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‘Naayi Neralu’ selected for international film fests

Naayi Neralu’ selected for international film fests

‘Naayi Neralu’ selected for six different internation film festivals.


Bangalore, Oct 28 (IANS) Noted Kannada director Girish Kasaravalli’s “Naayi Neralu”, which won the Karnataka award for best film, has been selected for six international film festivals.

Now that “Naayi Neralu”, which was screened at the Third Eye festival in Mumbai, has been selected for the Indian Panorama, it will be showcased at the International Film Festival of India beginning in Goa on Nov 23.

Kasaravalli had earlier said that the film’s producer has to bear the costs of entry and participation at European festivals, but the Indian government bears the cost if it is selected for the Indian Panorama.

“Naayi Neralu” has also gained entry in the Rotterdam Festival of Holland, which had a retrospective of Kasaravalli films a few years ago.

Apart from that, the film has also been selected for the Karachi International Film Festival, the US Palm Spring Festival and Bangkok Film Festival.

Earlier, the Directorate of Film Festivals had sent Kasaravalli’s National Award winning film “Haseena” to Berlin’s Asia-Pacific Film Festival.


National award winning filmmaker Girish Kasaravalli’s next project is ‘Nayi Neralu’,which is an adaptation of Dr S.L. Bairappa’s novel with the same name.The film tells the story of a young widow who finds her husband in a young man whom she believes is the punarjanma of her late husband. Basanthkumar Patil will produce the film.

In this film Pavitra Lokesh plays the lead role and Ashwin, a youngster makes his entry to Kannada films. Kasaravalli’s daughter Ananya plays another key role apart from being the costume designer for this film. S. Ramachandra is behind the camera.

The director is said to have made some changes to the story to make it more interesting. The movie will hit the theaters soon.


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