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KSD issues — prevailing mistrust among Kannadigas

KSD issues — prevailing mistrust among Kannadigas

By Sada Shiva <sadakannada@yahoo.com>

I had posted in my last post how our Kannada language is rich in culture and legacy.   Here is the continued part of it.
Going through the documents at E-Kavi’s online archive (worldpress.com), we get to know that many enthusiast Kannadigas began to work on the implementation of Kannada on digital gadgets (computers, hadhelds, etc).  There were around 30 software research groups (companies) which worked on our Kannada language implementation on computers.  Many had developed a rich set of fonts required for high quality printing.  Others had brought out some of the very good softwares for DTP work and Development kits for application development for the handheld devices.  In all there was a healthy competition among the many Kannada software developers which the government or some other organization could choose from for software services and implementation those willing to localize the computerization.  The entry of Baraha and Nudi softwares have killed the business of all these firms.  Now due to the mistrust created by these two entities, the doom of great misbelief looms large over the Kannada software development arena.  Somedays back one Kannada friend in this forum asked for a trial software, but it was not given most probably for the feat that more fonts may be stolen.  These two entities have created such a mistrust that nobody is coming forward to write any useful software for Kannada, why should they, when all the standards are stupidly made and our mindless government itself has declared that Nudi is the sole package to be used in all Government offices.  This is a mindless way of our own government killing the business of Kannada enthusiasts.  Unfortunately not many Kannadigas have tried to set the things right in this front, which has a direct implication on the survival of Kannada.  May be all these known to many Kannadigas.  So what should be done to set the things right?  When our government goes to foreign lands wasting the taxpayer’s money on foreign trips to attact FDI, here in our own Kannada land, our Kannada enterprises are getting enraged and have found the dirty tactics of our government as far as the KSD is concerned.  Unless the things are set right in this direction, Kannada survival is in serious threat.  Once Kannada becomes weak (which it already has in many fronts due to these murky happenings), no culture, religion and anything similar exist.  First of all our Kannada enthusiasts will not need any forums to discuss Kannada issues as there will be nothing to discuss.  So, what should our government do to set things right and encourage more Kannadigas to participate in Kannada building efforts on computers?  This is a set of questions each and every Kannadiga should ask to him/her.  This question and solution to them should clear the heavily shrouded cloud of mistrust that prevails now.

I have not tried to mention all those names who are involved in Baraha and Nudi development who have been responsible for the mess in KSD.  It is imperative that they have caused a big damage to Kannada through KSD.  Keeping in view the greater Kannada good, those people at KGP should be taken to charge, because, though they are answarable to every Kannadiga they have not cared to even have a feedback, keep things transparent, not attending a meeting with Kannadigas when many arranged for one a long back, their stupid misadventures only grow to show their shortcomings.  If they have some shame and if they care for Kannadigas, they should come open to talk to Kannadigas about their take on KSD.  Otherwise it only means that they have done every mindless thing that they are accused of.

Friends, put in your suggestions as to what should be done atleast from now on.  Let this discussion be a brainstorming one even if it leads to flamewars.  Why should not we have a flamewar if it paves way for a good result?

Thu Sep 21, 2006 6:30 am


September 22, 2006 - Posted by | Bangalore, Karnataka and Kannada, Kannada Software Development -KSD


  1. ROM: sadakannada@yahoo.com
    DATE: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 08:38:05 -0700 (PDT)
    SUBJECT: kannaDada bagge — muMduvarida bhaaga
    Hello Friends

    This is in continuation with the earlier mail I had
    sent regarding the dismal state of Kannada in our state. I thought
    more people will add information. We were discussing how our Kannada
    language is in dying stage in our own land. Let us continue form where
    we let off. I request more people to add more diverse information to
    this posting. What I am writing is no way a complete in itself, so it
    needs a lots of other sources of information.

