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DISGRACE: Why are so we lacking in swabhimana?[from churumari-Kannadigas read these comments by fellow kannadigas on KANNADA]

DISGRACE: Why are so we lacking in swabhimana?

SUMA RAMANNA writes from Madras: We are proud Mysoreans from Srirampura living in Chennai since the last three years. And for three years now, I have felt completely alienated.

Ello bere deshadalli idddene annisuthe.

Here, except Kannada, all other south Indian languages are powerful. Illi Telugu, Malayalam pictures run for 100 days. One can get VCDs, DVDs, books in Telugu and Malayalam, but not in Kannada.

No way. Kannada is a foreign language in its own country. Getting any Kannada thing is impossible.

Don’t think there are no Kannadigas here. There is a large section of them. In fact, there is a big Karnataka Sangha in T. Nagar which is in the heart of the city. It also runs a reputed school. But organizing Kannadigas happens in a very low key manner.

Why are we still like this? Why can’t we do something to get a better position for ourselves in other states? (Of course, Kannada is missing on Bangalore’s streets itself, but at home everyone learns to live in any difficult situation.)

Instead of fighting for classical language status, why can’t Kannadigas work to improve the status of Kannada and Kannadigas elsewhere? Why can’t film producers release Kannada films here instead pf protesting against the early release of Tamil and Telugu films there?

Alli Tamil film ododadare, illi yake Kannada odolla?

I think the saying that Kannadigas lack swabhimana is perfectly right. Yake naavu heege? Prapanchakke namma iruvike gothu aagabekadare we should cry.

Without crying when a child won’t get any food then how will we get the due recognition we are eligible for?

So I urge all Kannadigas to do something to improve our status. As Bangalore becomes famous we must make it a point to popularize Kannada around the world.

Elladaru iru, enthadaru iru, endendigu nee Kannadavanagiru.

My husband and I follow this dictum very well. We have not yet learnt Tamil till now, but it does not serve any purpose. We have to do something else. What?

33 Responses to “DISGRACE: Why are so we lacking in swabhimana?”

  1. prabhakara Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 8:14 am it has nothing to do with ’swabhimana”, the fact is kannada pictures are really bad, so no one wants to watch them.this includes rajkumar movies.
  2. prakash Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 9:03 am Prabhakara avare :Nimge Cinema andhre adhra ‘Gandha’ yilla annisuthe..
    Berae Baashae nalliro olLE cinema swalpa Patti YiLitheera mahaswamy .
    PuttannaKaNagal kelidheera????? Gothilla andre bidi.Neevu Kannadigaralla
    athava neevu NIRABHIMANIgaLU.
    Nimanthaavrindha namma Kannadakke yee gathi bandhirodhu.
    Modhalu Thaayinaadu , mathrubhaashe maryadhae kododhu kalthkolli
    amele mikkidhu.
    Yaavdho yugadhalli idheera.
    to explain in Pure english .
    Prabhakara sir , Can you list the so called good movies in other languages
    let me gauge your intellectual index . Maybe you are not a kannadiga or never born here . People have their opinions about good and bad movies .
    But generalizing that ‘ALL MOVIES incl RAJKUMAR’s ‘ means you have never CINEMA in your life ….maybe you lead a low life
  3. Pandu Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 9:38 am Instead of lamenting and mud slinging Suma Ramanna can start a Kannada VCD (DVD also) shop in Chennai and ‘Swabhimani’ Prakash can send latest Kannada VCDs (after 7 weeks of release only!!) to Chennai.

    Though not a Kannadiga, I watched a great movie recently of Vishnuvardhan: Bhoothayana Maga Ayyu or something. I am sure there are many more movies like this. If Kannada Films have failed in Marketing itself dont put the blame others.

    Take the blame on yourself!

    Prakash, this is not a general knowledg quiz to name good movies in other languages. It would require several blogs like this to really list.

  4. Prasad Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 10:29 am I can totally understand Suma’s plight. But I would like to tell her that the situation is not totally hopeless. The solution may be via books and internet.

    When I was growing up, Pune had a vibrant Kannada Sangha which also ran a school and several mini Sanghas. The problem was the same – Kannada movies hardly were shown in theatres, videos were almost non-existent but the one factor that kept these groupings going was a steady supply of books and magazines. In fact there would be people wanting to be part of different Sanghas just to get books and magazines home. It was all run by volunteers and there were not strict rules about membership. Most of the books were purchased when people made trips to their hometown. These books formed a nice starting point and allowed many Kannadigas to meet and plan other activities.

    I do not know how it is now as the reading habit has decreased among people. Fortunately good Kannada books/ kadambaris are still available in plenty for affordable prices in Karnataka.

    But in these modern times, another way to hook up with the rest of the world is via internet. So Suma should never feel left out.
    Chennai illadiddarenu, Churumuri is just a mouse click away.

