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yulop EKAVI-A portal Dedicated for Kannada Books and Literature.

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On Nov 5, 2007 3:11 AM, Bharadawaj Rao <bharad@yulop.com > wrote:
Dear Mr. Kumaraswamy,

Thank you very much for the response.
I went through the activities of eKavi and am really impressed with the work.

As discussed attached are the snaps of Bangalore Book Fest and our Logo (which can be used as banner for cross linking to www.books.yulop.com)

Here are the feedbacks that we have recieved on the Books Portal

1. Mr. Ganeshaiah (Prof: University of Agriculture Sciences, Bangalore author: Kanaka Musuku)

Congratulations on your efforts to develop this website on Kannada literature- a need that was much awaited. I am sure it would become the forefront of the area.

2. Mr. Chandra shekar – User (U.K)

I really liked the work that ya guys are doing, it really made my life much easier to search for KANNADA books.

3. sharaNu Yulop sharaNu

bahaLa ondu oLLeya hejje namma kannada saahitya da kaDege.. mechale bekaadanta sangathi. heege munduvariyali nimma prayatna.. nimma mundina prayaNavella uttamavaagiralendu aashisuttene

Mr. Lokesh – User (U.S.A)

Please refer the attachment for the snaps of the book festival.

Will get in touch with Mr. Ashwin as you suggested.

Looking forward for a pleasant association.

Business Development Lead
+91 988.657.6563
http://www.yulop.com ______________________________________________________________

I invite you on behalf of Yulop WebSense Solutions Pvt, Ltd ( www.yulop.com) to visit the portal www.books.yulop.com.

www.books.yulop.com is an online books portal dedicated exclusively for Kannada Books and literature with over 2000 titles of Kannada covering the famous novels, biographies, autobiographies, poetry, art and literature, travel, culture and heritage, cooking, children and many more categories.

We had the opportunity to launch the portal during the Bangalore Book Festival 2007, and we were obliged to have Dr. Chandrasekhara Kambar inaugurating the portal on the occasion.
This would just not be yet another online store which just sells what is there on the shelf, but lets the users explore, discuss and share their knowledge, views and passion about the literature, authors, and their master pieces.

The portal pays a tribute to all the 7 Gnanapeeta Award Laureates, who have contributed for the welfare of the language and literature.
Users can rate the books, write reviews about them and also express their thoughts and opinion about the books and articles. We also bring the news from the world of literature and article written by and about the famous poets and authors.

Please have a look at the portal and send in your reviews and feedback.

We would like to be associated with ekavi in terms of promoting the language and taking it to a new level.

Business Development Lead
+91 988.657.6563
“Bharadawaj Rao” < bharad@yulop.com>


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