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Ambutheertha, Natures wonder in Theerthahalli taluk

Ambutheertha, Natures wonder in Theerthahalli taluk, is on the verge of losing its green glory owing to endless encroachments. B Jayakishore expresses concern.

Theerthahalli, the greenland of Malnad in Shimoga district, is a place where every nature lover wishes to ‘live and love’ forever! Enveloped by thick greenery and dotted with beautiful locales, Ambutheertha is nature’s wonder in Theerthahalli taluk and is unique in every sense of the word.

Ambutheertha is also the birthplace of River Sharavathi, which flows towards west along Hosanagar and then to Pataguppa, where it meets River Haridravathi. From here Sharavathi flows towards Barangi to join River Ennehole. Before Sharavathi joins the Arabian sea in its 132 km-long journey in Honnavar, it takes a big ‘leap’ from a height of 960 feet in the world famous Jog Falls in Uttara Kannada district, where electricity for the entire State is generated.

Also, Ambutheertha is considered a sacred place by the locals who say it was here that Lord Rama pierced the earth with his ambu (bow and arrow) to get water out to quench the thirst of his wife Sita, and hence the name Ambutheertha.

This place, that has many interesting tales to relate, is fast losing its glory. Diminishing green cover and the negligent attitude of the Government authorities to develop the place has made the situation even worse.

At Ambutheertha is a temple built around a Shivalinga, beneath which Sharavathi originates to start her journey. This temple was built and is run by the help of donations collected from the local people and the devotees from far off places who visit the place regularly.

“We have approached both the Government and the local bodies several times. But our efforts have gone a waste as their promise to develop the area has not taken shape yet. The place has a tremendous potential to be developed as a tourist spot as well. But who listens to us?” says a priest of the temple here.

According to Devarajaswamy, an inscriptionist and a native of the place, “About 25 years ago, when we were young, the ambience of this place was truly refreshing. Lush greenery, pure air, clean and holy water… Now we are on the verge of losing everything. The thick green forest around the place is fast becoming prey to encroachments.”
How to reach

Ambutheertha is about 10 km away from Theerthahalli. From here one has to travel via Araga-Aralasurali- Nunabur to reach Ambutheertha. “Dont be surprised if you encounter a number of Sati stones and Jain inscriptions on the way. You can also call this place the land of inscriptions!” adds Devarajaswamy.
Sharavathi’s first leap

Bayyappanagadde, about 8 km from Ambutheertha, is the place where River Sharavathi makes her first leap from a hieght of about 15 feet. Though there are no proper roads to reach the place, the adventurous can pave their own way.


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  1. How about including some photos of the place to enhance the artical

    Comment by Roy | July 6, 2007 | Reply

  2. Power supply to Ambutheertha stopped


    Darkness beneath the light. This aptly suits the condition of Ambutheertha shrine situated near the Sharavathi Valley Hydroelectric Project (SVHP), which provides power supply to the whole of Karnataka.

    The SVHP had constructed a building near the temple premises several years ago. The temple belongs to the Muzarai department and the Mescom officials have disconnected power supply to the temple citing non-payment of electricity bills, said Shivaram.

    When asked about non-payment of bills on time, Mr Shivaram said that as the temple is under the control of Muzarai department and the hundi will be opened once in a year, it will be difficult for us to pay the bills.

    The temple committee member Manappa Bijjala complains that the district administration has failed to improve the condition of temple by taking repair works and construction of tanks, infrastructure facilities and others.

    He also said that though the KPC has granted Rs 5 lakh aid for developmental works, the tahasildar and deputy commissioner are not showing interest in this regard. Many villagers also question what is the problem to provide free power supply to the temple which is based near the hydroelectric project site. When Deccan Herald contacted Mescom Assistant Executive Engineer Mahabaleshwara, he said “We donot give free power supply to any temples in the State.

    Earlier, there are instances that company used to provide free power supply to temples. But now we have decided not to provide free supply as many mutts and temples would start asking for free power supply if we give the same to a single temple.” Mahabaleshwara also said that he would bring the matter to the notice of the official concerned to take necessary action.

    Comment by ellakavi | July 6, 2007 | Reply

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