  5. H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 10:32 am It is true that Kannadigas suffer from misplaced feeling of being ’secular’ at the cost of seeing our own people sidelined in our backyard. We are so ready to please others to speak their language. There is no bar in learning another language but if you have no pride in your own language, the language will die eventually. Kannada is the second oldenst language. We are considered ’sappe jana’ because we have no pride in our own strength. There was a time during 11th and 13 the centuries we ruled Mythili in Bihar for more than two cnturies, Kannada rulers reigned supreme in Nawadweepa in West Bengal, Hoysalas ruled parts of Tamil Nadu and record show we have conquered parts of Nepal. Yes, it is part of history and unimpeachable record exists through shasanas, historical records and even ruined palaces. This has been brouht out in asmall book written by A.S.Nataraj which is a must read for every Knnadiaga It only shows we have to bring back in us that pride to establish our pre-eminence and everyone of us has to try in his/her own way to popularise Kannadaaand work for it. In Vijaya Karnataka dated 10th instant there is a fine article written by Hiremagalur Kannan and I would urge everybody who is passionate about our language to go through it.
  6. Suma Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 10:58 am Prabhakara,
    Mental Manja…Kathri Kaala,Chapli chora…these are the movies now a days in kannada….but there are also Beladingala Baale,Amritha Varshini,America America..Watch selective[good movies ] especially Kaviratna Kaalidasa of Dr. RAjKumar and then comment on his movies or for that matter any Movie.

    Also if we do not watch Kannada movies that doesn’t mean we do not have Swabhimaana…

    Kannada film industry is part of Kannada and not the other way round.
    its not a deciding factor at all.

  7. December Stud Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 11:40 am I have a lot of problems with Suma’s article here. Though the intent is nice, the essence is bad.

    Let me start off by saying what one of my Kannada teachers used to say. His definition of people from South Indian states (excluding Keralites, who according to him will gel very well anywhere in the world) :

    ” tamiLinavaru durabhimAnigaLu
    teluginavaru swabhimAnigaLu
    kannaDigaru nirabhimAnigaLu ”

    All the students had a nice laugh after listening to this !!! Though he generalized it way too much, he had made his point quite clear.

    Now, coming to the Kannada movie thingy in suma’s writing. I completely son’t understand how I can show my LOVE of Kananda just by watching the movies. Infact, I agree with prabhAkara to a large extent. Bulk of the present day kannada movies are downright atrocious.

    Oh, before I continue, I want to make sure prakash doesn’t think I lead a low life 😉

    So, yes there are great Puttanna movies, very good Sunil Kumar Desai movies. And, even fairly recent movies such as “America America !!!” and “Amrutavarshini” are brilliant !!! We have had a consistent sparkles in ‘beLLi mODa’, ’saMskara’, ’sharapaMjara’, ‘eDakallu guDDada mEle’, ’suprabhAta’, etc…etc….

    But, realistically how many such movies are we getting in theatres now ? I don’t watch most of the Kannada movies today. I enjoy watching a Steven Speilberg or a Aamir Khan movie much better.

    That said, I do make it a point to watch any good Kananda movie which comes out. But, unfortunately there are very few of them.

    The movie goer mentality in Andhra and Tamil nadu are way different. People there love the stunts of Rajanikanth and Chiranjeevi.n the other hand, I don’t even consider Shivarajkumar as a good actor.

    At one point, I was a HUGE fan of Rajkumar. I still think he did an incredible job in mythological movies. But off late I don’t like his movies either. I prefer Ananthnag, Vishnuvardhan and Ramesh. But, even to this day I enjoy Puttanna’s movies.

    Now, you can’t brand me as a nirabhimAni because I don’t watch most of Kannada movies. Or can you ?

    And, here’s the most disturbing thing in Suma’s article. You do NOT save Kannada by NOT learning Tamil !!! Be a Roman when you are in Rome – simple rule for survival. I can understand the nuisance if someone came and talked to you in tamil in Bangalore. Infact, somebody did do that with me a long time back and I promptly replied back in Kannada.

    I think if Suma had based her article on kannada books than movies, then it would have made much more sense. That I can’t argue, Kannada definitely has one of the richest literature in the world.

  8. Suma Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 11:46 am Thanks for the responses what i wanted to tell is not only about kannada movies. bere ella vishayadallu hege aguthe. movie bagge yake helide andare adhu olle manoranjaneya madhyama. Navu sappe jana khanditha alla swami bapu avare illina janakke udipi aduge thumba ruchi koduthe. Nanu adanne helutha irodu sappe aago badalu eddu namma byadagimenasina banna ruchi thorisodakke agalva? antha
  9. ashok Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 1:20 pm Instead of lamenting and mud slinging Suma Ramanna can start a Kannada VCD (DVD also) shop in Chennai and ‘Swabhimani’ Prakash can send latest Kannada VCDs (after 7 weeks of release only!!) to Chennai.

    Though not a Kannadiga, I watched a great movie recently of Vishnuvardhan: Bhoothayana Maga Ayyu or something. I am sure there are many more movies like this. If Kannada Films have failed in Marketing itself dont put the blame others.

    Take the blame on yourself/

    Prakash, this is not a general knowledg quiz to name good movies in other languages. It would require several blogs like this to really list.

  10. Sunaad Raghuram Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 1:44 pm Suma, your anguish is being felt by me here in Mysore.

    I have wondered too. Why on earth are we Kannadigas so insensitive towards our own language and culture?

    How many times haven’t we all come across Kannadigas who find it squeamish, so very beneath them if you like, to converse in Kannada.

    How many times haven’t I come across men and women stubbornly refusing to speak Kannada in a conversation but continuing in atrocious English! And making bufoons of themselves. Quite unnecessarily I must add.

    What mettle are we made of I wonder. A bunch of men and women who don’t accord our own mother tongue any value, any sense of status in our hearts.

    To get to the bottom of this sick scenario is to, I think, attempt to unravel our collective psyche which mirrors an element of the sissy in us all.

    A bent of mind that has long washed off all the pride, the honour and the joy of having your mother tongue sounding sweet to the ears.

    It is not enough if we blacken English boards on the streets of Mysore and Bangalore.

    Our ‘Kannadiga’ hearts have been tarred amd marred long before that!

