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A degree in Kannada has no value

 A degree in Kannada has no value

Deepa Balakrishnan

Posted Monday , January 15, 2007 at 20:15
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LANGUAGE BARRIER: The state government\’s recruitment drive for unemployed youth in private cos has rekindled the language debate.

Bangalore: Science graduate Praveen Birazdar and his friend S Shivakumar have travalled over 500 km with the hope of a job in an IT company. But they soon found that a degree in Kannada will not get them places.

The Karnataka government says that it will be more strict in enforcing the Kannada medium of teaching this year, but people like Praveen and Shivakumar are finding it difficult to cope in the job market after studying in that system.

Says Praveen, “We have to know English. MNCs like Infosys need English. I am not saying you have to neglect kannada but you must have knowledge of the English language.’

Adds Shivakumar, “In the present situation, government employees also need this knowledge of the language.”

In the first recruitment drive by the Karnataka government to get jobs for its rural youth in the IT sector, Industries Minister Katta Subramanya Naidu has said that the state needs to give at least 85 per cent of their jobs to Kannadigas.

Says Naidu, “The main thrust of the government is to eradicate unemployment and give jobs to locals.”

Home grown companies like Infosys have stepped into the initiative, but even as Infosys HR Director T V Mohandas Pai tried to encourage the unemployed graduates with a pep talk, barely 30 per cent of them qualified for the next level.

“They must have a reasonable pass percentage, must have a reasonable knowledge of English and after that we can train them to do much better, but that’s the minimum bench mark,” sasys he.

And the minimum benchmark is a tough one on youths from Hassan and Mandya districts who say that they find English tough and that they have no knowledge of computers having studied in the Kannada medium.

The state government’s recruitment drive for unemployed youth in private companies has rekindled the language debate.

While the government has been insisting on the Kannada medium of teaching all through primary school, those who have lived in that system find it difficult to compete with their urban peers.


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    January 17, 2007 - Posted by | Bangalore, Karnataka and Kannada, Nanjundappa Report


    1. Ms.Deepa Balakrishnan

      The ‘an’ part in your name ‘Balakrishnan’ clearly tells who you are. So what is your intention Madam? Do you want people to stop learning kannada? or Do you want the Government to stop offering degree courses in Kannada? English is not only destroying kannada it is destroying all regional languages of India. Today it is Kannada tomorrow it is Tamil. Under such cases an article should put pressure on the Government to teach both english and kannada in schools and colleges or it should help students studying in kannada medium by pressurising the Government to provide job opportunities to students studying in kannada medium. Your article clearly shows that you have completely surrendered your identity to a foreign language and so you want people to stop studying in kannada medium.

      Comment by Anuradha | January 18, 2007 | Reply

    2. Miss Deepa, dont dare to make such publications again,i know u are a tamilian , and wat do u want ?? to teach in bangalore schools now!?? ……. anything condemning kannada or defying kannada will be taken seriously , and you must remember its negative consequenses ! you have a point but the way you have said is totally not acceptable…… i second anuradha’s opinion …..
      first go to your place and ask people to speak english atleast to other state people ! ,

      Comment by @Deepa | January 19, 2007 | Reply

    3. Deepa Balakrishanan,

      You are cunning and a parochialist(extreme regionalist). You are anti Kannada. You are not an Indian. You are a Tamilian. Now we all know who you are. I would suggest you to mind your tongue and your intent when writing such articles. You are an irresponsible journalist as you are clearly into misinforming the public.

      How many Tamilians know to speak English fluently, very few. And there are companies and Govt org. only full of Tamilians(Eg: Cognizant-CTS and many others) How did they all make it. Its all because of favouritism. They hardly had the required skills.

      You are not at all a worthy journalist. By your writing it is very clear that you are highly biased and enforcing a personal(or in a political and anti Kannada attitude) opinion on the general public.

      -Journalist do not have the right to misinform the public.
      -You are definitely punishable by law.
      -Right to speech does not mean you can undermine the right of others(Kannadigas).
      -Rights of journalism does not mean you can write whatever comes to your mind and misinform the public.
      -By reading your writing we can clearly smell a cunning attitude in you and and in CNN-IBN.
      -You are again cunning by brining Govt. of Karnataka in between to cover your wicked thinking.

      Beware… anti Kannada activities are increasing by people of your sort in all fields and one day it is going to burst out like anything. Something very bad is definitely going to happen if you people continue with your anti Kannada attitude. Beware.


      Comment by Krishna | January 19, 2007 | Reply

    4. Most of your article tries to explore the problem. I guess, the final sentence was probably written in a haste to conclude!
      I read through the previous responses. Though i mostly reflect the sentiments they have expressed, they are kind of exaggerating!

      Though, the knowledge of english for the IT and ITES jobs is inevitable, learning kannada need to be enforced!
      After all, when tamil nadu can enforce all its court proceedings in tamil, whats the harm in enforcing kannada at the primary school level?

      Also, to know more on language issues, BGL Swamy’s “TamiLu talegaLa naduve” is a good starting point!

      PS: I’m a staunch kannadiga and not a tamilian, dont go by my name!

      Comment by Karthik N P | January 21, 2007 | Reply

    5. I do agree with you Karthik NP.

      Just to add one more thought…
      This is regarding our own Fathers. Most of our fathers hardly had an option or could afford to go to English medium schools. So most of them studied in Kannada medium schools.

      a. Did they not come up in life, do they not know to speak English.
      b. Infact they are grammatically more correct and speak better English than the present day students/people/counterparts.
      c. Apart from they coming up in life, haven’t they bought us up by providing us a lot more facilities which did not have during their times.

      So Kannada is not coming in the way or stopping anybody to grow or to compete. Learning Kannada doesn’t mean one should not learn English. Upto atleast fifth standard Kannada medium is not going to create problems or hinder the student.

      Tamilians were known for their extreme regionalism. It’s allright unless it troubles or hinders their counterparts. As they feel Tamil is supreme so do their counterparts too. Even Kannadigas feel Kannada is supreme. The difference is that while Kannadigas say that Kannada is supreme for them they never underestimate or undermine other languages. Now this quality of Kannadigas(udAra manObhavane) is being misused. Please make a note of it.


      Comment by Krishna | January 24, 2007 | Reply

    6. Im a tamilian, but i dont agree with the comments made by deepa. Kannada is equally important and necessary. I dont know why she has made such a comment. Kannada should be made compulsory in all schools. one of my friend from bangalore doesnt know to read and write in kannada, but she knows hindi and can communicate very well in hindi, she felt ashamed that kannada is not taught in our schools. I was equally shocked. I dont understand why Hindi has made such an impression in all the state(except TN). There is no law stating hindi is compulsory in all state. Its not our national language, its just the official language of central government. Lets chase hindi out and let every kannadigas learn kannada.

      Comment by maran | February 12, 2007 | Reply

    7. I was born in Dhanbad, my grandfather hails from Dodda Mallur in Chennapatna and we speak Tamil at home. Currently I reside in the US. I have lived in six states – Bihar, Orissa, MP, Tamilnadu and Karnataka.
      People who reside in Karnataka must learn to communicate in Kannada. Even my 80 year old mother who resides in Bangalore and is trying to get better at Kannada will agree with me. For folks who are visiting Karnataka, please learn Kannada and enjoy the rich and vibrant culture of this state.

      The issue of jobs is a totally different issue.

      Comment by Govind | March 7, 2007 | Reply

    8. get lost

      Comment by dsda | June 19, 2008 | Reply

    9. Deepa Madam,
      No doubt you are a fanatic. you are a typical tamilian


      Comment by Shivananda Prasad | August 19, 2011 | Reply

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