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Now, one can send an e-greeting card to loved ones in Kannada

Now, one can send an e-greeting card to loved ones in Kannada

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The site, shubhashaya.com, was created by two Kannadiga expatriates



  • Animated e-cards are also offered on the website
  • One can even create personalised cards
  • Animated e-cards are also offered on the website
  • One can even create personalised cards


    BANGALORE: Nowadays, it is common for many people to send greeting cards towards the end of the year. Some of these cards even support good causes.

    But now, the trend among individuals seems to be to send “e-cards” to friends and family. One can download a variety of them for any occasion, add his or her name to it and send it as easily as any other e-mail message. If one can send an online card in one’s mother tongue, it becomes even more special.

    Two Kannadigas, both living abroad, have started what may be the first its kind e-cards website, “Subhashaya”, to send greetings in Kannada. There are cards for almost every occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries and festivals. All of them are written in good and sometimes poetic Kannada. The website is: www.shubhashaya.com.

    The two persons behind this venture are Shashi Krishna, who works for a US organisation in Venezuela, and Ravi Shankar, who works in Canada. While career and geography divide them, both seem to have had the yearning to create something in their own language.

    If one logs on to the website, he or she will find a range of cards arranged according to the event and the relationship with the person to whom the e-card is to be sent. There are even animated cards. One can even create personalised cards, uploading a picture of one’s choice. Pictures of file size up to 100 kb can be uploaded. The collaborative project between the two Kannadigas began a year ago, with an exchange of many emails before it took off.

    They say they hit upon the idea for the project because they realised that outside India, one can find online greeting cards only in English and other Western languages. Even Indian makers of e-cards stick to English, as that is the biggest market.

    Now, with the number of Kannada-speaking internet users increasing, the website may be upgraded to have cards for typical Kannada festivals too, the two men say.

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    1. Namaskaaragalu.

      You have done a fantastic job.

      M. Anjanappa

      Comment by M. Anjanappa | February 10, 2007 | Reply

    2. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

      Comment by sandrar | September 10, 2009 | Reply

    3. there are many greeting card options that you can see in online stores but i love those that generate cute sounds -.”

      Comment by Light Sensors | November 17, 2010 | Reply

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