  11. bondu Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 3:11 pm Good films in Kannada , since last 1 year
    Rakshasa – 4 state awards, Nenapirali, akaash,rishi, jogi,Hatavaadi,Mata,Haseena,Suntaragaali,Amruta Dhaare,Deadly Soma, Shree. All are original , not remake.
    Watch these films and compare with any language films in these times. Kannad film industry has more hits than any language in last 2 years.
    This is just a sample…. Like every language Kannada also has some dry days of good films. Now that will not be there
    wait for Kumararama, Kallarali Hoovagi..
  12. Saumya Narayan Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 4:11 pm Prabhakara avare,

    kasthuri nivasa, sandhya raga, bangaradha manushya – innu halavaaru utthama kannada chitragalu ive. haudhu, naanu baree annavra chithragala hesarugalanne heliddhene, yakendre, chikkavayassindha, kebal tv-li avra chithragalannu nodi, kannada shabdagala spashta uccharane, hege alpa matthu maha prana aksharagalannu samanya sambhashanegalallu kruthakathe illadhe mathannaduvudhu – heege aneka vishayagalannu kalthkonde. avara chithragalu bareya manaranjaneya avashyakatheyannu mathra pooraisalilla. nammanthavara kannada bhasheya mele bahala mattige prabhava beeridhe. eega kooda, chennai nalli namig sigo kannada channels udaya matthu ushe tv maathra. adhrallu, namma annavra chitragalu bandhre, nanna 4 vayassina magala jothe aa chitragalannu veekshisuvudhuntu.

    Saumya Narayan

  13. Saumya Narayan Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 5:35 pm Suma,

    I also live in chennai and absolutely empathise with you. I somehow feel that ever since the kaveri river issue started, some kind of mutual hatred and anger permeated our collective consciousness on both the sides, which is very sad.

    However, would you mind clarifying a few things?

    1. Profits drive the sales of VCDs and DVDs. I see no reason why stores like, say, landmark (chennai citi centre or mt. rd.) will not want to stock kannada vcds, books or dvds if there is sufficient demand. I don’t quite get the point you are making – are you cribbing that there is no place in chennai where these are available and hence YOU are not able to enjoy these, or, are you hurt that chennai has no place for anything Kannada? If the answer to the former question is ‘yes’, try www.seventymm.com for kannada film vcds and dvds.

    2. ‘Organizing Kannadigas happens in a very low key manner.’ Really?!! I heard people there have a blast.

    3. ‘Why can’t Kannadigas work to improve the status of Kannada and Kannadigas elsewhere’? Do you mean the Kannadigas in Karnataka should work to improve your and my status? Instead of expecting someone else (Kannadigas in Karnataka) to bail us out ,can we not be proactive and do what little we can?

    4. ‘We have not yet learnt Tamil till now, but it does not serve any purpose.’ I am glad you realise that.

    5. ‘Prapanchakke namma iruvike gothu aagabekadare we should cry.’ Baree atthre aen prayojana banthu? Kannadadha prayogavannu haradodhakke sakarathmakavadha, nammindha sadhyavago chikka chikka kramagalannu kaigolbahudhalla.

    Growing up in Bangalore, I found people of all languages and religions living harmoniously in my apartment complex. I got the chance to learn a bit of Telugu, Tulu and Konkani aside from Tamil. I managed to teach Kannada to these friends too. I also used to gift simple books in Kannada to them on a subject of their interest. That, I believe, is a positive way of spreading Kannada, instead of saying ‘I will not learn your language’. Don’t you think this attitude will only further animosity? I am also trying to teach a few Kannada words to my daughter’s little (non-kannada) friends. They are able to lisp small disparate sentences in Kannada which gladdens my soul no end.

    Maybe there could be many more blogs in Kannada. Aside from Kamat’s and Nadig’s blogs, how many do we have? I really don’t know, and would appreciate it if someone could post the link of some Kannada blog aggregator. Talk of Bangalore being the tech hub.

    Saumya Narayan

  14. prakash Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 9:09 pm My response to some of the caustic remarks on the subject .
    I dont say ‘Kannada Movies are best’ even today .They are like any other film world where there are good movies and bad movies. But my only objection to brand ‘Kannada Movies are BAD’ . There are merits which certainly one can appreciate in terms of subject ,editing ,direction,camera etc when we watch Puttanna’s movies . I also appreciate the clean movies which Rajkumar acted where each and every person in a family can sit and watch without the fear of any obscene acts or vulgur language .

    Today when we see a Kannada movie we cannot gaurantee the same .but again there are good and bad movies in every language and majority are Bad ones .

    Coming to present state of kannada . Well we have to blame ourselves .
    First and foremost lets start conversing in kannada within our own homes with kids and with friends . I always see people switching to ‘English’ in the middle of a conversation and then continue with it .This trend started very early from all those elders who got retired post independance days ( 50’s and 60’s ) .They used extensive english to show their prowess on the language and the rest of generation just picked up .
    Last visit to Bangalore I was dismayed when i walked into the ICICI bank in malleswaram . None of the Bank personell knew Kannada .They helplessly told me they dont know the language .Most of the youngsters working there were from Assam, bengal and Madhyapradesh .
    This is the situation we are in.
    The gestures that people throw when you speak in ‘Kannada’ in Bangalore Malls makes you feel that you are a stranger speaking an ALIEN language .

