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English from first standard order is unconstitutional, unscientific and unnecessary

Parishat to move court against English from first standard

Staff Correspondent – THE HINDU NEWSPAPER

The order is unconstitutional, unscientific and unnecessary: Siddalingaiah

Government accused of giving in to lobby of English-medium schools `The order is against court decision on medium of instruction’

BIDAR: The Kannada Sahitya Parishat will move the court against the State Government’s order of introducing English from the first standard. The order was unconstitutional, unscientific and unnecessary, parishat member and former president G.S. Siddhalingaiah said here on Sunday. He was here to participate in the Nudi-Gadi Jatha. He told presspersons that Kannada lovers across the State were opposing the order. “This is nothing but a ploy by the vested interests to destroy Kannada,” he said. He accused the State Government of giving in to the lobby of English-medium schools. Former Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court Rama Jois had stated that such an order would amount to violation of the Supreme Court’s decision that primary education should be in the mother tongue of the student. A study by the National Council of Education, Research and Training had revealed that a child would not be ready to learn another language till he reached third standard. The State Government had neglected such opinions and had come out with this order only to please the English-medium lobby, Mr. Siddhalingaiah said. `Mukyamantri’ Chandru, MLC, said the jatha was not aimed at creating disputes with other States. “We want to make the Government aware of the problems of people living in border areas and to make such people aware of the need to remain united when Kannada is threatened. We also want to spread the message that Karnataka is with the people living in border areas,” Mr. Chandru said.He urged the Government to implement Kannada at all levels and strengthen Kannada education. He appealed to the Government to promote Kannada and culture through various programmes and create employment opportunities to Kannada-speaking people.


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