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EKAVI meeting minutes held in Bangalore on 06-17-2007

EKAVI meeting minutes held in Bangalore on 06-17-2007 at VIKRAM’s house in Basavangudi

Yellarigu Namaskara,

The EKAVI Bangalore Meeting was held at Vikram Simha sir’s place in Basavanagudi on 17th June 2007.

Members who attended the meeting:

1 Abhinash Ganesh., 2 Raghu., 3 Ashwin., 4 Shyam sunder., 5 Sudheendra.,
6 Manjunath ( Mandya Ekavi)., 7 Vibhu., 8 Bhagyalakshmi., 9 Manish Gowda.,
10 Sharath., 11 Subramanya Badal.,

Topics and the discussion are as follows:

1)      Place for the function: Ravindra Kalakshetra is undergoing renovation. Hence, the place might not be available for the function. As an alternate it has been decided that the programme will be conducted at Town Hall. The Latter shall be booked depending on the availability of Ravindra Kalakshetra in the coming week.

2)      Dignitaries to be invited: Sarojini Mahishi, Gangubai Hanagal & Ravi Belegere have been approached.

3)      The programmes & the time:  Richard Louis’s programme which was discussed has been shelved as it was felt that the programme did not go with the other programmes.

4)      Upasana Mohan has been approached for a programme. Also, instead of the earlier proposed fusion music, every one is of the opinion that a jugal bandi can be arranged.

5)      FUNDS: This week’s main agenda in the meeting was the collection of funds. There was a discussion about how to go about collecting the funds. As per Abhi’s suggestion, it has been decided that a committee shall be formed under the chairmanship of Eranna, Treasurer EKAVI, for the fund raising process. There were various opinions on the fund raising methodology to be adopted. Fund Raising through individuals, individual contributions, through groups were discussed. A sample BUDGET FOR THE SUVARNA KARNATAKA Program was presented by Abhi. Abhi also presented the previous EXPENDITURE LIST for the KUVEMPU SHATHAMANOTSAVA programme.

6)      It has been decided that receipts will be issued to all contributors and will be distributed in the next meeting.

7)      There was also an opinion expressed by one of the members that Suvarna Karnataka should be conducted taking help from EKAVI district committees. The idea is still being looked into its feasibility.

8)      Also, due to the cancellation of the Richard Louis’s Hasyothsava programme, there is a vacant slot for another programme. So many of the people who had gathered were of the opinion that a sensible programme with some sort of message to the society could be organized. (ex environmental, social)

9)      And another pressing issue addressed was TO HOW TO ATTRACT MORE PEOPLE TO PARTICIPATE IN EKAVI MEETINGS. There was a discussion on what has to be done to get more people into the organisation after the suvarna Karnataka Programme as well.


Request more EKAVI group members to participate in the event and make it a grand success.


The next EKAVI meeting is scheduled for JULY 1, 2007.



The Venue remains the same. Time at 4:00 PM.


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  1. Hi,
    Could I please get a telephone contact of Mr.Richard Louis, the Kannada writer/comedian. We have been trying to get a show of his at our place.


    Comment by Abhishek | February 1, 2008 | Reply

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