    Forget chennai , lets start looking at our home first

  15. Quizman Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 9:12 pm On the other hand, Suma could look a the positive side – two actors with origins in Karnataka have been very successful in Tamil Nadu, one an acting superstar and the other as a Chief Minister. Plus, people with origins in Karnataka like V. Murthy, Guru Dutt, Shyam Benegal, Girish Karnad, the Shettys (villian, Shilpa, Sunil*). Aishwarya, Ganesh Hegde, Srinivas Bhasyam, Niret Alva etc have made their mark+ in the larger Hindi market. So perhaps, not being constrained by language makes individuals more successful?

    That said, perhaps some like Srinivas Bhasyam may have a comment on this topic since he has worked on both sides of the fence. [i.e. he may have more insight into the ease or difficulty of financing Kannada film projects, marketing it etc].

    Also, the art film market in Marathi and Bengali – two struggling film industries is (arguably) much larger than the Kannada market. Is the art film market large enough to sustain film production? Is the theatre going experience for Kannada films good? i.e. do people prefer sitting at home and watching soaps instead? Has the advent of Kannada satellite channels made the VCD market smaller? Does the fact that Karnataka has at least four different languages (not counting dialects) within its borders make it more difficult to make a uniform “Kannada market”?

    * or however he spells his name now
    + good or bad, based on your pov. 🙂

  16. Suma Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 10:23 pm saumya avare nanu kannadigara bagge heluvaga nanna bittu helalilla. nannu serisikondu helliddu nanu enu madythiddene? anno orashne bandagale hege helliddu. Nanu mooru varshadinda illi iidane erade eradu kannda karyakrama nadedirodu. We speak only KANNADA at our home for ur information i am a big fan of S.L Byrappa,M.K Indira, and lists goes on. I know we have to do for ourselves my question is are we doing? no
    I too have taught kannada to many people

    It is not only in chennai i was unable to get movies or books even i n U.S.A it is the same situation where i stayed for nearly a year before coming to chennai.
    As Mr Prakash said in Bangalore bank employees don’t know kannada but here calls from call centre will only be in tamil unless u request for english now do u know the status.

    We don’t even get DD chandana but DD bengali, Telugu, Malyalm are available Do uhave any answer why can’t we protest i am asking

    If in bangalore u feel alien is it not our duty and birth right to protect kannada.

  17. Prasad Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 10:56 pm I think Saumya & Quizman have made some really valid points here. Instead of feeling threatened by other languages or feeling disillusioned we must keep Kannada alive in our own little ways.

    Talking about Quizman’s point about a uniform Kannada market for movies – not just in Bangalore but in the other major cities of Karnataka too, I feel the Kannada market is fragmented. This may be due to many reasons including sizable number of non Kannada speakers and higher number of other language movies produced. Maybe to overcome this, maybe Kannada movie producers should try video only movies or plays. These would be easier to distribute, do not need high investment and can be targetted for specific audience groups. This will avoid good filmmakers having to make compromises while filmmaking.

  18. Quizman Says:
    May 12th, 2006 at 11:14 pm Prasad,

    Agreed. Continuing on the fragmentation theme, folks who compare Kannada to Tamil are comparing apples to oranges. The reality is, that Tamil has a large overseas market. For example, there is a substantial second, third generation Tamil population in Malaysia & Singapore and a large population in Sri Lanka. [i.e. not to be confused with PIOs or NRIs]. Quite a few Tamil films may be financed & seen by these overseas Tamils. Thus, the scale of production is quite different. As you’ve mentioned, the Kannada film market is far more fragmented and needs specific targeting.

    One has to remember that mainstream Tamil films were/are as crappy as mainstream Kannada ones. But the off-beat commercial ventures by a few Tamil directors gained national attention. Plus, A. R. Rahman became a crossover hit in a way Ilayaraja did not. All it will take is a decent Kannada crossover hit or two to make the industry competitive again. Once there is a market, video stores will automatically stock them. Remember, how video stores in Mumbai stocked “Shankarabharanam” and “Nayakan” in the 80s?

    I think a fair comparison for Kannadigas is to compare themselves with Bengalis – both have a rich tradition of literature, music and a cultural heritage that goes way back. People of both regions have migrated outside of the state, adapted the local cultures and have been successful (writers, artists, filmmakers, journos, businessmen, academics). Both states have rural and urban audiences that is rather different. Filmmakers in Kannada have to do a Ghatak, Ray or Ghose. The have to bring the audiences up to their level instead of going down to theirs. [More Girish Kasaravallis, please!]

    I can afford to be dispassionate about these things, since I’m the worst of all kinds – a second generation Kannadiga raised in Mumbai & living in the US. I escaped the film-based fanaticism that is prominent in the south of the vindhyas 🙂

  19. December Stud Says:
    May 13th, 2006 at 5:15 am Suma and gang,

    Here’s something on a similar note :


    At least, let the voices be heard.

  20. srm Says:
    May 13th, 2006 at 11:38 am [regarding Low life]
    One doesn’t watch movies doesn’t mean he/she leads a low life.

    about this post:
    As Suma points, it is not one person or one industry’s effort to bring Kannada upfront and make it popular outside of kannada regions. It takes a great effort indeed and willingness of kannadigas that can get-together and make it better. naanu singaapuradhalliddaaga sumaaru jana kannadigaru ondhede seruttiddevu; kannada kaaryakramagaLu kooda nadesittiddevu… alli eegaloo bahaLa sogasaagi amtaha kaaryakramagaLu nadeyuttavemdu kELide.

    regarding “stubbornly refusing to speak Kannada in a conversation but continuing in atrocious English! And making bufoons of themselves. ” –> taavu idanna kannadadalle hELabahudaagittu. –> khaMdita, naavu sumaaru sanniveshagaLalli imtahadanna kaaNuttEve – akasmaattaagi bere bhaasheyavaroo a sambhaashaNeyalliddare sandharbhaanusaaravaagi bhasheya baLake maadabekaagutte.

