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Need for qualified teachers to teach English felt

Need for qualified teachers to teach English felt
DH News Service Mysore:

Besides making English language teaching compulsory from class one, State government should ensure that there are qualified teachers to implement it.

This was the unanimous decision of all participants, who included teachers, parents, lecturers, educationists and members of NGOs, at a discussion programme on “Is English necessary or not,” organised by the Association of Concerned and Informed Citizens of Mysore in the city on Monday.

The standard of English teaching is not good in any of the government schools. Teachers are not good at English grammar. This may hamper the government’s move to teach English at the elementary level. Hence, steps should be taken to ensure that there are qualified teachers, Professor Shivaramu, one of the participants, said.

He also added that there was a need for setting the standard of English teaching for Class one students. Government should appoint a panel comprising of experts to look into this issue, he added.

By introducing English from Class one in government schools, students will be benefited and it helps them to compete with their counterparts in private English schools, the participants held.

Psychology Professor Singh said that one should respect one’s mother tongue. But it should not be done blindly.

A child starts learning from the mother’s womb. Whatever it learns, will remain with it till the end.

So it is essential to teach English right from the beginning.

This does not mean that one should neglect Kannada. A child can easily pick up any number of languages easily, he explained.

Another participant, Vilson Devaprasad said that people who are opposing the new rule, are doing so just for the sake of publicity. Critics talk only about the respect towards Kannada and they hardly speak any thing about the benefit of English learning, he argued


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