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English norm: Congress thumbs up for govt move

English norm: Congress thumbs up for govt move
DH News Service Bangalore:


In firm support for making English a compulsory language of study in all Kannada medium primary schools in the State, a group of six Opposition Congress leaders, led by MLC Prof B K Chandrashekar, have noted that English should be compulsorily taught in all schools just as Kannada is taught in all the non-Kannada medium schools.

The State government’s decision in this regard is in no way anti-Kannada, they have said and appealed to the Government to stand its ground, no matter the opposition expressed by some sections.

The other Congress leaders in the group are legislators Dr G Parameshwar, Kumar Bangarappa, A B Patil, M B Patil and Parameshwar Nayak

Referring to what science says on the acquisition of language skills by children and what the courts and some prominent personalities have opined on the issue, these Congress leaders have noted that providing the students the opportunity to study English in one form or the other is a question of social justice.

Referring to renowned language scientist David Crystal’s observation that a population should be exposed to a host of languages and that mono-linguistic days are past, these legislators have pressed for a beginning to be made and ensure that the students in rural areas and those from the weaker sections are not deprived of an opportunity any longer. Towards that end, they have suggested the following measures:

*Introductory English teaching need not go into detailed grammar.

* Text books too can be done away with for the first three years.

* There need be no student assessment tests also.

The Congress leaders have also dismissed the argument of a section of litterateurs that introducing English from Class I will work to the detriment of Kannada. Language scientists opine and well documented research say that three to six years is the age group when the language acquisition skills are pronounced and that the said skills decrease seven year onwards, they have observed. In a brief press statement these Congressmen have pointed out that the High Court is seized of a case where English medium schools and other minority educational institutions have pointed out that parents and their children have the right to choose the medium of study.

They have noted that prominent personalities like former chief justice M N Venakatachalaiah and litterateurs Chandrashekar Kambar and Baraguru Ramachandrappa are on record in their opinion that students’ interest will be better served by learning English at the earliest.


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