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Deepak | profile | all galleries >> Bijapur

Deepak | profile | all galleries >> Bijapur


Bijapur is a small historic town in the southern state of Karnataka,India.Its well known for its historic remains of the Adilshahi dynasty (1489 to 1686 A.D.).The place is filled with beautiful tombs.Photographs below are of two such famous tombs.The Golgumbaz and Ibrahim roza.Ibrahim Roza is said to be the inspiration for the Taj Mahal.Golgumbaz,with its second largest hemispherical dome in the world,is renowned for its marvellous acoustics.The whispering gallery on top on the dome,echoes every sound faithfully,11 times,and that’s even the smallest of whispers.


Its amazing to see it work. I have always found these stately pieces of architecture to have a serene and ‘lost in time’ kind of atmosphere .You genuinely feel a sense of ‘time stood still’.It can get a wee bit eerie at times !


July 7, 2007 - Posted by | EKAVI BIJAPUR, kagapa

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