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Use of Kannada in administration, a distant dream : Siddalingaiah

Use of Kannada in administration, a distant dream : Siddalingaiah
DH News Service Gulbarga:


Noted Writer and Chairman of Kannada Development Authority Dr Siddalingaiah has regretted that even though unification of Karnataka has taken place, the use of Kannada in the administration has remained a distant dream.

Dr Siddalingaiah was speaking after releasing books and also a Kannada version of speeches, delivered during the convocation of Gulbarga University, brought by the Prasaranga of the University here on Thursday.

Further Dr Siddalingaiah said that we want to save and promote Kannada, all universities in the State should carry out their administration in Kannada.I appreciate the lead taken by the Gulbarga University in translating the speeches delivered during the convocation into Kannada. Other universities should emulate this”, he suggested.

Replying to a query from an audience regarding the controversy over teaching of Kannada and English, Dr Siddalingaiah observed that Kannada should be compulsorily introduced in all schools of the State. Further he had no objection with teaching of English as a subject, he added.

Dr Siddalingaiah blamed the “excessive tolerant attitude “ of Kannadigas for the problems confronting them, including denial of classical status to Kannada.

“We should change our entire attitude and conduct in a different way. We should feel proud about ourselves and also our language, culture etc.

Moreover we should have the courage of convictions. Only then can we stand up to the present daychallenges and face the threat of exploitation or dominance by others”, he contended.

Dwelling at length on the past glory of Kannada, Dr Siddalingaiah however regretted that even today Kannada was being denied a pre-eminent status even in Karnataka.

“Even during the time of Britishers , Kannada was the administrative language here. But under our own rule, English is getting all the importance.

This is because of lack of pride among our bureaucrats.


It is a tragedy that our bureaucrats have little faith in democracy and they don’t want to deal with the language of people.

I exhort them to change this attitude and try to carry out administration in the language of people i.e Kannada”, he added.

Dr Siddalingiah was highly appreciative of the contributions made by the North Karnataka region for the enrichment of language, culture, music etc. “ Take any field, it’s the persons from the present day north Karnataka who have made invaluable contribution. Great persons like Basavanna, Ranna, Pampa, Sri Vijaya, Vignyaneshwara, they are all from North Karnataka. Even Madheshwara and Mantesway, who are worshiped in South Karnataka, are said to be from North Karnataka.

I qualms to say that all great people and great ideas have come from this region. So I have special respect for this region”, he remarked.Earlier Dr Siddalingaiah felicitated the writers Dr V G Pujar, Dr Nagabai Bulla, Dr Swamy Rao Kulkarni and others.


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