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Learn how to get the most out of Nortel LearniT!

Learn how to get the most out of Nortel LearniT!

Nortel LearniT Featured Content

Nortel LearniT and One Laptop Per Child

Learn about a unique 21st century initiative by Nortel LearniT and One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) to energize and empower education via a synergy of the innovative child-centered, diverse environment-ready XO laptop computer technology with Nortel LearniT’s engaging learning resources.

Master the Science with Pokémon

Nintendo of America, Inc., the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) and Nortel LearniT have teamed to develop Master the Science, a powerful, interactive, Internet-accessed Pokémon-oriented school program that incorporates science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) themes into activity units for elementary and middle school students.

Nortel LearniT Ambassador Success Stories

Nortel LearniT volunteer programs represent the diversity of our employee talents and the locales in which Nortel is located.  Geographically, our effort crisscross the globe from Canada to Morocco to India to Marrakech.  Volunteers design and create learning centers in large cities and rural locations, train the centers’ teachers and learners in using technology, and build everything from wireless networks to walls to specialized learning tools.


JumpStart – Video Tutorials

Creating Objects in Flash
Using the Flash procedures described in these video tutorials makes buttons easy to create and gives your web site a polished look.
Digital Audio
We are constantly hearing different sounds and audio clips, in this series you will learn how to create a good quality audio file using free software and some minor editing.
Digital Ethics
This series focuses on understanding the �rules of the e-road�, and common pitfalls that will help keep your research and use of the Internet legally and ethically sound.
Discovering the Internet
This series will show you the fundamentals of Internet surfing including the basics of how the Internet works and how to better navigate the vast resources available on the web.
With this series you can start at the beginning or move ahead to advanced principles and techniques to help you take your digital imagery interests and skills to the next level.
Networks to Knowledge
Making connections in a digital era means you know how to network. This unique series includes both the basics of how-to and the opportunity to share your networking expertise.
Online Safety
It can be a big cyber-scary world out there. This series will show you how to help protect your privacy, enhance your safety, as well as how to safeguard your PC from virus attacks. Gotcha!
PowerPoint Presentations
Learn how to create presentations to better engage your audience and convey your messages. First timers and experienced users will benefit from these videos.
Web Content Creation
From wikis and blogs to Dreamweaver and NVU, you can be a web content developer in no time.
Video Production

 SOURCE: http://www.nortellearnit.org/


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