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Bonanza for Kasaravalli

Bonanza for Kasaravalli
Saturday November 4 2006 10:31 IST


One director, who is not only a well-known name nationally, but also internationally is Girish Kasaravalli. Generally there would be a gap of three to four years between his films. But this time the gap is less between his two latest films.

Last year, he made Haseena and this year there is Naayi Neralu. Both the films are attracting the media, at home as well as at world famous film festivals.

Haseena has been invited for Asia Pacific Film Festival at Berlin held in October and for two more film festivals to be held in November at Zimbabwe and Barcelona in Spain. Based on a short story by Bhanu Mushyaak, the film starred Chandrahas Ullal, Purushotham Talavaata, Ruthu and Chitra Shenoy.

His latest film Naayi Neralu too was awarded at the Asian Film Festival held in July. This film was based on a subject by popular Kannada writer Dr SL Bhairappa. The central theme deals with traditions, beliefs and modernity spanning three generations.

While Tara got the National award for best actress for Haseena, Pavithra Lokesh got the State award for best actress this year. Nayi Neralu is also the inaugural film at Kolkata Film Festival to be held on November 17.

In December, it will participate in the Karachi Film festival and the Palm Spring Film Festival at US; in January at the Bangkok Film Festival and the Roater Dam Film Festivals.

S Ramachandra Aithal who got the life time achievement award in Karnataka this year, is the cinematographer for both these films. Naayi Neralu is yet to be released.


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  1. Kasaravalli is undoubtedly one of the eminent directors of this time. But unfortunately, due to the distribution monopoly of certain school of film making, his movies rarely get a chance to reach audience. I watched his movie Dweepa and could not come out of the sheer beauty of this movie for quite some time. I was waiting for Naayi Neralu. It got released in my city Mangalore, that too in a multiplex. But didnt stay for too long. I was upset that I could not make it to the theatre.
    People should come and watch these type of niche films and thereby help these directors make such films of international calibre.

    Comment by astroshiva | May 29, 2007 | Reply

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