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Brahma ninge jodisthini


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October 7, 2006 - Posted by | EKAVI BIDAR, KANNADA Songs


  1. brahma ninge jodisthini emda thumbidh kaina, boomi udhkoo bogginstheeni emda thumbkomd maina-is the popular song written by GP Rajarathnam. Rajaratnam’s wife had TB. He used to walk to the hospital through the `gadang` which was near Krishna flour mill on the platform road. There he saw people and `muniya` was born and immortalised though his songs. This song was poplularised by none other than P Kalingarao. Pandeshwara Kalingarao used to sing after consuming the required quota of alcohol on the stage. He used to put his two shoulders on Sohan kumari and Mohan Kumari, his co-singers and sing with full vigour. It was a real feast to the eyes and ears of the listners. Later this was sung by Raju Ananthaswamy. The present generation may not be aware his popularity.


    Comment by naasomeswara | October 11, 2006 | Reply

  2. hi

    Comment by Shilpa | February 21, 2007 | Reply

  3. “brahma ninge jodisthini emda thumbidh kaina,. . . ”
    Well, here’s how I got to this ‘site’ to comment : I was talking to my daughter who had returned from Aberdeen to her home in Houston. She told me that in Aberdeen some of the Churches are converted to Casinos, some into ‘bars’. That is when I told her, that I remember “brahma ninge jodisthini emda thumbidh kaina . . ” – drink & pray!!,
    My internet search brought me to this ‘site’!.

    More than that, it brought me memories of Dr. G.P.Rajaratnam. I was fortunate to have been a student of Central College in Bangalore – during 1951-’52 – and sat through Dr.GPR’s Kannada classes on Kalidasa’s ‘Shakuntala’. His lectues were ‘griping’!!

    I used to miss class lectures in other subjects, but never once did I miss Dr.GPR’s class!! His classes were always full. The moment we saw – from the window of classroom on 1st floor – Dr.GPR walking towards the building, we’d all shout “Dileepa bartha iddare” (Dileepa is coming) and settle down on our benches and soon Dr.GPR would enter the classsroom.

    DR.GPR had a small room to himself in the canteen which was inside the South gate of Central College. There he spent hours & hours – when he did not have class lectures. I used to go to him on some pretext or other and he was always kind to clarify on any doubts I had about ‘Shakuntala’.

    I’m glad I remembered Dr.GPR today!


    Comment by Narasimharaj | October 22, 2013 | Reply

  4. it is a beautiful song for transformation of people if they understand the inner meaning of it . can I have the song in the net.

    Comment by B.Baburao | January 31, 2017 | Reply

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