  21. bondu Says:
    May 13th, 2006 at 2:38 pm I strongly disagree with Saumyaa . From 100+ years we told to Adjust to others (any languague people). But why cant we tell other to adapt to the environment they live. When they start live here, they have to learn Kannada (same when we are in other states) without losing our identity. Because of Saumyaa attittued (70-80% have same attitude) the situtation is like this now. If the same continues Kannadigas have to learn all other languages to live in Bangalore. It is not time for discussion. It is time for Action.
  22. Matyady Gopal Says:
    May 13th, 2006 at 6:34 pm Time and again we trumpet our inferiority complex. Why can’t we wake up and make up our minds to spread Kannada within the State and beyond its borders? Our politicians are the culprits here. They encourage the migrants and woo them for their votes and money. That’s why our State has become a Tower of Babel. Go to our neighbouring States. The entire ambience smells the fragrance of the native language. Even in big cities and metros. In Chennai the weather breathes Tamil. In Kerala wherever you go, you can’t survive without Malayalam. Why shouldn’t we build our language likewise in our own State? If every Kannadiga decides not see any Tamil / Telugu / Malayalam movie when he / she is in Karnataka, only one or two prints of those movies will be released here, that too, months after their release in those States. Why should we allow signboards in all and sundry languages here, when Kannada signboards disappear as soon as we cross our borders? Our politicians deliver election speeches in the languages of the migrants, while Kannada is not all used in daily life beyond our borders, even when majority of the people living there are Kannadigas. We allow even Hollywood movies dubbed into Telugu and Tamil to be released here. This is too much. Our Kannada chaluvalis, Rakshana Vedikes etc. thrive on the alms given by these Kannada-hating, Kannada-baiting non-Kannadigas. When good serials richly produced in Hindi and English are being dubbed into Tamil, Telugu, Bengali etc., why should Kannadigas be deprived of watching them in their own tongue?

    It is reported a village in Belagavi district has the audacity to have a signboard wherein it is written that the village belongs to Maharashtra State. Doesn’t our government have the guts to get it removed by its officials?

    If Marathis living in Belagavi do not join the mainstream, the fault lies with our government. Even after 50 years of linguistic reorganization of Karnataka, we have not been able to make Kannada the official language from Vidhana Soudha to village panchayat. Kannada should be the medium of instruction upto X standard in all schools in the State, barring Kendriya Vidyalayas. And such Kendriya Vidyalayas should cater to the children of employees of Central Govt. who are frequently transferred from other states.

    It is strange to witness that the subordinates in the offices of our State speak the mother-tongues of their bosses just to please them. Employees whose mother tongue is Tamil / Telugu / Malayam / Urdu etc. impose their language on thier subordinates. The govt. should make it mandatory that Kannada atmosphere should prevail in all its offices.

    Marans and Karunanidhis propagate their language wherever they go. Even Harward-educated Chidambarm quotes Tiruvalluvar budget after budget. But, our ministers and netas speak English ridiculously even if they are not comfortable with the tongue, whenever a TV camera is on. Even the scribes and media persons representing national newspapers and electronic media here pose questions in English to our netas. But, the reporters in other states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala ask questions and conduct interviews in the language of the respective State.

    We bought some HCL computers for our office recently, which are manufactured in Pondicherry. In every computer there is preloaded software which features babynames in Tamil script. Most of the pictures provided as clipart portray Tamil leaders, Tamil poets, Tamil gods and goddesses etc. All with Tamil flavour. And they are shipped to non-Tamil States! If you happen to listen to the conversation between any two Tamil / Telugu / Malayalee software engineers working in our State, it will be in their own tongue. But if two Kanndiga SW engineers meet they feel it’s undignified to talk in Kannada and invariably they use English. If a third Tamil SWE joins they would love to converse to him in his own dear Tamil with great difficulty. This is the height of pridelessness!

    Some of our politicians, actors and producers distribute films of other languages in this State. Poor Kannadigas strive hard to learn those languages just to understand the movie. And this proliferation of other tongues in our State make the adamant non-Kannadigas live here happily forever without learning Kannada. They condemn every Kannada film released, even if it’s watchable and praise all and sundry movies made in other tongues!

    Most of the English journalists in our State are dangerously anti-Kannada. But, even the national newspaper The Hindu is afraid to write anything against Tamil chauvinism. Why this double standard?

    I know a retired Tahsildar from North Arcot who spent his life atfer retirement in Mysore, propagating Tamil till his last breath. We used commute in the same bus. He would always say, “Oru Ballal” to get his city bus ticket. Such people are plenty in Karnataka. When Marans and Karunanidhis clinched the Classic Language title to Tamil even before truly ancient and rich Samskrita, our Bengalooru streets were agog with graffitti – “ulagaththil muthal mozhi tamizh”.

    And we are all Kannadigas, helpless and useless…

  23. prakash Says:
    May 17th, 2006 at 1:10 am http://lazydrive.wordpress.com/2006/05/16/renewing-interest-in-kannada/

    Why we lack swabhimaana…an excellant example in the above link

  24. Shashi Rangarathna Says:
    May 17th, 2006 at 3:12 am Didn’t know it was some National Government that declares a Language, Classical. Why not a State Government?

