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It’s official: Bangalore is now Bengalooru

It’s official: Bangalore is now BengalooruAdd to Clippings


BANGALORE: Even a cricket match would not attract the kind of crowd that the Chinnaswamy stadium saw here on Wednesday.

The 55,000-capacity stadium overflowed as people stood, cheered, clapped, whistled, hooted, sang and danced, marking Karnataka’s 50th birthday to the dhamaka of crackers, lighting of thousands of lamps, patriotic songs and folk dancing.

The enthusiasm was boundless, despite jostling crowds, occasional crackers in the stands and pouring rain. Be it the 70-plus Ekikarna (unification award winners) or the young schoolchildren who had come to dance to the Kannada songs, the rain drenched everyone to the skin, but dimmed nothing of the occasion’s exuberance or colour.

In line with the history and culture woven into the fabric of the event, chief minister H D Kumaraswamy quoted Kannada poets and leaders extensively, even as he made course-altering announcements for the state and the language:

Bengalooru: Using the platform, nearly a year after his predecessor N Dharam Singh said Bangalore would be renamed as Bengalooru, he said: “I am formally stating that 10 cities including Bangalore will use their Kannada names in English also. The process to make this official is on.”

The 10 cities are: Bengalooru (Bangalore), Mysooru (Mysore), Mangalooru (Mangalore), Chikmagalooru (Chikmagalur), Shivamogga (Shimoga), Belagaavi (Belgaum), Kalburgi (Gulbarga), Hubballi (Hubli), Hosapete (Hospet) and Tumakooru (Tumkur).

Classical language: He said Kannada has a very ancient history and has to get the classical language status as its right.


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  1. Bangalore says no to Bengalooru!Add to Clippings
    [ 31 Oct, 2006 2332hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

    Readers vote against changing the name of the city.

    Change may be inevitable, but not for most Bangaloreans. In the BT article The Name’s a Numbers Game, dated Saturday October 28, we asked readers to vote on whether they would like the city’s name to change. While 33 per cent of respondents voted yes for change, the majority, 67 per cent, voted No.

    Yes, let’s go with it
    “I want my city to shine,” says one respondent, voting yes. “Let’s follow the Kannada tradition,” says another. Says Shariff, “Yes, if it’s going to change the kismat of Bangaloreans.”

    Adds Kallesh, “If the proposed name is good for the city, why not?” There’s nothing wrong in changing a name, points out another, “We’ve accepted Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, so Bengaluru, too, will be accepted.” The regional-sounding flavour found favour with some. “It’s a lovely Kannada word,” says one. If numerology predicts it will work, then go for it, says Ashwath Narayan.

    Just let it be
    But many more wanted Bangalore to stay Bangalore. “Bengaluru sounds horrid,” says a student. “The new name sucks,” says another. “How does it help?” asks one. Says Elson, a student, “Bengaluru sounds like a village.” Says engineer Irshad ul Haq “Foreigners, too,can’t pronounce it.” Most felt the new name would detract from Bangalore’s trendsetting image worldwide. “Ooru sounds like halli. I don’t want to go back to the 19th century. Let’s move forward,” says Salian. “We don’t need a change of name to improve Bangalore,” and “Bangalore is improving. Please for god’s sake don’t change it,” are other responses.

    “Bangalore sounds stylish, why change it to something old when the world is progressing,” says importer Zubair Pasha. The focus is all wrong — why bother about name changes when the city is crumbling, felt many respondents. “There’s more important work to be done than changing names — fix some roads,” says one respondent. “Avoid the extra expenditure, save public money and think of other ways to develop the city,” says businessman Ibrahim. Interiors expert Vinita Chaitanya says, “Bangalore has gained widespread acceptance and fame, so don’t change it. We shouldn’t touch the name, it’s such a huge brand.”

    Brand domain consultant Harish Bijoor has the final word, “It’s a non-issue — except on the expense side, where the name change could cost anything from Rs 26-67 crore — it’s every board on every street! But other than that, as Shakespearu would say, ‘What’s in a name?’


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