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State of Kannadigas-How Honest are Outsiders in Karnataka-How Honest are Kannadigas

Please read this mail patiently with some serious Thoughts about Kannadigas in Bangalore .

This is a question, which unfortunately today every kannadiga has to ask for himself. Today, especially the Kannadigas living in Bangalore are in the most worst state they had ever been.

State of Kannadigas

1) Kannadigas are finding extremely difficult to get jobs starting from an Labour class to an Executive/Professional.
– But surprisingly people from other states are finding it to be very easy, how !!!!!
2) Kannadigas are not able to purchase plots and build house in a
simplified manner.
– But that’s not an case for an outsider !!!!!
3) Kannada books and Kannada news papers are in an vergeof getting extinct
– But it is vice versa in the case of other languages !!!!
4) Kannadigas are finding it difficult to admit their kids in good schools.
– But its just an phone call away for an outsider !!!!!
5) Bangalore being the capital of Karnataka, has become an district
where kannadigas are below 27% population (5 years back, now it might be
below 20%), and its not too far when they will be in minority category.

How Honest are Outsiders in Karnataka

1) Outsiders always hire or forward people from their own states for the jobs over here. They at any cost will not facilitate an local person.
2) They always communicate only among themselves, but demand a share of
  facilities in the society. Now a days many companies in Bangalore have
started making meetings in languages other than English, Hindi or
3) Outsiders always take it for granted what we have created and proclaim that they have improved our quality of living.
4) They always admit their children to ICSE/CBSE schools, so that they
can skip kannada.
5) They colonize in certain localities and totally isolate the locals living there. More than 40% of shops opened in Bangalore in past 3 years
are run by people who are not aware of even a single word of kannada.

How Honest are Kannadigas

1) We always speak with an outsider in their language
2) We don’t mind hiring an outsider in our firms
3) We try our level best to forward an outsider for better careers
4) We give them our share of facilities in the society
5) We in the name of Globalization are selling our root culture, that is kannada culture.

We have completed Kannada Rajyothsava on Nov-1st, Let all of us make an oath to protect Kannada and Kannadigas
by at least following the below mentioned points.

How you can make a difference

1) Please encourage an kannadiga. If he is good he will become the best.
If he is not good then atleast he will try to become good.
2) Please try to forward an kannadiga to your company.
3) Please be in good terms with your kannada colleagues and neighbours.
4) Please always hire an kannadiga. It may be in your office, or an
construction worker, carpenter, painter, labour,etc.
5) Please always try to visit shops owned by people who can speak in
kannada or try to avoid speaking in other language.
6) Please always speak with an outsider in kannada, so at least then he
can realize the importance of the language and will try to learn it.
7) Kannada literature can be saved only by the educated class like us and not by any others. So please try to buy kannada books, magazines,
papers, etc. Also if time permits watch kannada channels and movies.
Only our encouragement can improve their quality.

Kindly forward this message to all Kannadigas you know.

I apologize for not writing this mail in Kannada. This is because most of the Kannadigas prefer to read mails only in English.

This mail is only meant to make the kannadigas aware of the present situation, and not to undermine the secularism for which India stands

Please try to recruit Kannadigas in your company, which can helpful to increase the Kannadigas in Bangalore .

Jai Hind, Jai Karnataka Mathe.

Thanks and Regards
Swamynathan K.V.
001 – 704 500 0187


January 10, 2008 - Posted by | KANNADA KARNATAKA


  1. I am basically an outsider, but have learnt little bit Kannada in the past 5 years. But others are not ready to speak to me in Kannada, even those people who know Kannada. So, what to do?

    Comment by Vijay Srinivas | February 11, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi Vijay

    It is really nice to hear from you that you have learnt kannada. We appreciate your sincere efforts. Please visit sumneblog.com an all kannada website where you can get a lot of kannada people to talk and write in kannada.


    Comment by Shankar | April 5, 2008 | Reply

  3. If I try to speak in Kannada to a Kannadiga here, he tries to learn my language Tamil from me. I am busy teaching him Tamil than learning Kannada.

    He is also not so keen to teach me Kannada, what can one do in such a situation, he always wants me to speak in Tamil with him, this is one story.

    There is another story, you guys just don’t seem to tolerate bad Kannada, when we learn a language, we are prone to mistakes and it will take time for us to get accustomed to it.

    I will tell you another thing, when you try speaking Tamil to Tamilians, they will usually encourage you to speak in Tamil, they will also help you in getting the language to you the way you want it. We tend to amuse ourselves with the mistakes that the learner makes while learning Tamil, this we treat it as a time pass and do it for our relaxation too, but not so consciously as I am putting it here.

    But when I make mistakes in Kannada with the pronounciation I see people Kannadigas coming and telling me you will get belted if you speak in Kannada like this, I have no choice it will take me some time and you have to motivate others in speaking your language, there is no choice.

    With my busy life style and monetary gains running over my head, don’t expect me to go for Kannada Tuitions and learn it patiently, it is with friends and acquaintances that one will feel the pleasure of speaking a language than
    learning it through other means.

    I have experienced this Mallus and Telugus, they also have zero tolerance towards bad Malayalam and Telugu.

    If you teach me Kannada with pleasure and you will see that my learning of Kannada will be a pleasure to me and I will enjoy the experience.

    You can say a thousand books and thousand websites but no one speaks or encourages speech in Kannada so I don’t have a motivation, necessity or drive.

    I tends to every other person than a Kannadiga, I think I have voiced the opinion of all the people I know and share the same thoughts.

    Here is nice article you may want to read to throw some light on the situation. It will be a pleasure if I get your comments regarding that.


    Comment by sano | April 17, 2008 | Reply

  4. And besides I could understand half of Kannada when I stepped into Bangalore from Chennai. I have never heard anyone speaking in Kannada before.

    There is so much closeness with Tamil and Kannada that I never felt different, but the hard thing was speaking it, I could understand what the other person is saying, but replying him back is still difficult.

    Comment by sano | April 17, 2008 | Reply

  5. Read the
    Expectations of Proficiency para in the article I sent you before with great care, you will know what I mean.

    I would definitely like to hear from a Kannadiga abou this, expecting your replies, see ya.

    Comment by sano | April 17, 2008 | Reply

  6. I’m a Kannadiga. I always(most of the times) speak Kannada first… If he/she doesn’t speak Kannada I’ll try to make him/her understand in Kannada only by using sign lang. and only then I’ll use any other language if he/she doesn’t understand… I had Kannada classmates in school who told me they don’t speak Kannada at home simply because they don’t feel the need to! They mostly spoke English. At first it shocked me, later I came to know that they didn’t speak Kannada because it’s “Low class”, if you spoke in Kannada. I was more shocked!!! I think if this continues, there will be no Kannada in Bangalore! Of course you need English to bridge the language gap, but ABANDONING your own mother tongue for the sake of being “more sophisticated” is what SHOCKS me the most!!! This is happening ONLY in Bangalore!! I really don’t know why… Is it the education, IT, or stupidity? We also have to learn from other states… They speak only their mother tongue most of the times! Why this English/Hindi etc everywhere?! Most youngsters(like us) must be “EDUCATED” with this regard(irony: they are already educated and know all the other languages in the world)… Ayyo devre! I can’t say anymore than this! Only auto drivers, bus conductors/drivers must save Kannada!!! It’s foolishness if you are abandoning your own language and culture!!!

    Comment by Rajiv | August 1, 2012 | Reply

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