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Gomateswara – Sravanabelagola

Gomateswara – Sravanabelagola
Temples of Karnataka

This is one of the most popular Jain pilgrimage center in South India, an is known for its collossal monolithic statue of Gomateswara, on top of a hill. Sravanbelagola is at a distance of 93km from Mysore.  The nearest railhead is Hassan (49km). Belur is at a distance of 86 km from here. The Karnataka State Tourism Office, organizes day trips which cover Sravanabelagola, Halebidu and Belur in a single day.

The temple to Gomateswara is built on top of a hill, in between two hills – at a height of 3000 feet above sea level.  A flight of 500  steps provides access to this temple. Views of the neighborhood from the top of the hill are spectacular.


The image of Gomateswara is an awe inspiring one. Carved out of a single block of granite, this 50 feet high statue, stands majestically on top of the hill. This image was created during the period of Chamundaraya, a minister of the Ganga King Rajamalla.

The neighboring area abounds in Jaina bastis and several images of the Jaina Theerthankaras.

Festivals: The Mahamastakabhishekam festival is held once in 12 years, when the image of Gomateswara is bathed in milk, curds, ghee, saffron and gold coins.


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