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Award for Malenadu Janapada Kala Tanda

Award for Malenadu Janapada Kala Tanda

Special Correspondent

It is for the organisation’s contribution to the growth of folk arts



PROMOTING FOLK ARTS: The troupe of the Malenadu Janapada Kala Tanda of Sagar in Shimoga district which has won the State-level youth award.



SHIMOGA: Malenadu Janapada Kala Tanda of Sagar taluk in Shimoga district has been selected for “Yuva Prashasti” for 2003-04 instituted by the Department of Sports and Youth Services for its contribution to the growth of folk arts.

Founded in 1998, the tanda has held several camps to develop leadership qualities among the youth. It has also held lecture-cum-demonstrations on the contribution of poets to foster communal amity.

“Geet Gayana,” a programme dedicated to the life and works of saint poet Shishunala Sharief, organised by it in Sagar recently was a big success. A jatha taken out by its artistes from Hampi to Keladi in Sagar taluk to mark the 500th anniversary of the Keladi dynasty evoked wide appreciation. The artistes performed folk dances during the jatha.

The tanda has performed folk dances at national-level youth festivals held in Gujarat, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh.

It has not only been encouraging folk arts of the Malnad region, but also of other regions such as “Garudi Gombe,” “Pooja Kunita,” “Patada Kunita,” and “Nandi Dhwaja Kunita.”

The tanda has to its credit of forming an all-woman folk dance troupe, “Bhoomika Yuvati Mandali”, which has performed some folk arts that are considered as “male domains”. President of the tanda Deepak Sagar says the expertise of scholars is being sought to develop various folk arts.

Efforts are being made to organise interactions between veteran and young folk artistes to enable the latter to derive the benefits of the rich experience of the former.

“By doing so, it is possible to protect some of the rare folk arts that are on the verge of extinct,” he says.

Mr. Deepak says secretary of the tanda Muralidhar Navada and member Praveen Kumar are the recipients of scholarships of the Central Academy for Art and Culture.

Mr. Deepak is a recipient of “Yuva Prashasti” and the State Environmental Award. He will receive the “Yuva Prashasti” on behalf of the tanda from Minister for Sports and Youth Services Alkod Hanumanthappa at a function to be held at Shakti Nagar in Raichur district on October 30.





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