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Sarojini Mahishi stands by committee report

Sarojini Mahishi stands by committee report

Staff Correspondent

`Some changes to recommendations can be made’



Sarojini Mahishi



HUBLI: Former Union Minister Sarojini Mahishi said here on Wednesday that it is preposterous to say that problems will arise if the recommendations made by the committee headed by her (on jobs for Kannadigas) are implemented.

Ms. Mahishi, who was here to release a book on Siddharoodha Swamiji, told presspersons that problems are bound to arise when recommendations of committees are implemented. “You need to make some changes to recommendations if the need arises. If there is any impediment during implementation, it can be sorted out,” she said.

“Nearly two decades have passed after the submission of the report. Things have changed a lot and some changes need to be made while implementing the report,” she said. Reiterating her stand that posts have to be reserved for Kannadigas, she said the committee has not recommended jobs for Kannadigas who are not eligible. “What we have said is that qualified Kannadigas should be given a job,” Dr. Mahishi said.

To a question, she said there were four retired IAS officers in the committee headed by her, and every recommendation was carefully drafted after giving attention to details.

Dr. Mahishi said she does not want to draw inferences with the regard to implementation of the committee’s final report that was submitted in 1986.

She said she has discharged her duties and it is for the Government to take action.


September 8, 2007 - Posted by | Dr. Sarojini Mahishi, KANNADA On Line


  1. Dr. Sarojini Mahishi…
    You said it right that qualified Kannadigas should be given jobs. Who decides on who is qualified ?

    is that the right of the employer…Or Dr.Mahishi ji do you think that you have the right to do so….

    BTW, Kannada Rakshana Vedikke is demanding jobs from Infosys based on your comments….Are you actually saying that Infy which created so much wealth in Karnataka and is world renowned does not know how to pick up qualified candidates…
    Or are you going to ask them algorithms questions ?

    Comment by Sridhar Visvanath | January 22, 2010 | Reply

    • Dear Sridhar Visvanath,

      Do u think that qualified Kannadigas r not there in Karnataka for Infosys?

      Comment by Mallikarjuna | July 26, 2010 | Reply

  2. I strongly object to this petition being in English…
    Please word this in kannada. We should be staunch Kannadiga.

    Dont ask me why I am not replying this in Kannada.
    I am just replying.

    Jai Karnataka!

    Comment by Sridhar Visvanath | January 22, 2010 | Reply

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