    Kannada has seen a varying stages of constant improvements and refinements from our great
    Kannadigas and also from outsiders who happen to know about the
    language and once they found this touchstone of a language came to get
    influenced directly by her and were fascinated to be part of our
    language. We can give many examples for this. A close follower of
    Mahatma Sri. Vinobha Bhave called Kannada “The queen of languages”,
    while a German Reverand Ferthenand Kittel wrote one of the finest
    dictionary for Kannada which happens to be one of the finest in any

    Kannada has seen the greatest people invoved in the
    refinement process which dates back to 3 thousand years or more (A lot
    of information is yet to be digged out in this front). Our “aadi kavi”
    (First poet) Pampa started a great poetic tradition followed by many
    great poets whose works are on par with the greatest works of any
    literateur of the world, sometimes better for many reasons. This was
    followed by our great “Vachanakaararu” (poets who wrote in the language
    of the common man and who made Kannada, the language of worship or
    “anubhaava”, more precisely). The enlightenment of this era of Kannada
    is mind blowing as it involved and attracted people from such far of
    places like Bengal and others (It is not a simple matter that people
    travelled from Bengal during the 12th century, when the only means of
    quick transportation was on the backs of horses) to learn from Sri
    Basaveshwara’s “anubhava maMTapa”. Sri Masti Venkatesha Iyengar and
    others have translated many of the works of Basava to English. This
    stage of Kannada was followed by Daasa Sahitya which gave more music
    oriented compositions to Kannada, prominent of this stage were Sri.
    Purandara, Sri Kanakadasa and others. We also have unforgettable
    “kumaaravyaasa”. After this the British came and got in contact with
    our language and many of the Britishers have done wonderful works for
    Kannada just for the love of the language and sometimes for the
    missionary purpose, nevertheless did a great job of making Kannada
    accessible to Kannadigas through their schools, and other charity
    works. During the beginning of the 20th century came a genius who
    brought the best works of the world and created his unparalled literary
    works, that was Sri. Kuvempu. This time (a close time to us all, so we
    know more about this) also saw other great personalities for Kannada
    like Sri. Bendre, Maasti, Sri, Karantha, Sri Tejaswi, Sri. Lankesh and
    many many others (sorry for missing many a names all of whom are
    equally important for one or the other reason). Kuvempu especially
    brought the great works and so Kannadigas could know and had access to
    the greatest works of the literary giants of the world. His other
    great students like Dr. G.S. Shivarudrappa, Dr. Vrushabhendraswamy, Dr.
    Prabhushankara, Dr. Lakshminarayana Bhatta, Sri. Venkatachala Sastry
    and others are continuing his great work. Dr. Shivarama Karantha, who
    was a mobile encyclopedia could alone write a “Vijnana Prapancha”
    (world of science). Similarly Sri Bendra was a great poet and Maasti
    was a great short story writer. These four (Sri, Kuvempu, Sri Bendre,
    Sri Maasti, Sri Karantha, Sri. U.R. Ananthamurthy, Sri. V.K. Gokak,
    Sri. Girish Karnad) have bought the most prestigious literary award in
    India called “Jnaanapeetha” award to Kannada, and the list of writers
    is a long one who are more than worth for this prestigous award. With
    this great blend of people for Kannada, Kannada has the greatest face
    of literature to show the world but falter in another front.

    I will write about the rest in my next post. Please try to collate this
    information and add more to this and circulate the info in these
    forums, so that the moderator can give this a final shape, which can
    later be made into a petition and sent to many places, the GOK is one
    of them.


    Comment by ellakavi | September 22, 2006 | Reply

  2. Sir,
    I am using Baraha Font convert for converting from one font to other font of various other Kannada softwares. Tnough it is a free user software has provided tremendous help to the users. Wherein some commercial softwares have never given font conversion to different softwares of different companies and to the KGP as well as to their own fonts of monolinguial to billinguial and vice versa. How can Kannada language be encouraged. Especially for MS Excel no conversion of fonts are provided directly. Is any conversion software is available freely.

    yours faithfully,

    Comment by Gopinath | December 2, 2006 | Reply

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