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EKAVI GoK School Adoption – 2007 Photos

EKAVI GoK School Adoption


EKAVI DONOR will sign an MOU with DDPI of each Dt.

DONORS can offer the following at schools as per Govt. of Karnataka’s Govt. Order:

1. Provision of water and toilet facilities to the school separately for boys and girls.
2. Construction, Renovation of existing buildings.
3. Provisions for developing school garden, fencing or compound wall.
4. Provision of equipment and furniture.
5. Providing Computers / funding for computer training of students.
6. Strengthening of Laboratory and Library.
7. Developing of play ground / provision of play materials.
8. Training of teachers to improve quality of teaching.
9. Training of students to develop various skills, leadership etc.
10. Sponsoring students / teachers for educational visits.
11. Adopting girl children/ SC,ST children.
12. Sponsoring cultural, literacy and scientific activities in the school
13. Giving scholarship to needy students.
14. Providing nutritional food as mid-day meals to children.
15. Adoptions of slums near the school.
16. Encouraging vocational job oriented activities as part of co-curricular activities.
17. Adoption of orphans studying in the school.
18. Taking up at least one activity – scouts and guides, sevadal, Junior Red Cross, NCC, Science clubs, environmental awareness camps, citizenship training camps etc.
19. Running Balawadis for Pre-School children.
20. Taking up Remedial classes for first generation and economically and socially backward children.
21. Involving parents in development activities of the school.

EKAVI Donor will be deciding what to do. This can be discussed with School teachers.

EKAVI will talk to Teachers at School.

EKAVI Donors have selected few of these programs at different Schools.


EKAVI GoK School Adoption – 2007 Photos

Bindinganavale School – 2007 photos

NAGAMANGALA Schools – 2007 Photos

SANTHEBACHALLI Schools – 2007 Photos

HIRISAVE School – 2007 Photos



EKAVI GoK School Adoption Program STUDENTS

HIRISAVE Govt. Higher Girls Primary School, C. R. Patna 230
Marappanapalya School, Nelamangala Tq 20
Bindinganavale Govt. Higher Primary School, Nagamangala Tq 164
Nagamangala Higher Primary Boys School, Nagamangala Tq 185

Bellow Three Schools are under process in 2007

Nagamangala Govt. Higher Primary Girls school, Nagamangala tq 213
Santhebachally Govt. Lower Girls School, K R Pet tq 82
Santhebachally Higher Primary School, K R Pet tq 205

These Schools need real things. Schools needs Infrastructure Development.

Students need School materials. Students need guidence.


V. M. Kumaraswamy

On 10/17/07, kannada ekavi <kannada.ekavi@gmail.com> wrote:

EKAVI is using GoK SCHOOL ADOPTION PROGRAM to adopt schools in Karnataka State.

These school children need necessary things for their studies.

Some children does not have the basic requirements for their studies. How can they learn ??
This is the fate of education of Children in Karnataka State.

EKAVI School adoption program as per GoK School Adoption Program

EKAVI is furthering the process of adopting schools every year.



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