    I always assumed it was more an academic thing or even something like UNESCO designating a World Heritage Site.

    Needless to say Kannada and very soon every other Indian language will be declared classical. Whatever Prof. George L. Hart’s (Tamil Chair, Univ. of California, Berkeley) definition of a classical language is.

    Dr. B.G.L Swamy’s tamiLu talegaLa naDuve has lengthy debates on this subject to a point you feel it’s one-sided. His dating puts the earliest Tamil literature as contemporary to Kannada. tamiLu talegaLa naDuve’s lively articles about the Tolkappiyam, Tirukkural, Cilappatikaram, the imaginary Sangam period is hilarious and a must read for anyone interested on the subject of Language Glorification.

  25. Sethu Says:
    May 18th, 2006 at 11:58 am Hi,
    I am an Indian consulting professional who recently moved to Bangalore, as my wife got transferred on her public sector job here.

    After my first 21 years stay in Tamil Nadu, I moved to Calcutta for 2 years, then in Mumbai for 15 years, before moving to Bangalore just a month back. I strongly subscribe to learning the local language not only for its day to day usefulness but it should also be a matter of interest, love and inclination.

    Happily I have learnt Bengali, Marathi and Hindi during my stints in East and West India so I speak these languages fluently, in addition to English and Tamil.

    I definitely want to learn spoken (and possibly written) Kannada within the next one year. If any of you know of quality Kannada language classes being held in and around Malleswaram, please do me the favour of passing on their contact details.

    Thanks very much.
    Best regards,

    Sethu Venkataraman

  26. Vinay Says:
    June 22nd, 2006 at 10:18 am I appreciate kannadigas taking renewed interest in Kannada and keen on improving the awareness about the language. But one thing that annoys me is contant references to Tamil language/culture (many a times even unfairly downgrading). I can only humbly request to stop that, cause Tamil is what it claims (the oldest living spoken language and so many things to its credit that are little known by others). It has become customary for some kannadigas to make ignorant remarks on Tamil cause nobody knows much abt Tamil amongst you so one can say whetever he/she likes. The status of classical language for Tamil for eg. was a result of research by so many linguistic scholars across the globe and not just Tamilians. There is archaelogical evidence and added literature to prove these things. I don’t understand why suddenly every language wants a classical language status. Sanskrit and Tamil are miles ahead of any Indian language. I think there are less than a dozen languages that are considered classic worldwide.

    There is a general belief that Tamil is older than what is understood now and that it flourished in a continent that earlier existed near the current Tamil Nadu. We also read abt discovery of temple ruins under the seas these days (kannadigas maynot be aware of them, see here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/4312024.stm)

    Someone above had the audacity to say, ‘the imaginary Sangam period’. (The above link should make you think twice before posting a phase like that).

    To be perfectly honest there are some things abt kannada culture that is great like the literature and yakshaghana (there are so many more) . I would not like to comment on the Gnana peeta award winners though (the writings are good but are you saying Tamil Nadu had just 2-3 winners when Karnataka had 8-9? When a Tamil RK Narayan can become the Nation’s greatest English language writer and when a Masti Venkatesh Iyengar can win gnana peeta for kannada why not more ppl in Tamil? When Tamilians have won the most Bharat ratna awards why not in the area of literature ? (Add to this 2 of the 6 Nobel prize winners of India are Tamilians), When Tamil cinema can come up with so many original stories that are remade into so many languages (inc Kannada) even these days, could the Tamilians have really had difficulty in getting more gnana peeta awards? Central govt was touting Hindi as the “National language” (in a diverse country like ours) and were not interested with Tamil language literature or its development

  27. Prakash Says:
    June 23rd, 2006 at 11:10 am >> Elladaru iru, enthadaru iru, endendigu nee Kannadavanagiru.

    >> My husband and I follow this dictum very well. We have not yet learnt >> Tamil till now

    Neevu mathra elliddharu Kannadavagirabeku athare bengalurinalli yaaratharu tamilu telugu bashe yalli mathadithare nimage thadkolakke aagothilva? :D, this is funny! Enri yenenu “follow” madothu antha bedava? Are you saying even when buying stuff like vegetables or communicating with strangers you use English (or kannada)? Don’t lie!

    >> And for three years now, I have felt completely alienated

    That explains the result!

    See i’ll try to talk as an outsider and not as a Tamilian and give some suggestions to this disapora problem:

    Some observations:

    1. A Kannadiga has to proud abt his/her culture but remember to respect other cultures, everything, Malayalam, Tamil, Korean, German, Italian etc. It will be wrong to think the world is only kannada, it is not! What is more interesting than to discover a new culture and read and know abt it? I am sometimes interested in knowing more abt kannada culture, as I like directors like Kasaravalli and GV Iyer, but the kannadigas hatred on tamilians (and others) makes it difficult for tamilians like me (and many more am sure) to appreciate or study kannada culture, which while maynot be as ancient as tamil (;D) is nevertheless very interesting and indigenous one. For hundreds of years karnataka had great culture and literature, but kannadigas these days see tamilians, telugus everyone as foes and that is making it all difficult for others to take interest. Without arguing with me, I hope you understand the point

    2. When you are with kannadigas speak in kannada, including at home if you are comfortable with that. kannada like every other language is a just a language for communication. There is nothing fancy abt not talking in that language in favor of English (or Hindi!) when the two can actually understand kannada better. Vast majority of Asian and European population speak in their native language, not English for eg. at home and office. So nothing wrong as long as no problem in communication. If one or both of you are not comfortable with kannada there should be some other problem, FIND it and its within YOU! Like Jiddu krishnamurthi says observe a problem from outside and you will get to know what is actually the problem or if it even existed! Maybe it was all in your mind. Anyways I think I went somewhat offtopic


  28. Kannada lover Says:
    July 6th, 2006 at 5:47 am I think it is futile to claim that Kannada is classical language.
    One of the foremost condition is that a classical language should have its own native words for all commonly used words. Of course a few modern words can be borrowed from other languages.
    But alas for Kannada, both the words “classical” and “language” dont have an equivalent native word.
    Then it is ridiculous to fight for classical status based on being 1500 years old.
    Tamil has its own words for these words, and it can stand on its own legs.
    I am afraid that it is not by political pressure alone Tamil got classical status, she deserves it in every way.

