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Help offered to madrasas to teach Kannada[by idinabba ? Crazy ?old news]

Help offered to madrasas to teach Kannada

By Our Staff Reporter


BANGALORE, DEC. 25. The Kannada Development Authority has offered to assist madrasas to teach Kannada to their students who are now taught Urdu and Arabic. Those in rural areas have already evinced interest in teaching Kannada and those in urban areas are likely to follow it.

The authority chairman, B.M. Idinabba, said the authority had told the madrasas to hold Kannada classes and assured them of assistance. Although slow to take up teaching of the language, the authority has been getting encouraging response to its offer from madrasas in rural parts. Their response will improve and Muslims will use the opportunity to learn the language, he said.

Asked about media reports that the authority has not been active, Mr. Idinabba said: “I am neither new to the authority nor is it a powerful body. That the authority has not been making news after I became its chairman is the crux of the criticism against it.” Making news is not the purpose and aim of the authority. It has been doing its job. Schemes that could not be started during the tenure of my predecessors have been launched.

Issues such as implementation of the Mahajan Committee report on the border row, the Sarojini Mahishi Report on providing employment to Kannadigas in public sector units in the State and the demand for establishing a High Court Bench in North Karnataka were there for over two decades, he said. Like his predecessors, he had urged the Government to take up long-pending problems in the interest of the State and its people. The other important issue was use of Kannada in the administration. In the past 16 months, he visited 19 districts and reviewed the progress in the adoption of Kannada, he added. On the issue of securing classical status for Kannada, Mr. Idinabba, former MLA, is of the view that the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development has overlooked the language. There are arguments that the Government has to follow some procedures to get the classical status for the language.




November 9, 2007 - Posted by | KDA - Kannada Development Authority

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