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Mahithi Sindhu nonexistent in schools

Mahithi Sindhu nonexistent in schools
DH News Service, Srinivaspura:
The prestigious Mahithi Sindhu programme launched during the former Chief Minister S M Krishna has almost become non existence in the schools of Srinivaspura taluk from past two years.
The programmes was started in 1000 schools in rural and urban areas. For nearly five years the programmes was run successfully. The contract for running the programmes was then given to prominent private IT institutions like NIIT, Aptech and Edukong.

But as the government changed the programme ran to trouble. The newly formed coalition government under Dharam Singh took more than year to decide continuity of the programme. During this time Mahithi Sindhu programme was stopped.

But after the teachers protested the programme was restarted and the contract to run the programme was awarded to public sector IT company Keonics.But things turned worse as company failed to do its responsibility.
Though the it appointed teachers to teach children computers it didn’t pay them salaries. It also failed to provide training given to teachers before the actual job.

The computers which were not used for nearly a year are defunct now  and are of no use. It is the same even with printers which has also joined the useless list. The rooms in which these computers are kept is also in dilapidated condition. The room doesn’t have either electric and phone connection. The generator is  also defunct.Though teachers have complained about this to Public Instruction Department and Keonics both of them are shifting their responsibilities on each other.

Keonics till now hasn’t replied to any of the requests made by teachers. On other hand Department has clearly stated that it is no way responsible to the programme.But the teachers appointed under the programme promptly open the doors of the room every day and patiently wait for the repairs of the computers where some computers still function.

Parents of the children are now cursing the decision of handing the programme to government company. Many of them feel that programme was better under private people who did the job efficiently and students would have had the opportunity to learn the computers.

Though all the facilities exists improper maintenence and apathetic attitude of the government has stopped the poor rural students from learning the computers which is order of the day. Students at this school are still waiting for the commencement of this programme though it is the year end.



December 8, 2007 - Posted by | Govt. of Karnataka - GoK


  1. This shows the will of the politicians…especially under whom the programme stopped. Their interest is not in furthering the interests of the future citizens but their interest is of their own….very sad state.

    I guess all the parents should file complaints against this apathy to the court. They should bring it up in the newspapers….Even the newspapers and channels are just TRP oriented rather than real vahinis for development. They could go and interview these parents, show the rooms, get the statistics and display it in prime time TV news…This will spread the msg to all…and people will know how this govt is committed towards development….

    I wonder where is Gowda and family. Why they have not taken up this issue if they are really interested in the welfare of the farmers and their children…..

    Comment by Badri | December 8, 2007 | Reply

  2. A very useful article for people/companies who wish to sponsor/engage in computer learning in under resourced schools. It gives some background of what happened and what did not work!!
    And a useful lesson.. as always ..
    Govt mostly fails for such causes
    Public sector sometime(mostly) becomes inefficient
    We can get at least some quality work with Private partnership.

    Thanks Again for useful jounalism

    Comment by Not Needed | March 6, 2008 | Reply

  3. The problem is not the question of aloting the job to the keonics.keonics is again the mediator company ultimately it is again given to the private company only.DSERT people not handle the head aches they transfor this project to keonics.this keonics again call for tender or alloted through nodel agency or MOU partener but in between to alot and releasing payments thease people required some bribe, to adjust these kind of illegal money the supplier will fail to provide quality things,so please anybody political sound person or social worker come forward and make payment easy to get it then definately it works like earlier thank you

    Comment by HARIDAS | August 16, 2008 | Reply

  4. I am teacaher in the mahithi sindu projcet. it is closed or the 4 month. and next started please telll. please wait othe letter and contact no 9590605846.
    more teacher are the wait for the job in the projct. i

    Comment by .Girisha.c | September 9, 2010 | Reply

  5. where is poet kanchyani sharanappa’s image

    Comment by divyananthan | September 22, 2010 | Reply

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