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Dr. Kambar says no to MICROSOFT and sorry affairs of KANNADA Language.

Dr. Kambar who presided over EKAVI Suvarana Sambrama program held on September 29th 2007 in Banaglore, lashes out at Govt. of Karnataka for not taking proper steps to correct the problems of Kannada Software Development in Karnataka.

He told that Govt. of Karnataka should not do business with Companies which does not give their source code to GoK to further develop systems by Govt. Employees. He also told that MICROSOFT has been driven out of EUROPE UNION, USA, and Countries in South America.

He reminded the Govt. that even Sri. Tejasvi had even opposed PROJECT SHIKSHA MOU with MICROSOFT signed by GoK. He also mentioned about MAHITHI SINDHU project of GoK.

He also told lack of Kannada software and technologies may force the use of English, in the context of aggressive computerization in every level of Government Administration. He mentioned that is evident from the Mahithi Sindhu, Project Shiksha, which are based on the software with English interface and no software with Kannada interface is used.

He said that he and Tejasvi along with EKAVI had made numerous representations to Govt. and also met with Former CM’s, Dy CM’s, Former Minister’s and some Secretaries of GoK regarding the blunder made by GoK with respect to KANNADA SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT.



Tejasvi and Kambar Memorandum to Shri S.M.Krishna regarding Kannada Software



Dr. Kambara letter to Govt. of Karnataka dated June 29th 2004



EKAVI – POOCHANTHE – Venkatsubbaiah – KAMBAR – Dr. Lingadevaru Halemane – July 16th meeting on Kannada Software Development and Press Conference at Bangalore PRESS CLUB on July 16th 2004.

PLEASE read all the FOUR following paper articles which came after this July 16th 2004 EKAVI Press Conference on KSD which was attended by Lat Sri. Poornachandra Tejasvi, Dr. Chandrashekar Kambar, Dr. G.V. Venkatasubbaiah, Dr. Langadevaru Halemane and Prakashaka Sri. Rajaram.

Find out about what is happening to our KANNADA LANGUAGE.

What everyone feels about KSD.

What is the status of KANNADA to become ADALITHA BHASHE in GoK.

Please READ THE following PDF file:




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