    For example I was shocked and jealous to note that Tamil is the only language in the whole world, which has poems (tons of them) where the starting lines rhyme, unlike in all other languages it is only the ending words in a line rhyme.

    It is a shame that even after 50 years of freedom we dont feel proud that an Indian language got classical status, but try to find out reasons why it should not get such a status!

  29. Kannada lover Says:
    July 6th, 2006 at 5:55 am We should stop criticising Tamils just because they got classical status.
    Before it was granted we tried to prevent it by telling since Tamil is living language it shouldnt be made classical.
    NOw we want Kannada to be made classical, although Kannada is still living. Isnt this being hypocite?
  30. Swarna Says:
    January 5th, 2007 at 3:02 am I have been going thro these commnents. Why in heavens should people be intimidated by other languages. I understand that Kannada should be promoted in Karnataka but why the constant references to Tamil??? Tamil is a truely great, rich and glorious language and it does not require your certificate cos’ it has the certificate from academicians worldwide.

    Tell me, people talking about “Imaginary Sangam” period, have you ever made an attempt to know even titbits of information about Tamil???? If not under what authority are you talking about it? The so-called “scholar” Swamy, who is he and what is his credentials. Is he a respected historian? Does India’s historic academy recognise him?? Please dont burden your memory with rot. Promoting Kannada can be done only by promoting Kannada and not by degrading other languages.

  31. samarthc@gmail.com Says:
    May 22nd, 2007 at 10:18 pm hi..
    i totally agree with u suma!! i am also living in chennai from the past 2 yrs i am doing my engineering in anna university chennai.. iili kannada anodhu bari raghavendra matt nalli keldhe!!.. bengalooru nalli yelli nodhru tamil cinema athava book galu siguthe!!.. nanage thunba bejaru ayethu.. adhare chennai nalli hindhi ge kuda maryadhe illa!!. idhana navu nammavarige thilisa beku!! kanndavanu munerisa beku!! nan full support nim hatra iddhe!! kannadave satya kannadave nithya!!
  32. Another Kannada Lover Says:
    September 6th, 2007 at 7:32 am Well to all Kannada Abhimanis, as mentioned by many people on the blog, instead of mud-slinging on other languages and culture, let us improve our Kannada culture and language.

    This topic was raised on May 12th, 2006 at 5:56 am. More than a year has passed by. Has the topic writer or any one of us who have written a blog taken any one step towards the betterment of Kannada culture or language?

    As mentioned in one of the blogs, being proactive, getting members of Kannada community together and brainstorming would result in umpteen number of solutions to improve the situation of our language and culture. In a technologically advanced world, we have all the mediums to utilize to spread the message across the world about our language and culture.

    I am happy to be born in a state that bore warriors like Immadi Pulakeshi, Sri Krishnadevaraya, Tipu Sultan, Kittur Rani Chennamma etc., eminent writers like Kuvempu, Da Ra Bendre, U.R Ananthamurthy etc, famous musicians like Bhimsen Joshi, Piteelu Chowdiah, etc, prominent personalities like Sir M Visvesvarayya, Kengal Hanumanthaiah, N.R. Narayana Murthy, Vijay Mallya, Azim Premji. Karnataka is the state with the largest number of Jnanpith award winners.

    If the above-mentioned people had thought that Kannada culture is declining, then they would have never realised the dreams of becoming of what they are today.

    I do love movies. But taking Kannada movies as a reference in improving culture and language is not a very strong point in spreading the message across to people.

    As a country with so many languages and culture, let us try to improve our Kannada language and culture in every possible manner and be proud of ourselves. Does anyone have any ideas??

  33. Sanjeev Nagaraddi Says:
    September 21st, 2007 at 11:22 pm I wanted to share my thoughts on this topic because I am passionate about the issue of language.

    Let me give you a brief background about myself. My parents hail from north Karnataka, my dad being from Koppal district

    and my mom from Gadag district. I grew up for a major part of my life outside of India , in Zambia, where the majority of

    Indians were Hindi speaking or at least North Indian.

    The only time I spent in India were the 5 years of my high school in Tamil Nadu before I came to the US. As a Kannadiga I have always lacked

    a social support system that has nurtured and supported my cultural heritage. I have always felt like an outsider where

    ever I have gone in my life. While growing up in Zambia I attributed this to the fact that my family was one the few Kannada speaking families, most of whom I was never aware even existed!

    My parents tried to talk to my brothers and I in Kannada but we began to speak more and more in English ( Zambia was a British colony)

    during our early childhood. The only connection to our roots was during the biennial trips my family would make to our native place

    in Karnataka. That is when I felt a sense of my roots, knowing that my mother tongue is Kannada and that I am a Kannadiga.

