction.  Kannadigas hope that MS can accomadate these things by forming a committee of Kannadigas which consists of Dr. Kambara, Dr. Tejasvi, Dr. Venkatasubbaiah, Dr. Halemane and others. This will also help MS in further developing the Kannada Language Software Development.

There are so many unanswered questions are there now. Let us get them solved right away. It is easy as far as we are all open in discussing the issues. Kannadigas hope you understand the gravity of the situation and act on it properly.  As I told you before there are some Uiversities are coming forward to take up KANNADA Language Software Development. This will also help MS.  Kannadigas wants Kannada language to be developed in a systematic and planned way. 

Majority of Kannadigas in Karnataka State are using WINDOWS 98.

Many publishers and other institutions have invested huge amount of money on win 98 based Kannada programs.

If you do not provide compatibility to win 98 they will be permanently struck in win 98.

Even from commercial and marketing point of view providing compatibility is important.

MS needs to look into the existing base of computers and start from there. Kannadigas wants to find out what solution is provide by by MS for this.  

Kannadigas wants to find out from MS whether it can help in providing a font renderer for Opentype fonts in Windows 98 with Unicode. Kannadigas wants to find out from MS whether it can help in a Font manager for rendering Unicode on Windows 98 and Linux using Truetype fonts. 

Kannadigas wants to find out from MS whether MS can help in having Multiple keyboard layout support like Typewriter, Inscript apart from the GOK standard and Development of aesthetic Kannada fonts in both Truetype and Opentype in Kannada.

EKAVI is involved in the issues of KANNADA on Computers.


EKAVI activities are supported by following Kannadigas.

Dr. K. P. Purnachandra Tejasvi, Writer

Dr. Chandrashekar Kambar, Writer and MLC

Dr. G.Venkatasubbaiah, Kannada scholar, lexicographer, and critic,

Dr. L. Hanumanthayaiah, MLC and Writer

Mr. Mukhyamantri Chandru, MLC

Shri. L.Halemane  at CIILEducational Qualification:  M.A. (Linguistics), M.A . (Kannada)Previous Teaching and Research Experience:  · 27 years of teaching kannada as second language. Research in the field of second   language and Adult literacy. Current Responsibilities: · Teaching Kannada as second language. Preparation and designing of online   programme materials for Indian Languages. Current Projects: · Preparation of online learning material for Kannada Areas of interest
· Second Language Teaching · Material Production · Stylistics, Application of Linguistic Theories to Literature,   Drama and Theatre Major Publications: Books:
  An intensive course in Kannada (Co-authorship)
  Kannada A self instructional course
  Chikka devabhupa
  Hyder Papers:
  Stylistic analysis of a vachana
  Language in kannada drama
  Women literacy in India
  Specific Interests and Hobbies
     · Drama, Theatre, writing literary criticism, Column writing in news papers.

Dr. B. Mallikarjun at CIILEducational Qualification:   M.A .,(1973) and Ph. D (1983) in Linguistics – ‘A Descriptive Analysis of Yerava’- is published and got the award for the ‘Best Monograph on Dravidian Tribes’ in the year 1995 by the International School of Dravidian Languages  

Dr.B.A.Sharada at CIIL Educational Qualification:   B.Music (Gold medalist), Diploma in FrenchPh.D in Library and Information Science – Tranforming Natural Language into
Indexing Language: Kannada – A Case Study 

Dr. L. Kale Gowda  at CIIL Educational Qualification:    Ph.D.(Linguistics); M.A.(Kannada); M.A.(English); Diploma in Folklore; Diploma in Journalism; Hindi Pragya; Certificate Course in Tamil; Computer Course in DOS, Wordstar, Windows 98, Leap Office etc. 

Dr. P.P. Giridhar  at CIILEducational Qualification:  M.A in Linguistics, 1973, Karnataka University
M.A in English, 1975, Mysore University., Ph.D. in Linguistics 1989, Mysore University


Kannadigas need to get all the information on things that are being developed by MS. Lots of things are not known to KANNADIGAS.  



V. M. Kumaraswamy






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