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Temple fair and religious fervour

Temple fair and religious fervour
The annual Badami-Banashankari Jaatre sheds light on the culture of the people of Bagalkot district, writes Shrinivas Nargund.
Bagalkot district boasts of many places of cultural and historical importance and has contributed a lot to the fields of art and culture. Many cultural events and jaatra mahotsavas are held here at regular intervals.The Badami-Banashankari Jaatre (fair) is one of the most important religious and cultural fests held here. Badami, the capital city of Chalukyas, is 35 km from Bagalkot and is not only known for its cave temples (Mena Basadi) and other historic monuments but also for the Banashankari Devi Temple, which is at a distance of about 5 km from Badami.

The attractive statue of Goddess Banashankari in the temple, sitting on a lion, also known as Shakti Devi, Shakhambari and Banadevi, is revered by people from all over. The Banashankari Devi Jaatre, which throws light on the cultural aspects of the people of this region, is celebrated once a year for three weeks with pomp and grandeur. The car festival or the rathotsava of Goddess Banashankari Devi is held on Banada Hunnime every year and thousands of people, irrespective of their caste and creed from across the State and surrounding villages come in colourful carts to witness this cultural and religious event.

The actual religious programmes that mark the fair begin from Bandasthami. Palleda Habba or the Vegetable Utsava is a unique part of the fair when many vegetables are offered to the Devi as naivedya.

Another attraction of this fair is Teppotsava when parents blessed with children by the grace of the Goddess take their new borns on a teppa (small cradle made up of banana stems) around the pond (honda) in front of the Banashankari temple which is almost dry now.

Women vendors from nearby villages selling rotti and mosaru (roti and curds), accompanied by badanekai palle (brinjal bhaji), kaal bhaji, etc. are almost always near the temple.

The tonga ride from Badami to Banashankari temple is enjoyable with greenery and strange rocks on either sides of the road. Hundreds of monkeys, popularly known as ‘Badami Mangya’, have a good time snatching eatables from tourists!
Hundreds of stalls selling domestic articles, agricultural equipments and big wooden door frames are a major attraction at the fair, as also the many drama and cinema tents that offer entertainment to the people. Cattle fair also forms a part of the three-day festival.

The then Mysore Government had conducted a folk songs competition to encourage people in the field of arts and noted art troupes led by Yenagi Balappa, Kandagal Hanumantraya and Gangadhar Shastri had come here to present dramas, recall elders of the place.

They also add that noted artistes like Dr Rajkumar, G V Aiyar, Balakrishna, Narasimha Raju and Pandharibai had performed dramas in the late 60s. Various government departments too conduct awareness programmes of their respective fields during the jaatra mahotasava.


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