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“Chandragutti beckons trekkers and tourists” travel blog by Raghavendra

Chandragutti beckons trekkers and tourists

Chandragutti was in news at international level two decades ago. Some intellectuals then had tried to convince the people who had been practicing nude worship in the village, which was a custom to pay offerings in this form. But the devotees took it for an obstruction to their worship and had turned violent, which had resulted in a clamour.
And even now people remember the name `Chandragutti’ with nude worship, but very less people know it to be an excellent tourist spot.
Chandragutti of Sorab taluk in Shimoga District is a beautiful village situated in Sahyadri ranges. It has the famous Renukamba temple. Devotees use to take bath in river Varada, about 3 kms from here, and walk to the temple. It is situated on a hill at the northern side of the village and with a flight of steps to reach it.
First you will get a Mutt belonged to `Naatha pantha’ and then Kalabhairava temple. And at the end of steps is the temple of Goddess Sri Renukamba, where a golden statue of the goddess is worshipped inside a cave.
In front of it is a small temple in which Elu Hede Nagendra (Divine King cobra with seven hoods) and Parashurama, son of Renukamba, is worshipped. And beside the temple is a statue of Matangi.
There is another path for the devotees to get down from the temple, which is without proper steps but gives one an exalting experience to while on this path. On this way there is a temple of Shoolada Beerappa, in which thousands of tridents, which are said to be rose from the earth, are worshipped. Even devotees add to the number with their offerings. Beside this temple situated a pond called `Ammanavara honda’, to which water flows from a bigger pond called `Tavarekere’, situated at a still higher region behind Renukamba temple. And from this water flows in a small canal to agriculture fields. At the beginning of the flight of steps is a sacred well in cradle shape called `Tottila baavi’.
Apart from this, there is an old port, said to be of seven folds, situated amid a dense forest. If you walk for in the forest behind the temple, you will get different entrances which take you to the peak, which is a huge rock mass. From there it is all beautiful scenery of the village, hill ranges, farm lands and ponds. On this huge rock are three wells, two of which contain water even in summer days. There is a stone construction, which is said to be used for storing weapons by the then kings.
The villagers and tourists make picnic here cooking food and staying in night. One can witness delightful sun rises and sun sets from here. This place is a fitting place for trekking.

Route: Chandragutti is 106 kms from Shimoga and is on the way from Sorab to Siddapur. It can be reached from Sorab (18kms), Siddapur (16kms) and from Sirsi (40kms).

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  1. This goes to show how many lovely places in karnataka about which very little is known. please keep up the good work and information coming. we will certainly visit this place on our next holidays.

    Comment by Ratna | July 2, 2007 | Reply

  2. that is superb place, but no bus fecility from bangalore

    Comment by papu | July 30, 2008 | Reply

  3. Never heard of it. There are so many places to see in Karnataka.

    Comment by Jeet | September 5, 2009 | Reply

  4. Send me details about chandragutti

    Comment by Ral | June 18, 2012 | Reply

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