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PAPU ON CLASSICAL STATUS TO KANNADA and Administrative Language of GoK


Mysore, Nov. 19 (RK&DV)- Veteran journalist Patil Puttappa (Papu) has said that he would go to Delhi in the last week of this month to meet Union HRD Minister Arjun Singh, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and AICC President Sonia Gandhi to urge for according classical status to Kannada.

He was talking to media before attending the workshop on Vachana Sahitya organised by Akhila Karnataka Vachana Sahitya Parishat at Jaganmohan Palace yesterday.

Kannada has influence in many parts of the country like Nepal and West Bengal. It is, therefore, fit that it is accorded classical status.

Karnataka MPs have no interest in fighting for the classical status. They are pretending to be sleeping over this issue. It is difficult to wake them up and to bring them together. Whereas the peoples’ representatives of Tamil Nadu fought unitedly and influenced the Union Government in according classical status to Tamil, he said.

He urged the State Government to print electricity bill, water bill and ration cards in Kan-nada. While respecting English, we should not forget Kannada. Kannada should be made compulsory all over Karnataka and it should be made an administrative language, he urged.



November 19, 2007 - Posted by | Classical status to Kannada

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