    Other than that I was always in the company of Hindi or English speaking people. I have always yearned to get in touch

    with my roots, specifically learning Kannada and finding a community that is proud to showcase its rich and diverse heritage.

    It should come as no surprise that I grew up not getting a chance to become well versed or fluent in Kannada

    because of my surroundings. When I was in high school in Tamil Nadu, I chose to learn Kannada as my

    second language! I absolutely had no clue about the Kannada alphabets or its literature up until the day I started

    learning it in my 7th grade. For someone who absolutely had no clue about Kannada literature I took a lot of interest to learn

    the language which I did for only 2 semesters while studying in Tamil Nadu. To me this was a remarkable achievement considering my


    I have spent the past 15 years in the US and once again I did not get much of a chance to interact with too many Kannadigas

    or find opportunities to interact in Kannada. I am proud to be a Kannadiga and even with my limited knowlegde I am always willing to defend my culture and

    language if anyone disrespects it. But sadly, with great sorrow I have to admit that so many Kannadigas have an

    inferiority complex and will not put up any fight. They meekly take the abuse while there are some who do fight back. How you ask? By

    learning other languages and speaking them while shunning Kannada. What an utter shame!!! What is this going to achieve?

    I simply don’t understand why. This self destructive mentality is responsible for the morose state of Kannada in Karnataka.

    It’s really not at all complicated folks. Why do the Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi etc people speak their respective languages?

    Because they were born in to families that spoke the language and so it is only natural that they are going to continue

    their tradition, especially in their homeland. Why does this concept then elude the logic of the Kannadigas and non-Kannadigas alike who are perplexed when there are demands

    that Kannada be spoken in Bengaluru or Karnataka at large? No one would like it if someone came to your house and stampeded

    all over you in your own house. When I tell people I am from Karnataka and my mother tongue is Kannada some of them have

    the audacity to smugly ask me if I speak Tamil or Telugu or other languages as if I am supposed to know them.

    These type of questions irritate me to no end.

    Another frequent comment that I hear from people concerns the Kannada movie industry. Granted I am not an expert on the Kannada movie industry or the other language movie industries but every time someone has anything to say about a Kannada movie it is invariably laced with negative bias. They claim that the Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies are so much better!! Really?? Are they any Oscar winning actors or performances that the whole world speaks of? It does not come as a big shock when one toots his or her own horn which is definitely the case with followers of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam or Hindi movies. There are hordes of non Kannadigas living in Bengaluru who pass judgments without ever having seen a single Kannada movie. It is just the heights of moronic, insolent, chauvinistic and ethnocentric pomposity! I have watched a few Tamil and Telugu movies in addition to many Hindi movies and in most cases I was not blown away with the quality of acting or the originality of the scripts. Some are good but it is not like every single no name movie the other language movie industries churn out are world class. A recent Kannada movie “Mungaru Male” has proved that the Kannada Film Industry is very capable of putting together an enjoyable, blockbuster movie with melodious songs. So for those who love to tout the Tamil, Telugu and other language movies, please give credit where credit is due!!

    It is very disheartening and disturbing to see witness the complete lack of respect meted out to the sovereignty of Karnataka and the native

    Kannadigas by the non-native population. It is a sad state of affairs to see Kannada being reduced to second class status

    in its own homeland. Fellow Kannadigas, I say with a stern face and a worried heart that this is not the time for

    complacency or nonchalance. Your culture and your heritage are at stake as Kannadigas are so openly being discriminated and pushed aside in their own homeland. This fact is what really boils my blood

    and makes me furious. Any reasonable person from any part of the world would sympathize with what I am saying. It looks

    like there are a lot of NRI Kannadigas who are more passionate than the folks back home in promoting and defending the cause of

    Kannada in Karnataka.

    No one would have been this tolerant or taken this much abuse for this long. It speaks to the testimony of the open-

    mindedness and open-heartedness of the Kannadigas. Lest one forget, no human being has boundless

    patience and understanding especially when others are so blatantly dismissive and disrespectful.

    This writing is as much a reprimand to the Kannadigas as it is others. The double punch of indifference of the Kannadigas and the disparaging attitude of the rest spells trouble for the future of the great language of Kannada.


November 9, 2007 - Posted by | KANNADA


  1. it has nothing to do with ’swabhimana”, the fact is kannada pictures are really bad, so no one wants to watch them.this includes rajkumar movies

    Comment by Rahul | November 10, 2007 | Reply

  2. Thanks for very interesting article.

    Comment by Moda notizie | November 18, 2007 | Reply

  3. i do agree wit every word . kannadigas feel completely insecure in there own state. i just dont understand as to why we are looked down by others when v speak in kannada by others and consider the entire person to be an alien .once he/she speaks in kannada people’s perspective completely changes.y do v feel so… inferior?i try to bring about a change by speaking in kannnada despite of reluctance, i do watch quality kannada movies etc…
    i wish u all success in ur endeavour..

    Comment by prakya | May 13, 2011 | Reply

  4. @WebMaster I would like to remove the comments under my name in this article. I did not submit these comments to this site and someone has submitted these comments without my knowledge. Please contact me at snn_1975@yahoo.com so that I can tell you which comments I am referring to. I have already contacted Google to remove this link which shows up when I search my name in Google.

    Comment by SN | December 27, 2011 | Reply

    • Same old *&^%$#

      Comment by Noone | December 29, 2011 | Reply

  5. I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the page
    layout of your website? Its very well written; I love what youve got to
    say. But maybe you could a little more in
    the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 images.
    Maybe you could space it out better?

    Comment by Ali | May 12, 2013 | Reply

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