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Kannadigare, Please SIGN and FAX or eMail this to VC of Mysore::Request to release the publications of the University of Mysore under an open licence

The Vice Chancellor
University of Mysore
Crawford Hall
MYSORE 570 005

Fax:  +91-821-2419363

Email: vc@uni-mysore.ac.in



Subject: Request to release the publications of the University of
Mysore under an open licence


We are a group of people spread all over the globe. We share a deep interest in the University of Mysore and also in the promotion of Kannada.

University of Mysore, which was once the premier university in the country, has now regained its earlier glory under your dynamic leadership. The University has had a illustrious tradition of disseminating knowledge in Kannada to the masses. The publications of the University cover the complete spectrum of knowledge from the mundane to metaphysical. They have benefited generations of people and have inspired countless youngsters to achieve greatness in life.

Two projects which reached completion under your tenure, namely, the Kannada Encyclopedia and the English Kannada Dictionary have become landmarks in their respective fields. They have the sweep and depth to remain definitive works for several years to come.
The scholarship that has gone into these world-class works has prompted us to author this petition to you. We request you to release these publications (and other publications of the University) in digital form under an open license. There are several advantages to such a move:

An increased reach. The digitised versions can be accessed from any corner of the world.

  • Becoming standards. Scholars in general (and Kannadigas in particular) worldwide will begin to depend on them as THE definitive works in their respective fields.
  • Increasing use of Kannada in computing. Making the matchless collection of University of Mysore Kannada publications available in digital form will increase the use of Kannada in computing.
  • Creating standards for using Kannada in computers. If these works are digitised in a platform-independent way, they are bound to drive adoption of standards for using Kannada in computers.
  • Globalizing Kannada. The easy availability of these books online would inspire people from other cultural backgrounds to translate them into their local languages, hence spreading the richness of Kannada literature throughout the globe.

University of Mysore, by virtue of its preeminence in scholarship is ideally placed to make such a move. Since dissemination of knowledge has been the primary motive of the University throughout its hoary history, nothing could please the founding fathers of the University more than making knowledge accessible on a global scale.

While releasing University publications in digital form, they can be licensed in line with what is popularly known as Creative Commons. Such a license gives the University exclusive rights over the printing and publishing of these works, while allowing for creation, distribution and usage in digital media.

So far, no other university in the country has produced such a wide array of literature. The University of Mysore has blazed several paths in the past and here is a golden opportunity for it to be a torchbearer in one more field.

For obtaining the maximum benefit from releasing University publications in digital form, you may consider the following suggestions:

  • Textual matter that will be keyed in has to be done in Unicode, (http://www.unicode.org/) so that the content will be available without resorting to ad hoc methods. This is necessitated by the fact that all the current operating systems/applications support and recommend Unicode. The Government of India is also a member of the Unicode consortium and is actively encouraging the adoption of Unicode standards.

I/We trust that the University will release its publications under a open license at the earliest.





Fax:  +91-821-2419363

Email: vc@uni-mysore.ac.in


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