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What is K P Rao Layout?[did KGP/KAGAPA copied K P Rao Layout ?]

What is K P Rao Layout?


The very popular layout that Nudi software uses for Input is K P Rao’s phonetic layout for Kannada. Professor K P Rao had worked on similar phonetic layouts for other languages although he is a Kannadiga. K P Rao is also the author of Sediyapu, probably the first ever software with Kannada on the computing scene.

It became popularly known as KGP Layout or Nudi Layout since KGP adapted it (and changed it slightly).

What is the layout?

The below image has it:
K P Rao Layout (popularly known as KGP or Nudi Keymap)

Why call it K P Rao Layout? What is the problem in calling it Nudi layout?

There is no problem really, other than that we would be taking away the credit from one very unique personality in Kannada Computing who worked extensively and dedicated most of his time for this and still wished to stay low-profile about it all.


  • KGP-KB-layout.JPG (41.6 kB) –K P Rao Layout (popularly known as KGP or Nudi Keymap), added by hpn on 05/09/07 15:12:00.


Following COMMENTS by KANNADIGA V. M. Kumaraswamy

It looks like KGP / KAGAPA  has copied K P Rao Keyboard Layout and SOLD it to Govt. of Karnataka.


BARAHA FONTS has STOLEN IPR ie GLYPHS from AKRUTHI FONTS, which is admitted by Sheshadri vasu of BARAHA in an email to AKRUTHI FONTS OWNER.


May 22, 2007 - Posted by | Govt. of Karnataka - GoK, KANNADA FONTS

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