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Kodaganur near Davangere offers a glimpse of 10th Century life

Kodaganur near Davangere offers a glimpse of 10th Century life




HERITAGE Inscriptions on a veeragallu

Kodaganur, once known as Dakshina Ayyavole or Tenkanada Ihole, is 19 km from Davangere on the highway towards Chitradurga. Kodaganur is associated with Chandra Bhimakavi the author of Paarijata Kavya (Madakari period). Anyone visiting here should do so for its 10th Century shasanas and ancient temples. There is the Kalleswara temple — very well known — that has been rebuilt. Only four pillars of the navaranga had remained from the earlier structure. The Malakaradevaragudi is found buried, while the Banada shankari of the Hoysala period may be the Durga found on a mound. These are legendary structures that have to be visited.

There is also the Hanumantadevaragudi in a new look. The temple was originally built in the 17th Century. While it has been refurbished, the tall stone pillar in front and a veeragallu lying below have not been disturbed. The veeragallus of the Hoysala period are particularly good. Even though a veeragallu is also a kind of shasana, it may have a little of inscription or none at all. Hoysalas used schist and the sculpture speaks for itself. There is also the veeragallu at Kodaganur that bears resemblance to those at Balligave, Lakshmeswar and Harihar.

There are three panels tell a story — lower most a fighting scene (probably to protect animal wealth), the middle one the martyr being carried to heaven and the top veera at Kailasa. One leaves Kodaganur wondering why people don’t pay sufficient attention to whatever is left of a glorious heritage.


Kodaganur is around 19 km from Davangere on the highway towards Chitradurga. Take a right turn at Aanugodu and after about 2 km at Ganganakatte Cross, you will find an approach road to Kodaganur on the right. Private buses ply to the town but to save time it is better to hire a vehicle. The place is accessible from Mayakonda railway station. If you have time Neeruthadi Ranganatha and Anugodu Marula Siddheswara temples can also be visited.









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  1. I am ravinath born at kodaganur.I wanted to learn more about my village history.please where & how to find.Give me the details to find.Realy,I am very much happy aftergone through my village hisyory. Any more information is there.please inform me.

    Thanking You.

    Comment by Ravinath.K.N. | August 21, 2010 | Reply

  2. i am very glad about my villiage history

    Comment by kadaganurnagaraj.k | October 23, 2012 | Reply

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