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EKAVI JULY 15th 2007 Meeting Minutes/Photos held at Bangalore

EKAVI JULY 15th 2007 Meeting Minutes held at Bangalore.

The meeting started at 5pm with 28 members present. EKAVI appreciated the members who attended the meeting.

The meeting begun with a general introduction of all the members.
Abinash Ganesh explained to the meeting about E-KAVI, its objective, goal, on going programmes, past programmes and future plan of action. Inaguration in USA and Bangalore in 2003, Kannada Software development issues under the leadership of Sri Poornachandra Tejasvi, Kuvempu Janmashatamaanotsava, vruthhi shikshana tarabethi, shaale dathhu karyakrama(hirisave, nagamangala, marappanapalya etc), screening of kalathmaka chitra like beru and hasina, competition from vrious parts fo karnataka, Dr. raj shraddanjali (blood donation, eve donation, deepa namana and nadamaya ee lokavella), Chitraranga horaata, fm 91 radio city virudhha horaata, RTI prachara, USA nalli Sa re ga ma Viji avaru nadisikotta karyakrama, E-KAVI jilla mattadalli sabhegalu, charchegalu, karyakramagalu etc were among the activities explained to the new members.

A few members raised questions regarding the various committees and their coordinators. The main concern and suggestion that most of the new members aired their view is that the application froms being in english and the website being in English. Manjunath answered that the process of printing the applications were in progress and very soon we will have applications in kannada. Likewise regarding the website, Vibhu said that members from E-Kavi Australia are working on it and we will have a website in kannada with less than 20% in english.
A few members including Mr. Babushankar suggested that the organisation should start to collect a nominal membership fees for the new members so that our office expenses and meeting expenses could be supported. Sharath explained that we discussed the same issue in the last meeting and the president and treasurer should be contacted in this regard.
Manjunath begun the discussions on the Suvarna Karnataka programme, Abinash Ganesh explained that the process has begun and we are in the lookout for a hall due to the unavaliability of Ravindra Kalakshetra. Proposals also came in respect to clubbing in with TV9 and making Suvarna Karnataka for a noble cause and social impact. Abinash also suggested that a programme like uniting the street children who have run away from home and their parents was a noble deed and we could pay importance to that. During this discussion, Mr. Babushankar who had already contacted chowdaiah memorial Hall explained the rates and rules for hiring it. It was aired that the hall was expensive and we could lookout for a more economical one. He also suggested that we tie up with corporate donors and individual donors and make suvarna karnataka a joint programme.
A few members aired theitr concern for keeping up the time and there should not be any delay in the timings from the next time. the suggestion was accepted.
The absence of a few responsible people in the committee were issues that were discussed in serious concern. A majority of the members also felt that the honourable dignitaries who were in the honarary committee be made avaliable for atleast one meeting in two months so that it would lead to a brand development of the organisation.
Sharath suggested that the fortnightly meetings of E-kavi include some cultural events like debating, poems, kavanas, songs, saahitya etc so that the meetings could look more eventful.
As the meeting begun late, members had to leave and to conclude the meeting, the date for the next meeting was fixed for August 5th at 4PM. The meeting was concluded by Manjunath thanking the members for their participation and hoped that the new members could actively take part in the organisation in future.

To add a cultural look, Mr. Babushankar volunteered for a song on a request by Abinash Ganesh.

“Kannadadha makkalella ondhaagi banni” was sung all the members joined Mr. Babushanker for the last few lines.

Abinash Ganesh

^^Abinash Ganesh..

Secretary E-KAVI

EKAVI JULY 15th 2007 Meeting Minutes held at Bangalore.




EKAVI TUMKUR July 15th 2007 meeting minutes held at TUMKUR

available for chat chakrasthitha

EKAVI TUMKUR JULY 15th 2007 Meeting minutes
2nd meeting.
It was held between 10 am and 11am as scheduled at MG stadium. 6 people attended the meeting. Dr Prithvi briefed about the organisation and the previous meeting. New members filled up the membership forms. It was decided to promote the organisation and its goals in educational institutions also rather than only through the internet as it is being done now. This should help in gathering much more people.


available for chat chakrasthitha

After the meeting some people who came to the venue said they couldn’t find any meeting going on there. This might be because the no. of people was less or we didnt have any banner stating the meeting at the venue. For this, I guess we should put up some posters at the venue from the next time. Also I request people to RSVP so that we can expect some attendance.

JOIN EKAVI TUMKUR- For Kannadigas get together in Local area




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