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KSD issues — prevailing mistrust among Kannadigas

By Sada Shiva <sadakannada@yahoo.com>

I had posted in my last post how our Kannada language is rich in culture and legacy.   Here is the continued part of it.

Going through the documents at E-Kavi’s online archive (https://ellakavi.wordpress.com), we get to know that many enthusiast Kannadigas began to work on the implementation of Kannada on digital gadgets (computers, handhelds, etc).  There were around 30 software research groups (companies) which worked on our Kannada language implementation on computers.  Many had developed a rich set of fonts required for high quality printing.  Others had brought out some of the very good softwares for DTP work and Development kits for application development for the handheld devices.  In all there was a healthy competition among the many Kannada software developers which the government or some other organization could choose from for software services and implementation those willing to localize the computerization. 

The entry of Baraha and Nudi softwares have killed the business of all these firms.  Now due to the mistrust created by these two entities, the doom of great misbelief looms large over the Kannada software development arena.  Somedays back one Kannada friend in this forum asked for a trial software, but it was not given most probably for the feat that more fonts may be stolen.  These two entities have created such a mistrust that nobody is coming forward to write any useful software for Kannada, why should they, when all the standards are stupidly made and our mindless government itself has declared that Nudi is the sole package to be used in all Government offices.  This is a mindless way of our own government killing the business of Kannada enthusiasts.  Unfortunately not many Kannadigas have tried to set the things right in this front, which has a direct implication on the survival of Kannada.  May be all these known to many Kannadigas. 

So what should be done to set the things right?  When our government goes to foreign lands wasting the taxpayer’s money on foreign trips to attact FDI, here in our own Kannada land, our Kannada enterprises are getting enraged and have found the dirty tactics of our government as far as the KSD is concerned.  Unless the things are set right in this direction, Kannada survival is in serious threat.  Once Kannada becomes weak (which it already has in many fronts due to these murky happenings), no culture, religion and anything similar exist. 

First of all our Kannada enthusiasts will not need any forums to discuss Kannada issues as there will be nothing to discuss.  So, what should our government do to set things right and encourage more Kannadigas to participate in Kannada building efforts on computers?  This is a set of questions each and every Kannadiga should ask to him/her.  This question and solution to them should clear the heavily shrouded cloud of mistrust that prevails now.

I have not tried to mention all those names who are involved in Baraha and Nudi development who have been responsible for the mess in KSD.  It is imperative that they have caused a big damage to Kannada through KSD.  Keeping in view the greater Kannada good, those people at KGP should be taken to charge, because, though they are answarable to every Kannadiga they have not cared to even have a feedback, keep things transparent, not attending a meeting with Kannadigas when many arranged for one a long back, their stupid misadventures only grow to show their shortcomings.  If they have some shame and if they care for Kannadigas, they should come open to talk to Kannadigas about their take on KSD.  Otherwise it only means that they have done every mindless thing that they are accused of.

Friends, put in your suggestions as to what should be done at least from now on.  Let this discussion be a brainstorming one even if it leads to flame wars. 

Why should not we have a flame war if it paves way for a good result?

Thu Sep 21, 2006 6:30 am


Read what Dr. U. B.  PAVANAJA has written about BARAHA, NUDi and AKRUTHI Fonts.

Kannada Fonts Piracy




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