Kannada, Kannadiga, Kannadigaru, Karnataka,

Kannadigarella ondaagi Kannadavannu ulisona, kalisona and belesona

oggattinalli balvide-ellaru seri maaduva kaaryagalu ide-maadona-maadisona

 oggattinalli balvide – ellaru seri maaduva kaaryagalu ide – maadona – maadisona

All KANNADIGAS need to get together to get these THREE things done !!!!!

All KANNADA GROUPS need to join together to do the following. Let us do it.

kannada bhashegoskara navella oggattagabeku – oggattininda kelesa maadabeku – kannada aadalitha bhashe kannada aagideya ? ellaru serimaadisabeku – ide nammellara guriyagabeku

EKAVI has all information related to KANNADA SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT since 1998. Let us make it a point to get this done for the sake of KANNADA and KARNATAKA. KANNADA need to be KARNATAKA ADALITHA BHASHE. If this happens KANNADIGAS will get jobs at all levels. All others need to learn KANNADA in KARNATAKA STATE.

KANNADA MEDIUM STUDENTS will be benefited from the above.

People from other States who are coming and allready there will have problem if all KANNADIGAS join together and get this done.

Dr. Sarojini Mahishi varadi en aagide ? This is a must. It is collecting dust for the last 18 years. Govt. knows they need to do it. Let us make them to do it.

Dr. Nanjundappa varadi en aagide? YES. This is an important varadi. Let it get adopted. This is high time Govt. adopts this varadi also.

______________________________ ______________________

nimma nimma kelasagalannu maadikondu hogi,

aadare mele barediruva THREE -mooru kelasagalannu ellaru seri maadidare KANNADA mattu KANNADIGARIGE anukoola aagutte.

ottige seri maadona mattu maadisona for these three issues. 

 yochane maadi nodi !!!!



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